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Looking at a lot of the author's pages lying around here, they're all about the same. Author name, witty quip, list of quests. But that seems very weak for an author page, doesn't it? An author page should should tell you about the author, tell you all about them, what they like, what made them the author they are. So, I'm going to list things that inspire me, and things that I like. I'll update this list periodically.

Things that inspire me, or things which I like

Hitchhiker's Guide.

The works of Cornelia Funke.

A lot of the authors on here. Enough that I can't name them all.

Zen Pencils.

Dark Souls.

Also, I just want to say this, for any readers who've stumbled on this page. Not any Quest authors. The readers, the suggesters. I was one of you. I saw all these great storyweavers and artists and gamemasters and all that, making all these things that I loved to read. So I read them. And I wanted to be one of them. I wanted so hard to be one of them. But I didn't think I could. I always liked to write, but I didn't think I could write well enough. I knew I couldn't draw, so I thought I couldn't draw well enough.

So one day late at night when I wasn't thinking the most clearly I went ant started a Quest. It's not very good. The art isn't very good. I've been told the writing is very good by other people, but I don't think the writing is great. Mediocre at best.

But the thing is, I fucking did it.

And that feels so good. It feels so good to make something, for other people. To have a, not a responsibility, but an urge, a want to keep working on my shitty little project. A feeling like I'm providing a service for people, that I'm entertaining a handful of readers.

And my thing isn't very good. But I'm getting better. And it feels good to see myself getting better.

This is getting a bit rambly so I'll shorten it up. If you're a reader, who wants to do a Quest, do it. If you're worried about the art, draw anyway. You'll get better. If you're worried about the writing, write anyway. You'll get better. And ask for help. People in the IRC, I've found, are very willing to critique art. And I, personally, am very willing to help people write. I'll colab with you. I'll write for you.

So, if you want to try and make one of these things, just do it. Try. Strive to to better. Start out shit. Work. Draw. Write. Keep working, keep drawing, keep writing. Work. Get better. Someone will read it. And then they might start. It's a good thing to try.

I wonder how many people will see this.

I can't imagine many will.

It's worth it, if one guy does, though.

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