Bounty Quest

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Bounty Quest by Vytalibus

Bounty Quest

The accidental inspiration for Goblin Choking Day.


Scout Watcher

The creature directly controlled by the readers. It is a one-eyed creature by itself, though it can be fitted with "parts" for added functions. Regular Scout Watchers are used by hunters to, as the name implies, scout a designated area or alert them to anything it perceives. Sanya's Scout Watcher however gains its own mind, and thus offers intellectual knowledge and advice for the dragon.


    Not to be confused with Sanya from Sanya Quest

Sanya is a resilient but reckless draconic being. Her profession is bounty hunting, where she offers her services by capturing targets with a price on their head (called bounties). Despite her profession's down-and-dirty atmosphere, Sanya constantly struggles to keep herself sane, though her views on morality have tarnished over the years of bounty hunting. Her dad, Janus, used to be one of the elite bounty hunters around before he was supposedly murdered by a bounty.

Sanya has a Normal body build (Base: 2 Might, 2 Tough, 2 Agile, 1 Logic and 1 Charm) and enjoys a Suave perk (+2 to Charm) as of yet.

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