A Blighted Future

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A Blighted Future by Gilly

Exalted 2.5e Play by Post game, using houserules written by James Leng and Magey.

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Main Cast

Name Character Sheet Spent / Earned XP Summary Player
Doom Inevitabe [1] 0/17 Seven foot six, made of radiation Gwen
Precious Maiden Maharani [2] 8/17 She'll grant your wishes whether she remembers you or not! mageykun
John Connant [3] 2/17 The Thing has broken free of the Ice, and seeks now to serve The Fiend santova
Suuzen's Assassin [4] 0/17 Suuzen, granddaughter of Sextes Jylis, emissary for Mother Bog and the eldest of the Fiend caste. Her white scarf has no significance, and her bound servant certainly isn't more than he pretends to be. JamseLeng