Venji Quest

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Venji Quest

Venji Quest is a quest about the titular half-Tozol, half-Indahl girl stuck in cave or maybe some kind of facility. There is also a perverted dreamworm that lives inside her and also maybe a furry shark named Titzi. Yeah, we're going with that.

Written by Slinkoboy.

Only Thread

Venji Quest is currently ongoing.


Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.


Venji is half Tozol and half Indahl. She's also working on fixing her biology, or maybe gaining new powers? She's trapped and amnesiac in a cave/facility!


Roz is a dreamworm that Venji met fairly early in her adventure. He's also somewhat perverted and likes her furry form. He melded with her at some point and now lives in her, offering a few benefits.


Titzi is an unfortunately named furry shark, probably half Mok and half Valcien. Pretty hostile but adorable being hugged.




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