Indivisible Fortress

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Indivisible Fortress by JamesLeng

A mixed circle of solaroid and lunars in the Frozen North.

A play-by-post game of Exalted 2.5

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Main Cast

Name Character Sheet Spent / Earned XP Summary Player
Noir [1] 0/2 Wears all black, and probably doesn't trust you. Santova
Desert Locust [2] 0/8 Doesn't know what's going on with all her limbs and strange new powers, but it doesn't seem like such a bad deal at the moment. Santova
Jan Do [3] ??/?? Honorable Swordswoman who seeks to study that which killed her, and cleanse such shames from her past. mageykun
Tasnim Violette [4] ??/?? A mama bear who's a mother hen, dispensary on the run from the powers that be of Nexus mageykun
Adamant Strix [5] ??/?? If it's Magitech or Geomancy, she want's to know about it. Just be careful not to piss off her past self, or you'll realize her harmless nature is not shared by her shard's previous owner. Gwen
Clever Fox [6] ??/?? It's unclear what her true face or name are, but there's no question who she has the hots for. Gwen


Quests by JamesLeng

TGchan: Fluorine Quest | Metyelilu's Revenge | Please do not [T]ake these Organs | Seek Alternate Route | Neomah Quest: Race to the West Pole | Dragon King Quest | RNG_XALT.qst | Indivisible Fortress | Thaumaturge Quest | You All Meet In A Jungle | Voidfarer's Daughter | Transporter Accident