Audit Quest Statistics

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Rune library and other dungeon statistics for Audit Quest.

Known Runes

Runes with their names in blue are fundamental.

Runes we have

Runes we don't have

Known Opposites

Audit Quest rune opposite chart.png

Dungeon Staff Upgrades

Upgrades Purchased

Tier I

Dungeoneer: Builds magical traps and manages the Army. Can also infuse demons with more runes. G-300
Librarian: Stockpiles and identifies Runes, teaches magic(Guesswork, Tooltip unavailable.). G-?
Demonologist: Can combine Runes to make demons(Guesswork, Tooltip unavailable.). G-?
Builder: Can build rooms. Can also construct hallways for the dungeon and fill any space with basic traps. G-500
Cook: Cooks food. Boosts morale for other units. G-200

Tier II

Dungeoneer II: Can create six runed monsters and created multiple dungeon floors, with Carpenter she can also create Extra Boss rooms that can house any demon with more than 5 runes. Can alter appearance of dungeon entrance. G-3000, Price drops by 200 for each demon above 3 runes currently in the army.
Archiver: Upgrade to Librarian. Can transmute runes. G-800
Demonologist II: Can fuse two runes together to create an Opposite Rune. G-3000. Price drops by 50 for each rune known.
Carpenter: Halves the price for all rooms. G-300
Chef: Cooks food better. G-100

Tier III

Archiver II: Cost of inverting runes dropped to 1. New runes can be created randomly by destroying two runes. G-9000. Price drops by 200 for each rune known.
Carpenter II: Allows for the creation of a second dungeon or added floor. G-3000
Calculator: Invests money into otherworldly affairs. Money is generated as more money is poured into investments. G-2000
Demonologist III: Price to create demons dropped by 1 rune. 5 rune demons will cost 4, 3 will cost 2, etc. Demons can go on Expeditions to retrieve material for the dungeon if they are 3 runes or higher. Higher runed demons bring back greater rewards. G- 4000
Chef II: Can host Parties. Each party greatly increases morale and will add a multiplier of gold to the next dungeon done. Parties can only be held when a dungeon run is not being done. G-1000

Tier IV

Artificer: Allows the creation of Dungeon Master Gear. This gear can augment the Dungeon Master. Can only equip the dungeon master with the equivalent might of a 3 rune monster. G-4,000

Upgrades Available

Tier III

Dungeoneer III: Allows for the creation of 7 rune monsters. Can alter the runes in a demon once, only. Allows Final Boss rooms to contain 6 rune monsters. Allows Extra Boss runes to contain 7 rune monsters. G-5000

Tier IV

Carpenter III: Allows for the creation of a mini dungeon. These dungeons are fully automated and run on their own. The Dungeon Master needs to only add demons in it. It can be either a Puzzle Dungeon, Adventure Dungeon, or Gimmick Dungeon. G-15,000
Archiver III: Hidden runes can be drawn from items. If an item has two runes, both runes can be obtained from the item. Cost G-20,000. Price drops by 1000 for every 5 rune or higher monster.
Demonologist IV: The price to create demons is dropped by 2. However, this does not affect demons that are 8 runes. G-8,000

Tier V

Artificer II: Allows the creation of stronger Dungeon Master Gear. The Dungeon Master can fight as a 5 rune demon. Costs G-10,000. Price drops by 1000 for each Fundamental Rune unlocked.

Dungeon Services

A map of Slimecrown Citadel.LinkToBoard.gif
Note: all prices are doubled in raid mode.

Cleric Plant Services

Healing: 50 gold. A full heal for one adventurer. Rate goes up 50g with each heal.
Revive: 250 gold. Revives one party member.

Shop Inventory

Repair Powder: 50g [Max 5]
Potions: 50g [Max 5]
Green Blossoms (stamina regen): 75 g [Max 5]
Tent: 100g [Max 3]
Escape Crystals: 150 g [Max 3]
Phoenix Downs: 250g + 100 per additional revive purchased

Slimecrown Spa

50 gold per person. Spending 1500 gold in the dungeon earns a voucher for one free spa treatment.