Magician Girl Quest

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Magician Girl Quest by Charm

The story of an out of work accountant who travels across the Multiverse, embracing the blank inky nothingness of death and decay to get the job done. You know, just another day at the office.

A revival of cute girls doing cute magician things.

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Black Magician Girl
Veronica is able to wield the magic of the swamps and cast black spells. Sub-specialty: Black Knight/Mortician
Concerted Caution
Veronica's reserved nature will exclude spells randomly chosen by the DM that require a life payment or losing life as part of the spell's effect (Ex: Thoughtseize, Reckless Spite).
Maiden of the Blind Eternities
Veronica, after gazing into the truth of the multiverse, has gained otherworldly insight about interplanar theory and how the many universes can interact with each other.
Mana Flood
Veronica's mind has the tendency to go off on a tangent that needs to be reined in on occasion when standing in a powerful source of black mana. She remains totally cognizant of her surroundings and can act as normal in this state (for certain values of normal).

Spell List

Gatherer is an online card catalog of every spell ever printed. Useful for looking up cards, or finding spells to suggest.


  • Knight of Dusk - An as-of yet unnamed swordswoman. Veronica noted her ability to attract attention to herself when she was first summoned. Due to the agreement for her services, the knight can turn on Veronica if she's summoned for no purpose (though "no purpose" is not the same as "a purpose you don't like" as Roni noted).
  • Ravenous Rats - They're rats, they're hungry, and they have a thing for priceless literature. Siccing them on an opponent is likely to at least be an annoyance, even if they never get to attack.
  • Vampire Nighthawk - A rather bubbly redheaded assassin who goes by Elana. Despite her carefree appearance, the vampiric shaman has knowledge of a rather broad array of spells. The terms of her contract are that Veronica work to improve her own sword skills.


  • Doom Blade - Doom Blade is a staple spell for any black magician, able to slay any non-black creature with ease. Adding to the effect is Veronica actually has a blade she uses to cast this spell.
    • Sword of the Chosen - This Artifact appeared when Veronica cast Doom Blade for the first time. According to her research, it has the ability to grant power to someone whose true name she knows.
  • Kor Dirge - A haunting refrain taught to our heroine by Elana, a vampire shaman. The power imbued in the song is able to redirect damage that would hit one of her summons
  • Altar's Reap - A ritual sacrifice taught by Elana. This spell requires slaying a summoned creature as blood payment for unique insight into one's current situation. Attempting to use the nighthawk for such a sacrifice will terminate their summoning agreement.