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Awaken by Driblis

Awaken was a quest by Driblis, about a scared girl running away from things she didn't understand. She was in a seemingly dark world, running from goatman-looking Things and a strange woman naked Doctor K-----.

The quest ended rather quickly, but is still the most pretentious quest on the board.


Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

She (Jessica)

Driblis Awaken She.PNG

Only referred to in-quest as "She", it can reasonably be assumed that this girl is named Jessica. She is the protagonist of the quest. Finding the door to her cell open one day, she attempts an escape of the building that she finds herself in.

Through the quest, she's shown to be relatively fast, if a bit childish and strange, and physically weak. She has certain stimuli that put her into weird mental states. She showed quite an affinity for fire, glass, and her mother. She tends to crawl around instead of walking or running, and thinks in a very stilted, strange manner.

Her few moments of actual vocalization made it clear that she is not very good with words, grammar, or even basic syntax.


Driblis Awaken Thing.PNG

First spotted walking away from Jessica's cell door, Things are seemingly everywhere.

Only one of them ever had any particular memory associated with him; the one with the burning stick that Jessica remembered hurting. They universally pursued Jessica when they spotted her. She has commented that they have large, rough hands, and that the hands mark her where they touch. The Things mostly tried to capture and subdue her, and occasionally spoke to her as well.

Jessica generally had a fear of them.

Doctor K----

Driblis Awaken DoctorK.PNG

Doctor K---- was a purplish looking woman that Jessica encountered a couple of times.

She tried to speak to Jessica calmly, but had little success slowing Jessica's escape. Jessica remembered Doctor K---- as someone who helped and hurt her. Unfortunately, she also remembered being strapped to a chair and asked questions, after each answer she would feel pain in her head, until she stopped answering due to either fear or inability.

After this memory, Jessica showed fear towards Doctor K----. Doctor K----, for her part, tended to try to sedate and capture Jessica, with the Things' assistance.

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