A Menagerie of Miniscule Quests

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A Menagerie of Miniscule Quests by IdiomArhPollo et al.

A second suitably-pseudonymed saga in the the spirit of A Series of Extremely Short Quests, and sequel to A Collection of Very Brief Quests.

Predominately run by Idiom Alpha, Arhra, and Apollo, with cameos by other artists and several quests.

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Participating Authors

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Plot Summaries

The Queen of Earth's Coronation

Quest: Through an incredibly unlikely series of events, you have just been crowned as Supreme Queen of the Earth! What shall be your first global decree?

Result: "EVERYBODY! STOP BEING DICKS!" A golden age of peace and prosperity follows.

Notes: Somebody really should have thought of this.

[TODO: Add summaries for the rest of the mini-quests.]

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