The Metamyriad

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The Metamyriad by Idiom Alpha

The story of a brooding boy, a mysterious girl, and an eccentric almost-human who grants wishes.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.



Ikram Himura

The first character introduced and arguably one of the main protagonists. Initially, all he did was mope around but he suddenly got a lot more active as time passed and the introduction of the Metamyriad. Originally lived in Canada before moving to Seattle after the death of his sister, Ayame Himura.


Lily Wilton

The second arguable protagonist. Less mopey than Ikram but a lot more shy and reserved. She is in an relationship as lovers with Raven and sisters with Orchid. Made a wish to be a biological girl while retaining her past life memories which has caused many problems as they have solved. Currently in the body of Veronica Diez through a wish Veronica made through Silvio.


Pendelion Augustus Wormwood

Wishgiver. Simply called Pendel, he's an enigmatic figure who can appear by will and gave Lily her first wish. Initially, he was manipulative and a complete joker. Revealed that he was previous a biological girl. Works for the Metamyriad to atone for past issues.


Raven Coursing

Girlfriend of Lily Wilton. She initially was frightened and scared that her girlfriend is now from a different timeline. She enjoys acting and dancing and is a relatively active memeber of the drama club. Her actions and decisions are mostly for Lily.


Orchid Wilton

Sister of Lily Wilton. Initially, unable to cope with her sister forgetting past memories, showed that she was a bit brash and judgemental which has also carried over to other characters like Veronica. Currently has a crush on Mercy Florence and is working to solve her problem.


Veronica Diez

Friend of Raven. The first time seeing her was when she was in the middle of injecting heroin. Disowned by her parents because of the addiction. Ran away from Lily trying to help before she then later wished to be Lily with Silvio making the wish come true. Currently in the body of Lily Wilton as a result.


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