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COLORQUEST by Torakosama

There are multiple quests with the same or similar names. For other uses, see Color Quest (Disambiguation).

Colorquest (stylized as COLORQUEST) is a the first quest by Torakosama. Colorquest follows 7 heroes, who must unite and save the earth.

The Heroes

There are seven heroes that represent the colors of the Rainbow of Life. Each color has one hero; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. It is speculated that each color represents something, and that each hero has a power of their own, however, none have been canonically revealed.


Ruby Vermillion is the de facto leader of the Seven Heroes of the Grand Iris. She is a possibly schizophrenic girl with the tendency to panic. She is also not very cheerful. Her plush companion is Kindle the bunny. Ruby represents the color red.


Oliver is the second hero in the Rainbow. So far, the calmest of the heroes, and least mentally disturbed. Oliver represents the color orange. He has a close bond with Ruby via Kindle the bunny.


Yolanda, or Lonnie is the third hero of the Rainbow, a sweet and caring girl from the southern United States. She is Ruby's closest friend and confidant. Lonnie represents the color yellow.


Garrett is the fourth hero of the Rainbow. He represents the color green.


Bailey Makapo is the fifth hero of the Rainbow. A little suicidal, and seemingly most open with her feelings to the Channel, Bailey lives in a beautiful beach city on a Hawaiian coast. It has been implied that she does not like to share her romantic feelings. Bailey represents the color blue.


Vinson Murasaki, or Vinz is the last hero of the Rainbow. Not much is known about VInz, but he seems to be a "creep." Vinz represents the color violet.


The character Ruby is an homage to Weaver's character Ruby from RubyQuest. Her red color scheme and her plush from Oliver allude to Ruby's species and the blood that frequently was present in RubyQuest.

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