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Behind Closed Bars by Buckwheat
  1. Behind Closed Bars
  2. Behind Locked Bars

Something something put down your foot and bounce the pipsqueak. You're like 3 times his size lady!

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Main Characters



The punk rocking main character of the quest. She's the bouncer for The Pissed Panther. Adores and loves her girlfriend Kaari.



A bartender at the pissed panther, and Lana's adorable girlfriend.


Behind Closed Bars

It's the night of the big concert, and no one showed up for work! Lana and Kaari try to work together and get through the busiest night yet!

Lana juggles from grabbing ice to bouncing bootleg fan merch sellers, to putting out electrical fires and getting bond with her favorite band! The group celebrates a job well done with a round of drinks! It was the start of a great night, until it wasn't.

Behind Locked Bars

Lana wakes up hung over, locked inside the bar's freezer! After making a clever escape she finds her friends in a hostage situation with debt collectors! She rescues and teams up with band's roadie to them down one by one.

Lana makes a daring rescue and saves her girlfriend, and the group bands together and makes it out alive!



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Kaari, Norb, Saiorse, and Lamisa
By Radio (Author)

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