The Solar Sanctuary

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The Solar Sanctuary by Santova

Something something priceless statues.

A 2.5 Exalted Play by Post Game

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The Plot So Far!

Chapter 1:

The intrepid party of exalts has, for various personal reasons, has wound up in a stable island of creation in the middle of the Wyld under the guidance of the founder of the expedition, an Eclipse Caste Bull-Woman Ironhorn and her unusual companion in the form of a Chosen of Earth and former scout of Lookshy, Riv Maheka. This island of creation is built around a Jade Pillar, and is in the realm of a Solar Sanctum created with Adamant Circle Sorcery containing a 5 dot Manse, and is populated by strange purple bat creatures that Smashes Crime in Darkness has elected to call Eloi.

Player Characters

Name Character Sheet Reference Doc Spent / Earned XP Summary Player
Suuzen [1] Pending? 33/25 Clearly a wood aspect sorceress who speaks Rivertongue and Old Realm, but is native to neither. Dresses well and has four probably bound probably demons JamesLeng
Diana Maku [2] Pending? 19/24 An Eastern Archer with old worn out armor and fancy toys to play with, like a Power Bow, and a fancy Cache Egg that requires blood to summon. Claims to be God-Blooded, but knows Wood Dragon style. mageykun
Smashes Crime in Darkness [3] Pending? 0/24 Technically the literal definition of a Murder Hobo, this murderous hobo likes mostly to spill the blood of the wicked as his favorite hobby, right behind his life's goal of murdering the Guild for enslaving his family and his village and burning him to death. Now he's got a wicked scary face, some fancy first age duds, and a weird shadow that moves without him. Gwen



Quests by Santova

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