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Italian engineer/architect with depression issues. Author of the dark yet whimsical FrogQuest, the dark but dark GR, the (completed) sex comedy romp Monster Humper (that features a short-stack horny goblin queen) and the chaotic Wild Wizard Tournament Also the secret 4th member of the Battletoads. Quests tend to feature a variety of unexpected twists that yet make perfect sense with hindsight.

Gnuk has a proud lineage that has been humping all the monster ladies. Upon marrying a monster lady, he can don the legendary family armour of a true monsterhumper. Drawthread

Quests by Gnuk

Frogverse: FrogQuest | Weirdling Saga

Humpverse: Monster Humper | Goblin Week Quest | A Most Holy Quest

Other: GR | Wild Wizard Tournament | Short Quest | Tiniest Wizard | Ray Gunn - Detective Extraordinaire | Bonnie & Co: I Hate Mothdays

Collaborations: The Dungeon of Eternal Torment