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Golem Quest by Bob
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There are multiple quests by this name. For other uses, see Golem Quest (Disambiguation).

Golem Quest is about a newly sapient Soul Grave that names itself Mordre, then goes about building an empire. Started on November 29, 2009 by Bob.

Character List

The list has been ordered by first appearance/mention.


Mordre's Abilities (Sentient Anathema) The primary character of Golem Quest, with a soul of pure unadulterated Chaos (paradoxically while being fixed to a universal stillpoint: timeless, a horrendously Order quality), Mordre primarily inhabits a Soul Eden. Finding itself newly sentient and sapient--the mass of souls within the golem formed a gestalt consciousness due to the Curse/Mordecai's presence, caused by the recoil of Mordecai's Chaotic Soul magic working--upon awakening to the ruined landscape of its former homeland, vowed to take revenge on its destroyers and at the same time craft an Empire of its own design. As a sapient non-Life Golem, to nearly every major nation on Zakrath, Mordre suffers from the stigma of being Anathema: an immortal, potent creation of war given the ability to plan and think for itself without orders. To avoid discovery and likely subsequent annihilation, Mordre adopted the personality of a kindly old mage, with a love for cats and maids, who discovered how to control a golem over long distances; due to the resultant Belief, and posters' lack of sense when suggesting, Mordre suffers from bouts of forgetfulness. Its true nature is now its most closely guarded secret, known only to: Arkus, Kyorto, the Drazken, Lenryt, Ulzrick, Ellayia, the Order of Harmonious Discord, the Deep Spawn, Mordre's consumed Hero Souls. As an individual, only exists in one reality. Granted the title of Honorary Master Mage of Spacial Manipulation and Golemcraft, allowing Mordre access to every Mortal Coil outpost and their resources.

Skill-set link (Human/Male/Mage) A major supporting character, the first person to know Mordre's secret, the one who originally woke Mordre from his stasis-like slumber. Childhood poverty fostered a desire to rise above such a position: he seeks to become a true mage, with his ultimate goal being to have the Mortal Coil directly request he join them. As one of the few to know Mordre's secret, functions as second in command in all endeavors in the Warring States; has a surprisingly vast wealth of knowledge of recent events in the core states. Under Mordre's sponsorship, playing the role of "Mage Mordre's" only apprentice to those who do not know the secret, vastly improved in magical skill, reaching a level of power most aspiring mages work at for years in the space of months, helped by the wealth of study materials provided in conjunction with his own predisposition to learning. Currently generates World energy from around his veins and nerves: his two exposures to epic amounts of World energy altered his body and soul into a Mortal Caged One, a human patterned after a bound Planet God; spiritually immortal, capable of surviving bodily death, with more changes pending. A State Mage; tasked with the management of the Arcanoworks.

Lorgk the Red Knight
(Premen/Male/War Chieftain) First encountered in the Frostback Mountains, the first organic being to damage and block direct hits from Mordre. As the Leader of the Drazken Clan, Lorgk's motives were to attack the Yetis and reclaim the bronze/ruby mine that had been wrenched from the Drazken's control 70 years ago. Foreseeing the Yetis' betrayal, Mordre joined forces with Lorgk and the Drazken to help take back the mine. A straight to business type: doesn't screw around or mince words when he can help it. Holds Mordre's words in high regard, giving Mordre overwhelming control in political or diplomatic issues. After giving over his family sword, True Edge, he now bears Legalloth, the Legacy of Lorgk, formerly Abaeloth's crystal magic-absorbing sword, containing all the souls of Lorgk's ancestors, the bearers of True Edge, save Draz, and will probably contain his own soul too, when he dies. Wears the Slayer's Bastion--formed from his old bone armor, blood vestments, and the Shell of Gavrock, bound with Goran bone and Red Steel--a reactively offensive set of durable armor stealing spilled blood to form sanguine armor. Bang's gift, the Boots of the Earth, grants Lorgk significant land speeds.

(Premen/Male/Head Shaman) The relatively young head shaman of the Drazken clan. Though originally from the clan, he had to campaign against Fekk for his position, arguing that the clan Fekk had come from had not had to battle for two years, making Fekk a poor leader in the face of battle. When the matter came down to a duel Mingsk defeated Fekk handily. His own style of Combat Magic focuses on body-empowerment: hardened skin, increased muscle, flexible bones.

(Premen/Male/Shaman) An elder shaman of the Drazken clan. Once the head shaman, but Mingsk wrested the position from him.

(Human/Skin Life Golem/Female/Mage) A past mage of Mosmordre, manifested as a spirit bound to a building in the ruins of Mosmordre, close to where Mordre was found. Resurrected by Mordre in return for service/assistance, in the form of a Life Golem made from the skins of World mages woven together into a tapestry. Her illusion magic allows her to appear to others in her old form. Currently disguised as an old colleague of Mage Mordre. A State Arch-Mage; supervising half of the State's outposts.

Oggroth the Hungry Mountain
Skill-set link (Premen Life Golem/Male/Warrior) Respects power in a warrior and holds Mordre in the highest regard. Wields a large ball-on-chain. Now a Life Golem created through Soul Infusion. Modified by Dorgrum, Jojo, Heol, and Mordre to be able to eat for conversion to the building blocks of his body, to handle the mass of souls within his body; innate durability and strength much increased, allowing him to support fighting unarmored, crumple armor, and shatter bone with bare-handed strikes. Being used by Lorgk as a prestige booster, as a Goran-like underling.

Skill-set link (Premen/Male/Shaman/Physical Souldreamer) A user of the rare Souldreaming magic, and Ulzrick's and Heol's Souldreaming teacher. Moves around using invisible Dreamed legs.

(Premen/Male/Shaman/Deceased) From the Garott clan, a clan larger than the Drazken. Campaigned to become the head shaman, touting his experience working with large groups of shaman. Practiced a style of Combat Magic in which he infused cold or heat onto his limbs, making his blows exceptionally dangerous. Fortunately for Mingsk, he managed to avoid many of these and defeated Fekk in single combat for the position of head shaman. Eaten by Goran in the battle between the Drazken and the Gorkin.

The Wanderer/Lenryt
(Planet Eater/Human/Female/Grand Elder Mage) A super-sized entity, the soul of a planet that underwent Maginova and ate the souls of the other planets of his solar system, fused with a human girl (who was, and still is, part of a drama group before the merge, forming the reason for the only time the Wanderer puts aside all his planning and does everything it can to act like a normal little girl). As Lenryt's soul was annihilated in the merging, the Wanderer desires to revive her soul if possible, which he strives to do by eating souls. First appeared in the forests outside Duras to meet with Mordre and recover a Caged One Fragment. Granted Mordre the stabilization of the Chaos that became Immortal Genocide and the ability to do Magnetomancy in exchange for the Fragment'. Has called on Mordre in the past to do favors for her in exchange for a gift of Mordre's choosing; indicated she will continue to do so. The first person to kill a Grand Elder mage, and also a child that killed two. Restricted to never steal but to 'pay' for anything of value (exact wording unknown).

(Premen/Male/Peace Chieftain) Lorgk's second in command: leads the Makers, handles non-combat diplomacy.

Ugrokk the Tall/Reaping Thunder Shadow
Skill-set link (Premen/Male/Warrior) Specializes in tactical combat and axes. Has an armor made by Del Roga which grants invisibility by absorbing heat and light; allows releasing all stored energy in a very painful bright flash; attached to the armor is a prosthetic arm (The Whispering Grasp) made by Gialgorra and his three youngest daughters; built into the armor is a Gialgorran-made engine powering two back-mounted arms bearing grappling cannons, air-to-fuel converters for elbow-mounted thrusters, and spiked tungsten maces in place of hands with each spike a perpetually spinning drillbit.

Del Roga
(Human/Male/Blacksmith) His former workshop, Del Roga & Sons, located in Hletwa, crafted amazing arms and armor using a blood absorbing axe that provides a complete image of the customer as well as a rundown of all their strengths and weaknesses. Forced to leave his shop after being effectively ruined by the Steel Fists for delaying their order in favor of Mordre's. Currently works at the Arcanoworks.

Lord General Derkin the Machete
Skill-set link (Human/Male/Rogue) A former bandit who was captured in the forests near Duras, now serving Mordre as a military CO, and as the commander of the Air Calvary. A Lord General of the State's armies.

Ozmand the Hammer
(Human/Male/Warrior/Deceased) A capable warrior with his trademark hammer, died while assisting Mordre defeat Verther and assented to being consumed by Mordre as a way to keep fighting after death. His soldiers are now commanded by Ozrick.

(Sapient Stone Golem) A Stone Golem with a sapience apparently much like Mordre's. Serves Lenryt, encountered with her in the woods near Duras. Can speak Premen from when he wandered their land long ago, when his creators waged war with the Premen.

Dulu The Golemslayer, Golemslain and Golemforged
Skill-set link (Half-Premen/Half-Human/Male/Small Tomb/Golemnslayer) DUUUUUUULUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! Bound to Weinsho's service by threats and some form of magic. Mordre's most worthy foe, having been noted to be exceptionally powerful and perceptive for a mortal. Prefers to approach problems and diplomacy honestly and head-on, finding tricks and deceit distasteful. Naturally, this put him at odds with his one-time employer, who had put him into a Small Tomb as both punishment and insurance against his further defeat. All three Soul magic bindings on him have been removed: one by Jojo, another partially by Mordre and Jojo, and the last along with the remnants of the second by Eldghodd. Currently in the Land of Dragons, after acceding to traveling with Mordre there for unknown reasons.

(Human/Male/Warrior) An agent of the Reavers Of Nibelheim known for being unflappable. Met during a job: to hunt down a mage, Mordre, and somehow remove him from Duras. The group itself is small, expensive, but in high demand for their skill. When fulfilling contracts, they prefer to find the easiest path and avoid combat when possible. If forced into it however, they are incredibly effective.

(Human/Male/Berserker) A member of the Reavers of Nibelheim. Outside of combat he is a very skittish and cautious man. When in battle, becomes a berserker, fighting unarmed, ripping out throats with his bare hands and leap twenty feet in a single jump, all the while screaming.

Ozrick the Ogre Mauler
(Dream Construct/Human/Male/Warrior) Constructed through the Dream techniques Mirroring and Redaction by Ulzrick to provide someone who accepted him unconditionally; can utilize Dream as a Combat magic. With Ulzrick's focus, effort, and power, and while Ozrick is within Ulzrick's line of sight, Ozrick can 'teleport' by simply existing in a different location and regenerate from all harm. The apprentice to the late Ozmand 'the Hammer' and now leads his troops. Part of the State army, a captain commanding a hundred heads. Strangely, Phohn gives no appellate to Ozrick. A Council's Champion.

Sir Keddic Harksburton the 4th The Golden Lion
Skill-set link (Human/Masharksben/Male/Warrior) His soul is a giant core of Order, a self-building tower that replicates newly experienced Order, the experience of adventures added, layer by layer; mastered White Blood, to gain Universal White Blood Competancy. The inheritor of the Way of Harksburton, a fighting style created by his family. Created the offensively focused Way of Harksburton sub-style, Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism, and the Haemosphere, whose creation made Keddic a Masharksben, Mortal and Blood combined, a weaver and claimer of blood. Can summon his sword out of his own blood so long as the Proud Lion is close enough to be detected. Wears the Lion's Hide, a Blood cloak woven with the Spined Lion's skin. Works with Mordre to promote own growth. A State Mage and Council's Champion.

Moss Withermane
(World Parasite) Attracted to the World Magic from Mordecai, Moss acts like Mordre's faithful hound, when by Mordre's side. Fed the strange stone that emitted World Magic, it has been growing ever since--twenty five feet tall at last mention. Little is known about its origins. Produced several strange seeds that suck up World magic.

Ulzrick (Prime) the Ogre Swordsman/Knight
Skill-set link (Human/Male/Schizophrenic/Warrior/Physical and Mental Souldreamer) Ozrick's brother, Jojo's former apprentice, Eisenhardt's current apprentice. Shows talent in the planning and strategy side of warfare, unmatched in infiltration in the Arcanoworks. Has a natural affinity for Will Magic and SoulDreaming--manifestations of Ulzricks' Cosmic Soul and Transdimensional Stillpoint, meaning that Ulzricks naturally are Order-aligned and lack the barriers separating their mind from other Ulzricks' minds. Inherited Dream Recollection after melding with First, and Muscle Space/Flexrick after defeating Fellaloon. Due to the results of incredible fuck-ups on the part of the suggesters, Prime currently is cut off from the Greater Dream, the core of Ulzricks' existences; however, Prime-bound existences can still communicate with Ulzrick (e.g. Ulzricks from collapsed possibilities that were pulled to Prime so as to preserve as much of the Ulzrick collective as possible due to Prime's status as an Anchor--an anchoring point for the Ulzrick collective). Wields Crash Course, and wears a purple fur cape as a sign of his officer status in the State military, Abaeloth's Cloak, and Ogrimarick (an eyeless, ogre-themed purple leather Mask). Strangely, Phohn gives no appellate to Ulzrick, nor can Phohn hear the minds of those bound to Prime. Blind. A State Mage and Council's Champion.

Skill-set link (Human/Female/Former Peasant/Warrior/Leader) Commands troops for Mordre and serves under Derkin. I'd hit it. Arkus would too. The commander of the Arcanoworks' Golem Armor regiment, a regiment of walking tanks, currently being experimented with by Derkin, Arkus, Del Roga, and Jezebel. A Council's Champion.

Skill-set link (Human/Male/Former Peasant/Warrior) A stealthy fighter specializing in bladed warfare of all forms with an affinity for stealthy operations. Serves under Derkin as a CO for Mordre's troops. Wields the Dawn Craze (two very keen blades of gold and steel, forged by Eisenhardt, connected from the hilts by a chain), two Blood swords, with a multitude of various lesser blades. A Council's Champion.

Skill-set link (Human/Female/Inventor) From the Western Islands, now working at the Arcanoworks. I'd hit it. Ulzrick would too.

Lucrazzia Gialgorra
(Human/Female/Inventor's Assistant) One of Dr. Gialgorra's four daughters. Prone to long winded and overly exuberant tangents; has a propensity for invention like her father. Met at the entrance to her father's home, manning the front desk; she then led Mordre to her father's arena. Known to wear several pairs of goggles and many scarves.

Dr. Toledo 'Steel' Gialgorra
(Human/Male/Inventor) Loves SCIENCE!. Displeased with the stopgap usage of magic to overcome problems when science is perfectly capable of doing the same if not more, he invented C.A.N.T.I., a Golem operated by technology rather than magic. Blaming magic for holding back scientific advances, he issued a challenge to the world to defeat C.A.N.T.I. using any other Golem; in his Dapper Adventurer, a suit of armor made for fighting alongside C.A.N.T.I., he and C.A.N.T.I. have not lost as of yet, facing over 800 opponents. Has 4 daughters. The governor of a collection of islands, the Gialgorran Expanse. Regards C.A.N.T.I as the son he never had.

Lord Donwick Dregas
Skill-set link (Human/Male/Noble/Golem Operator) First encountered in the Western Islands, as a participant in the contest to defeat Gialgorra's steam golem. His golem Silicanthos performed valiantly against C.A.N.T.I. until it was demolished by Gialgorra's Supreme Voltaic Beam. With no golem, and hard times cast upon his family, resigned himself to return home empty handed. That is, until Mordre extended an invitation to the Kyogrock Arcanoworks. After finding a piece of Silicanthos that wasn't vaporized, and claiming a clay golem, Giodiaz, that was left behind in a failed assassination attempt, he accepted the offer. Now working in Mordre's service as Minister of Finances. Reactivated Silicanthos with the State Capital's Leyline Geyser.

Mage Wendelin
(Human/Female/Mage of the Mortal Coil) Skilled in runecraft, inscribing her staff and Stone Golem with a multitude of runes. Met when she was attacked by the operator of the Small Tomb Diozagrath. The golem severed one of her arms, but through quick action, Mordre, Professor Gialgorra, and Sofiazza Gialgorra saved her. Gifted Mordre several books the Mortal Coil uses to teach its students runecraft in gratitude.

Sofiazza Gialgorra
(Human/Female/Inventor's Assistant) One of Dr. Gialgorra's four daughters. Enjoys explosions and firearms. Her arms have been replaced with (detachable) synthetic prostheses that give her capabilities far beyond the human norm. Her weapon of choice: a belt-fed 40 millimeter repeat fire gun with a drum canister.

Anastazia Gialgorra
(Human/Female/Inventor's Assistant) One of Dr. Gialgorra's four daughters. Mentioned as creating advanced medical devices used within her father's facility. Her creations managed to save Mage Wendelin's arm after it was severed by Diozagrath.

(Immortal/Human/Female/Rogue) First encountered in a raid on Diomand's warehouses, she had been keeping tabs on Mordre for quite some time, though her intent had not been malicious. Her most direct form of travel is through an enchanted item, the Spatial Grapnel, a grappling hook that can attach itself to anything her mind can conceive the grappling hook attaching to and swing from point a to b and so on. Mordre possesses a stone for the purposes of communication to Ellayia. Apparently an Immortal soul possessing various bodies. Working for Mordre.

Lord Brigadier General Quinton Delevas
(Human/Male/Warmage) A Warmage of the Azelhaedran State, tasked with the supervision of an outpost near the Arcanoworks, formerly Mordre's direct superior in State matters. Apparently tried to pass off Mordre's accomplishments in the State as his own.

Magnum Bang The Human Dynamo, Annihilator Of Armies, Smasher Of Sieges, Cracker Of Castles
Skill-set link (Human/Male/Masked Warrior) His abnormally small soul is almost pure Chaos, creation, tying in with his roguish eccentricities, a product of his gifted Quantum Computation. An unarmed fighter beyond compare, capable of incredible feats, sworn to use only Curatiomancy. Wears the Forever Rising, an ever-shifting scarf, shading from scarlet to brassy sunrise orange upon which seven masks stand in stark relief (each with their own individual appearance), throbbing with a form of life, yeti leather bonded with the threads. A strong battlelust compels him to travel all around to find conflicts to satisfy himself. Currently travels with Mordre for the conflicts wherever Mordre goes. Wears a dark red mask named Red Eye of the Dynamo (teasingly, Nagging Wife; original name was White Sapient Legacy), with gaps over his scalp, mouth, jaw, and nose, eyeholes barely as large as his eyes, adorned with spiral stylized to look like an eye, ends canted and angled, the coiled line a brilliant orange, like fire made cloth. Would like to get to know Collete the Colossus more intimately. A State Mage and Council's Champion. Holder of the Champion's Belt, which manifests the Mask's persona.

Fierce Dragon Lubu The Unparalleled
(Human/Male/Warrior/Dragon) An absolutely enormous and ever-growing Legendary Soul, the High Dragon, the Emperor, of the Land of Dragons, he has mastered the ten most famous arts of the Mass Connection styles, allegedly the first and only individual in recorded history to master all aspects of Mass Connection. Ridiculously strong, instantaneously mastering and surpassing the original's techniques when shown those techniques with his perpetual Moment of Inspiration save for Dream techniques. After killing the former Emperor and the said Emperor's only son and heir, a civil war sparked off; a custom of his peers is to test their strength against an Emperor that overthrows the previous Emperor by force--with which he responded by gathering powers to him to defend his army and striving to weaken his own strength to preserve the joy of battle. Really, all he wants is a challenging fight.

(Dreameater/Localized God) A Souldreamer personality that took over a Dreameater when it consumed him, inhabiting the Souldreamer's still-living body. Can completely integrate the Dream into reality up to fifty feet around him; as the resulting reality is his Dream, effectively a god within that field. Speech patterns indicates he sees Zakrath as a play: the Caged One is 'the stage', the Deep Spawn are 'the stagehands', Lubu, Broggamek, and potentially Mordre are 'central characters', and everybody else are 'characters'. Mmade references to the 'fourth wall' and 'the audience'.

Lord General Carkiano the Blue Knight
(Human/Male/Knight) Much like Mordre, led a force to restore order in the Azelhaedran State, with a comprehensive setup of several captured outposts in the South. Uses a Blue Steel Golem Armor, that takes a small piece of his soul and magnifies it to golem levels to enhance his actions, a sword (Midnight Storm), a spear (Dawn Thunder), a shield, and a cloak for the storage of all his equipment (Dreamcloak); also in his resources are the Blue Hounds, Life Golems under Carkiano's direct control that travel and assist where he cannot. Feels indebted to Mordre. A Lord General of the State's armies.

Dame Valiria
Skill-set link (Human/Female/Knight) Daughter of Carkiano and sister of Vonjeen, Valiria escorted Mordre to meet with her father, and stayed for a while at the Arcanoworks. Dislikes the overprotective nature of her father and brother alike. A Council's Champion.

Knight Vonjeen
(Human/Male/Knight) The stuttering son of Carkiano and brother of Valiria, overseer of a mining operation under the Blue Knight; noted to have some manner of hidden strength: Oggroth observed that Vonjeen's sword did not furrow the ground despite it being much too large for a man of Vonjeen's stature--currently unknown whether this phenomenon is caused by pure wrist strength or some means of magical augmentation. Before it was stolen by Jak, had a Golem Armor, scavenged from Mosmordre (The Blue Devil, named for the blue tint of its red/almost-black metal when surrounded by the blue Soulfire, formed from Order and Chaos coexisting in the same area to mutual benefit rather than destruction, it produces), that drains the wearer's soul or the souls of the buffer, to power the Soulfire. A Council's Champion.

Samuel 'Sam' Vimes
(Human/Male/Mercenary Captain/Deceased) A retired soldier turned career watchman, the head of a freelance security force. Personified stubborn determination, an expert of Blood Combat Magic and a master of blood rage. A good friend of Del Rogo and a friend of the people. His platoon includes possibly Anathema life golems. In the service of the Azelhaedran State, investigated the Arcanoworks and Mordre's recent activities (and nature, be it sapient Soul Grave or eccentric mage) before being called away. Killed by Domintus.

(Armor-Suit-Bound Soul/Small Tomb) A Paradox Knight, of the Order of Harmonious Discord, dedicated to keeping the balance of things. Eisenhardt's ancestor, a dead soul bound to a suit of armor, sent to the Arcanoworks with Kyrchesia to verify if Mordre is not a threat to civilization. Approaching the Arcanoworks aggressively, though backed off once Kyrchesia told him off, and once they were persuaded that Mordre was not a psychopath.

(Rainbow-Robo-Unicorn-Bound Soul/Small Tomb) A Paradox Knight, of the Order of Harmonious Discord, dedicated to keeping the balance of things. A dead soul bound to a metallic, chromatic unicorn, sent to the Arcanoworks with Reinhardt to verify if Mordre is not a threat to civilization. Reinhardt's mount, and the one to reveal that the two's true natures.

(Premen/Male/Shaman) A Shaman who joined the Drazken during their merger with a smaller tribe. Taken off the task of constructing a magical binding to cage Khordu and Dorgrum to teach Lorgk Combat Magic. With his aid, Lorgk began his journey to become a Shaman, first focusing on magically increasing Lorgk's speed and swiftness.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of HUNGER, and his form revolves around FACES and EATING. One of the two individualized Deep Spawn that attacked the Drazken. Currently serving as liason between Eldghodd and Mordre (and, by extension, the Drazken).

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of RENDING, and his form revolves around FANGS and EDGES. One of the two individualized Deep Spawn that attacked the Drazken.

(Deep Spawn) A Scientiomancer, the System Administrator for the region surrounding the Drazken Clan mine (presumably the Frostback Mountains region).

Captain Falcon
(Human/Male/Mercenary) The only independently contracted mercenary force fighting in the Azelhaedran state at the behest of the State operating without any assistance or support, this singular fighter is renowned for being a one man army, and for having perfected brutal, one hit kill techniques able to smite anything he can touch. Known for being able to jump on air as if it were a solid, weight bearing surface without issue, achieving a pseudo-flight, and being completely impervious to fire of all known sorts. Said to be supremely fast, though there have been no direct observations to support this claim as of yet, unlike his pseudo-flight and fire immunity. Lost both his physical and spiritual arm in the Domintus fight. Tutoring Vonjeen.

(Premen/Female/Maker/The Wounded Healer) One of those that were wounded but survived and gained power through their maiming and survival in the Deep Spawn attack on the Drazken Clan. Despite having her legs chewed off and blinded, managed to heal himself, possessing great power over healing--but she herself is crippled, almost worse then a Souldreamer: she can never heal her own wounds and has no powers to replace them. Lukgo's mate. Brought from Gialgorra custom-made mechanical legs and eyes that allow her to move and 'see' with a form of tremorsense.

(Premen/Male/Warrior) One of those that were wounded but survived and gained power through their maiming and survival in the Deep Spawn attack on the Drazken Clan. A nasty blow to the head during the battle left this young warrior with blinding pain when struck by even light blows, ruining his chances at ever being the great warrior he'd always envisioned himself as. Strives to perfect all those warrior's skills which do not involve direct fighting (e.g. tactics, scouting, tracking) so that he might continually prove himself valuable to the clan in spite of his limitations. Cranial surgery and implants from Gialgorra removes his weakness and betters his improved cognition capability.

(Premen/Male/Shaman/Deceased) One of those that were wounded but survived and gained power through their maiming and survival in the Deep Spawn attack on the Drazken Clan. Always fascinated with the power of Blood Magic more than the others, used his power to try and destroy the Deep Spawn, but lost an arm for his trouble. Having been conscious while losing large amounts of his own blood, had time to think and feel on the blood magicks he wielded. Eventually, gained such mastery over Blood that he could form an arm sculpted from blood. Devoured by Goran in the battle against the Gorkin clan. ;_; tears were shed.

(Premen/Female/Shaman/Physical Souldreamer) One of those that were wounded but survived and gained power through their maiming and survival in the Deep Spawn attack on the Drazken Clan. During the Great Spell that opened the cavern, Heol was the shaman that held the magic together. The backlash from the spell releasing the Deep Spawn from the mine and the spear of a backstabbing Yeti left her broken and her soul disjointed from her body. Weak, too weak to be noticed save to those sensitive to disembodied souls (like Mordre), she needs to build her power, relearn magic of every sort, and will then become a being of pure magic--but until then, she is a ghost upon the ice. Currently learning Dream magic from Jojo; as she sacrificed her entire physical existence, she has great potential, though she still is less powerful than those who sacrificed their mind or soul, proportionally.

Oz The Breaker, Left Handed God of the Fist
(Human/Male/Warrior/Living Legend) A master of several styles of Mass Connection, the creator of Ghosthand and Breaker style, a combat addict; a left arm of Lorxotite and palladium, a right forearm of Blood Iron. His only family is dead; he blames Hui for that. Finally gained a student in Bagrom and started his school in the capital.

Bagrom Tyotworro
(Human/Male/Warrior) A practitioner of the Jade Soul Style of Mass Connection, but, because he refused to comply with his master's orders to use only what he is taught, never to experiment with the style, he cannot master the style and learn to use the greatest techniques the Jade Soul Style has to offer. Sought out Oz to teach him--the style Oz created will likely sync well with Bagrom's way of fighting--and was accepted as Oz's first student after Oz chopped off his right arm at the elbow.

Korgotyo the Chained
(Rageglut/Male/Warrior) A self-owned Rageglut, is a practitioner of the Chaining Calamity Style, likely a Master of the style; teaches the style at the school in Waltora. Very old, living from before Shangod (the High Dragon before Lubu) was High Dragon.

Ancestral Dragon Jaegrezweistrik The Radical AxeGod
(Armor-(or Axe-)Bound Soul/Small Tomb/Dragon) An Ancestral Tomb, a Paradox Knight of the Order of Harmonious Discord, and a Dragon (the only Ancestral Tomb to hold that title for three hundred years [two hundred of those years as Dragon, but the difference doesn't matter]) dwelling within the Land of Dragons. The suit of armor he may be bound to (the other candidate is his axe) is an excessively colorful blue-base suit, which matches with his giant ever-shifting axe he talks and produces music from in excessively attention-getting oriented speech patterns, which is entirely Word Magic.

Ash Dragon Jioga the Arbiter
(Human/Male/Warrior/Dragon) A Dragon and a vassal of Lubu, joining Lubu to have ready access to a superior soul, to forcibly evolve himself in this fashion. Highly proficient at runecrafting, Chronomancy, and Tractomancy, he fights by striking once with a simple and plain sword, but makes it so that he strikes many times in many places. Has a slightly antagonistic relationship with Mordre, professing his enmity to stem from Lubu's fickleness; with Mordre's arrival and actions to earn favor with the High Dragon, he believes his own position would be damaged if Mordre succeeds.

(Rageglut/Male/Warrior) Part of Mordre's Metal Skulls of the Indelible, the new 17th Imperial Giant Brigade, the command of which was gifted to Mordre as a reward for going above and beyond expectations. The most promising of the Ragegluts under Mordre's command: though first impressions (dressed without the uniform and bearing a non-standard weapon: a sword) cast him as the rebellious one, he later proved to be the one to most quickly absorb the lessons his trainers had to teach. Looking to understand Rageglut blood more, Keddic currently teaches Torruga the fundamentals of Blood Magic when there is time; he has shown ability to create 'sticky' blood tendrils.

(Rageglut/Male/Warrior) Part of Mordre's Metal Skulls of the Indelible, the new 17th Imperial Giant Brigade, the command of which was gifted to Mordre as a reward for going above and beyond expectations. One of the more unique Ragegluts under Mordre's command: he bears some Imperial make variable lens contraption strapped over his eyes to correct for near-sightedness, wears constantly a skullcap between head and helm, has some resistance/immunity to lightning, very impressive jumping ability, and has issues with larger beings attacking/bullying smaller beings (which, as a Rageglut, presents a mental obstacle for him as he is bigger in almost every way than most of the beings he has to fight).

(Blood Parasite) Manifesting as a female maid of blood. Named for Keddic's dead wife. A construct, with a soul of her own, made with a combination of Blood and Soul magic of an alternate Keddic Harksburton the First after meeting a wandering Puppeteer; she exists so long as there is blood under the ownership of a living Harksburton. Her capabilities are: independent action and movement up to thousands of feet, manipulation of form to any degree of hardness/rigidity/flexibility, assistance in repurposing claimed blood and converting it to Harksburton blood, and anti-magic. Manages all living Harksburtons' set of blood. Sarcastically self-effacing.

The Lined One
(Human/Male/Warrior/Immortal) A Living Legend, who created the Winding Pathway styles after attaining Immortality. Owns a Soul Grave, Sync, apparently with magic scaling abilities; the circumstances in which mastership over Sync was obtained are as of yet unknown. Master of Keddic in the Winding Pathway.

Captain Gilbrent
(Human/Male/Warrior) The Captain of the Edge Purists, a division of the State capital forces specializing in utilizing magical items to overwhelm excessively lethal foes for which armor is a hindrance with multiple fast, nimble and heavy-hitting soldiers. Wields Capital Edge, a Blue Steel broadsword that is his symbol of office, and two thin and curved custom-work sabers.

(Human/Male/Warrior) An Edge Purist. His sole magical item is Break Blade--a Sword Grave, currently composed of the Everfeast's sword, a yellow crystal sword with Black Steel studs, a massive greatsword, and the original Break Blade--a Ordered Red Gold grip and guard paired with a Chaotic Red Steel blade slaved to be multi-phasic and trans-dimensional in its application of harm, permentantly keyed to his Ownership, preventing outside manipulation while held in hands or in sheathe. The sword has a single stylized L etched onto the blade, a symbol of the Dolrick's status as one of Lenyrt's vassals. Has received many alchemical augmentations, the primary being an universal super soldier augment boosting durability/toughness/stamina/reflexes, with another being magic sensing--allowing him to locate and typify any nearby magic, and have a default base understanding of what is being wrought. The first Ulzrick, the one who created the Collective, for the purpose of giving him time and power to achieve Immortality, by reincarnating him in his prime. Independently Legendary in Dream, Soul, Order, Blood, working to return Belief to Legendary status, and upper-tier heroic in all other aspects of magic; hides his true strength though. Disappeared after reading a manuscript concerning Chaos and Order Motes. Working in the Western Front of the Second State.

(Cat) Apparently one of Catbeard's cats, met in one of Weinsho's outposts; warned Mordre and company away, claiming Catbeard was battling a Dreameater. Due to what apparently was a collective Dream Redaction on Mordre and company's part, Mauser became the Mauser referenced throughout Mordre's HAM antics--the effects: memory implants, tin armor and lance changing into Morphic toy armor and the Spear of Temporal Dominion (which means Tractomantic magics imbued). With dried fish and catnip bribes, Mordre lured Mauser into becoming something like Mordre's pet, maybe.

Keddic Harksburton the 3rd the One-Eyed Lion
(Human/Masharksben/Male/Warrior) An inheritor of the Way of Harksburton Combat Magic style, and the current head of the Harksburton family, the Third focuses on durability and strength. Heavily-runed platnium-plated, tungsten-carbide alloy prosthetics, inset with massive sapphires, replaced the lost forearms and lower legs--with the prosthetics, the Third can replicate the Fourth's Winding Way shockwave; a magic-sensing rune is housed in the socket of the lost eye. Not great at politics--blunt and impossibly direct in personality, though that makes him great at commanding soldiers.

Keddic Harksburton the 2nd
(Human/Masharksben/Male/Warrior) An inheritor of the Way of Harksburton Combat Magic style, the Second focuses on speed and attrition--famously, he complained that armor only slowed him down. The manager of Harksburton finance, and generally the one smoothing over the Third's political mistakes. Has the most success with Keddic's teachings.

Kyalora Harksburton
(Human/Masharksben/Female/Warrior) An inheritor of the Way of Harksburton Combat Magic style. The sister of the Fourth, interested in the power of the Blood Lions; the second best in the learning curve, with signs of fractal design and structural Order boosting in her Haemosphere.

(?) Constructed by the First to be the ultimate servant to the head of the Harksburton family, a combination of the Obdurate Ox and the Proud Lion.

(Deep Spawn) A Scientomancer, the System Administrator for the region about the State; has enough trading partners for corpses and tech that only living, mortal forms are of interest; 100 mortals are enough for 1 Deep Spawn core (no bulk deals, but bulk trades are viable). Can be reached at any time by saying his name at the Arcanoworks; has requested name to be kept from Mordre's followers, as he does not like being called without purpose.

(Human/Female/Mage) A World mage in training, a Magic Sensor powerful enough to detect Truth, kidnapped by Ellayia in fulfilling a job from Mordre, who offered a research position under Arkus, which Kaisara accepted. Maniacally curious concerning magic.

The Fan
(Planet Eater/Human/Male/Research Assistant) A Planet Eater who likes entertainment, something to play audience to. Hosted in a lowly, expendable assistant in a LoD War Hound research facility.

The Critic (Planet Eater) A Planet Eater who follows The Fan to fix up any problems which may arise from The Fan's heedless actions.

The Jester (Planet Eater) A Planet Eater who booted the Chaos Motes from Ulzrick's head.

Magnum Boom the Unmasker
(Human/Male/Warrior) Bang's father, a former Masked Warrior who took off his Mask, Tomb Sight, and started to kill Masked Warriors and Fell Masks alike to collect Masks to craft a cloth Mask suit and Leather Mask overlay which would allow him to travel back in time to the time of his wife's death. Has a skull, Carlos, that accesses and manipulates massive amounts of Death Belief. Working with Bang to save Magnum Kapow.

Mar Grun Ram Mag Mon The Wise
(Morgren/Male/Warrior) The Stone Knuckles' leader, whose pelt whitened with age; leads with cunning. Leads the Pan-Morgren Army.

Gorr Rup Mar The Destroyer
(Morgren/Male/Warrior) Gorth's son, acting-leader of the Iron Skulls clan; larger and bulkier than an Overarmored-Soul Eden; leads with force. Serves as Field Pariah under Mordre's banner.

Mordre's Deep Spawn

A List of Deep Spawn Names

The 50 Deep Spawn that Eldghodd gave Mordre--33 actual Deep Spawn: 15 used for Mordre's soul, 2 used to upgrade Burduko and Velada. If left unhatched for at least a season, the eggs will gain too much chaos (consequences unknown). (Three months left, as of day 150.) Mordre's soul recovers exponentially, fully recovering in a cycle after making nine Deep Spawn. Implanting eggs into existing Deep Spawn forcibly evolves, improves, and restarts their existances, which could result in new abilities. All Deep Spawn know all languages Mordre knows.

Unless stated otherwise, all Deep Spawn presumably are a perfect balance of Order and Chaos, their souls in two distinct parts for the chaotic now and the ordered forever. Deep Spawn grow by adding to their souls' Chaos/Order balance--normally done passively over time via exertion and experience providing enough potential energy to cause the shift, though directly manipulation via Soul Magic is possible if dangerous.

Current general restrictions: to Mordre, to truth, to not create technological implants, to not speak of Mordre's nature to those who do not know of it, to not start violent confrontations unless in the defense of their own existence/that of designated allies' or under Mordre's specific command, and one more as of yet unknown.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies NOTHINGNESS, form of EXISTENCE and EMPTINESS. A twelve foot tall and completely featureless humanoid shape with a hole that opens into oblivion where its face would be. A cloak writhes free from gashes that sprout on its body, and leather black as sin tightly bind about the form, as excess nothingness floats behind the figure, a cape and wings alike from moment to moment. Has Order dominating, forming two-thirds of his soul. Can slowly erase others' existences through touch, render the souls of those who gaze into the maddening hole in its blank face into nothing, and create Chaos Annulment Cores (Order spheres that sacrifice their existence to unravel Chaos in all its forms). Bound to do no harm to allies by means of his gaze or inadvertent touch, though it will only dull friendly fire as much as possible, not outright banish it. Nihilino's spawn are simple orbs of shadow, consuming what they touch, omnidimensional pits that swallow all without fear of growing full.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the Concept of DESSICATION, form of DUST and BONES. A ten foot tall archetype of an organic deathknight, merely a skeleton--its bones alien: spurs, spikes and fangs naught seen on any living thing traverse it's surface; upon its body, chitinous armor worked into depictions of wailing beings of all sorts, seeking reprieve from their own frailty, the images in question constantly shifting, displaying the quintessence of mortality, of knowing an end comes. A sword shimmers into existence in its hand, a blade vaguely reminiscent of True Edge if swollen to immense proportions, a dark, pitted metal that seems only partly there. Has Chaos dominating: change and time happening far too fast. Contact with Mothbern, whether through sword or Armor of Dessication, ages/decays/etc. the touched. Mothbern's spawn are dessicated corpses with freakish strength, capable of tearing bodies limb from limb.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of LEADERSHIP (STRATEGY), form of MAGNIFICENCE and INSPIRATION. A vaguely amphibious, vaguely reptilian precursor slaved to humanoid shaping with a staff of carved bone, throbbing as clumps of ochre goo slips and slides about the staff, vibrating as the air flows by, clutched in the hands of this eleven foot tall fresh existence. Sadronm usually does not fight directly, but directs its spawn--tangled masses of snapping serpents with fangs dripping with venom--and other spawn if leave is given, to fight optimally.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of COMMUNICATION, form of WIRES and SOUND. A mass of wires with a humanoid upper body and an unraveling lower body, eventually fading into a haze that spreads about the ground for feet around it, towering some fourteen feet high. Capable of hearing words spoken/thoughts "spoken" by anyone Phohn meets when thinking of Phohn, translating them, and projecting the translated words into a target's head. Innately typifies everyone met. Drains a very tiny bit of Will with every communication.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies STRENGTH, form of STONE and STEEL. A being one would almost take for a Stone Golem, if the stone did not heave with breaths, if it did not emanate a clear sapience. Nearly the size of the Soul Eden, Zelgoto has a Resilient form, with mountain peaks-turned spikes jutting from its form. The strongest of Mordre's Deep Spawn, in a purely physical sense, and second in durability. Zelgoto's spawn take the form of hunching beings with stone teeth and horns emerging from beneath heavy pelts of hair.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of PROTECTION, form of METAL and IMPENETRABILITY. A massive being with arms dwarfing even the Soul Eden's siege arm, with skin pitted and dully gleaming as if wrought of a baleful metal. Its horrendously top-heavy body is some eleven feet above the ground, minus its neckless head atop its shoulders. The most durable of Mordre's Deep Spawn, the second in strength, and the most capable physically. Can ignore depth, folding space, as its arms leap through perception to reach distant objects. Vandgurd's spawn take the form of heavyset life-size dolls of metal.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of GUTSY EARTH, form of MOUNTAINS and RED HOT ROCKSLIDE. A figure some thirteen feet tall, mountain and magma conjoined, fury radiating from its every fiber. Crystals hewn from the heart of the Mountain cover its form. The third toughest and strongest, in terms of durability and physical strength, of Mordre's Deep Spawn, but also able to exude magma at will.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of SPEED, form of TRANSPORT and CONVEYANCE. Before a core was implanted, a thin form some eleven feet tall, body like alabaster tortoiseshell, adorned with a prolific number of vents, obscuring smoke emitting from each one in turn like some humanoid pipe organ. After, beneath what used to be cloth wrappings, with sullenly burning eye sockets, a hollow metal humanoid cage, organically cast, in the center of an aerial vortex, howling winds swirling into an eternally tiny tornado. The hilt of an oddly sheathed blade that formerly was Burduko's right arm casually cupped, the living metal fusing between the points of contact. Transportation available to visited areas, locations identical to visited areas, and Mordre given time to focus if Mordre is in an unfamiliar area; barring outside aid or identical locations method, safe transportation only of those with Deep Spawn-level regeneration and non-living objects. Has localized wind current manipulation, centered around the three-dimensional cyclone around form, allowing flight in speeds considerably above its impressive ground speed. Burduko's Deep Spawn Tractomantically imbued sword, made from its own body, has Severance inclined aspects. When Burduko is conjoined together with Velada, they protect an area from spacial and temporal shenanigans. Burduko's spawn takes the form of masses of cloth and blurred air, wrapped and coiled about until the trapped wind looks like fluttering mummies.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of CHRONOLOGICAL STABILITY, form of GEARS and CONTINUITY. A cloud of red fliers swarming about a metallic hive in a vaguely humanoid shape, always shifting and buzzing, the beats to their wings seeming to almost make a pervading backbeat of an ever ticking clock. Serves as a temporal anchor, undoing any aberrations in the flow of time. Velada's spawn are monstrous mechanical bees.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of RESTORATION, form of TOOLS (For repairing metals) and CRYSTALS (For healing fleshbits). A being growing as a mass of crystal and metal in a vaguely humanoid shape, it is able to give up its own body to replenish others; spines on its metallic portions allow incredible manipulation, to aid in construction as well. Its voice is like a saw on metal. The crystals dotting its form, similar to Inverted Soulfire, hold within them the potential to revert, to unharm, restoring injuries by sacrificing their existence. Can supply proto-metal that takes on the characteristics of metal around it, rather than specific types of metal; can fully restore five Deep Spawn before running out of materials for further healing, and needs half a cycle to recover (or one Deep Spawn's worth of healing per day). The regeneration provided requires a compliant recipient (i.e. healing cannot be administered on the fly, time must be put aside for it), and allows even magically sustained wounds that would otherwise pierce regeneration to be combated. Murhyihal's spawn are giant leeches, only able to grant passive, non-stacking regeneration of a spawn of equivalent quality possesses to their (living, at least partially organic) host.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of STRENGTHENING, form of OIL and NEEDLES. A being not to fight, but to make others fight more ably; a towering mass of shifting needles festooning a transparent membrane holding thousands of gallons of some perilously shadowed fluid, an oil so dark it eats the light around it flows all about, radiating a power one can scarce fathom. Akeakam's personal enhancement is multi-tiered: a passive Combat Magic that steals magic from foes on contact to add to one's own mana pool, which is then directly converted to direct body amplification--body hardening and improved reaction time. Akeakam's spawn are simple sacks and a single needle, carrying a brilliant red elixir, granting a stackable strength enhancement equivalent to conventional spawn though still inferior to Deep Spawn; all twenty on a single person can potentially make a normal human stronger than Vandgurd or Zelgoto. The spawn hold enough energy to provide a ten minute boost before needing at least an hour to regenerate fluids, while Akeakam regenerates more slowly but has a much larger reservoir.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of BEASTS, form of WRATH and STRENGTH. A Beast Parasite, inhabiting and drawing power from a unensouled body and its existence, warping it, changing forms by slaying and consuming the creature desired as host. Gains power through the experiences of these bodies and can bring that potency with it to new hosts (e.g. an older Nidhogg potentially can elicit similar potency as a dragon from a cat). Cannot articulate words in any way, so bound into dominating animalistic and primal essences, though comprehends verbal orders or via Phohn. Fully brings the Deep Spawn augmentations, regenerative and direct bolstering alike, and methods of consuming power through feasting (e.g. eating members of the same species as the current host for quick empowerments which can potentially lead to Core Being levels of power given enough individuals) into its host, and removes the need to eat from its host. The form, abilities, and number of spawn are partly dependent on the current host. Currently, host is a fairly young female dragon and has the following modifications: significantly stronger physically, enormously more powerful magically, regeneration unscaled at the rate of its smaller brethren, sixty significantly stronger than normal wyvern-like spawn, twice original strength of its innate ability to feast on magic, and expanded methods of Combat Aeromancy and Gravimancy (much more nimble, partly extended innate magic into the realm of the Arcane, now able to reach up to fifty feet from its body).

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of INQUIRY, form of ESPIONAGE and STEALTH. A pile of jet black clothes, the stitching and tailoring style always shifting, a masked face with a monocle ringed in eyes the only accent visible beneath its tophat of smoke, a gloved hand, and a voice too normal, rich, calming, indulgent, the voice of a storyteller one longs to listen to.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of LAND IMPROVEMENT, form of LIVING WORLD SPIRITS and CONNECTED NETWORKS. A biped, green and brown, like a forest made flesh, with no eyes or mouth. Main purpose is to convert inhospitable/infertile land into a paradise of greenery; can also help plants grow faster.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of KNOWLEDGE, form of BOOKS and WORDS. The Tome Bobobo, The Book of Possibilities--eight feet tall, five feet deep, and two feet wide, its cover a shaggy pelt, its pages lined with teeth. It can accurately answer almost any question asked, drawing on knowledge from many realities, identifying patterns to conclude information about this reality. As its spawn are its anchors to other possbilities, its spawn cannot be manifested in the Setting it occupies.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of STORAGE, form of WHITE CLOAKS and BLACK COFFINS. A robed figure, a series of chained coffins floating around him, each one fit with double doors, ever so slightly cracked open. Two shadowed wrinkles could be eyes, but with no mouth. Things stored are sunk into a trasdimensional pocket where time does not flow: everything is kept in static storage until release. A significant amount of magically active items stored together can overwhelm Rutgur's ability to contain.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of TRAINING, form of INSIGHT and RESPECT. A black-skinned humanoid monster whose size equals Mordre's, its veins blowing as blood so brilliantly red beats through its system; despite its piercing scarlet glare, flat white teeth, a face less monstrous than misshapen.

(Deep Spawn/Weapon Grave) Embodies the concept of FLOW, form of ACID and SHAPESHIFTING. Implanted into the Edge of Oblivion, granting the sword all the usual Deep Spawn augmentations.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of LIGHT, form of ENERGY and LIGHTNING. An entity of solid light, photons made flesh, formed from an Inferno Golem. Can move near the speed of light; speed drops below sonic when as Hard Light, which is required to affect matter. However, can create photon rays with sufficient energy to burn or melt. Invisible if not emitting photons.

(Deep Spawn/cannon barrel) Embodies the concept of FAVORABLE PROBABILITY, form of GOLD and JADE. Implanted in topmost barrel of the Ruin Revolver.

(Deep Spawn/cannon barrel) Embodies the concept of MISFORTUNE, form of SHATTERED MIRRORS and RAVENS. Implanted in bottommost barrel of the Ruin Revolver.

(Deep Spawn/Circulatory System) Revolves around the principles of Blood and Flow. Implanted in Techno-Organic Circulatory System. Fjordak's spawn take the form of microscopic amplifiers in the whole mix of Blood Iron and Colored Mercury where it imbues its entire essence into the resonating magic of Goran, Mordre, and the internal Deep Spawn.

(Deep Spawn) Implanted in the Heaven Forge as a System Administrator. The Gatekeeper of Eden.

(Deep Spawn) Implanted in the Heaven Forge as a System Administrator. The Administrator of Eden.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of ADMINISTRATION, form of CALCULATION and TRANSLATION. A hive existence whose body is made of small cubes, each side inscribed with a character or a number.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of ARMOUR, form of DEFLECTION and ARTICULATION. Implanted in Overamor.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of VISION, form TRUTH and EYES. Implanted in right ruby eye.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of ILLUSIONS, form of FALLACIES and MIRRORS. Implanted in left ruby eye.

Ark Ascendant
(Deep Spawn/Sphere) A Sphere that became a Deep Spawn after the implantation of a Deep Spawn core.

(Deep Spawn) Embodies the concept of CONSTRUCTION, form of SHAPING and ASSEMBLY. A sculpture made of thousands of thin, translucent strips of paper, a hollow humanoid vaguely inclined towards arachnids--beyond having eight long, delicately fingered hands.

Known 'enemies'

Yeti Elders
(Yeti/Shaman/Deceased) Mordre's first real enemies, who attempted to trick Mordre into helping them defeat the Premen Drakzen Clan, from whom they'd stolen a valuable ruby mine. Mordre saw through their ruse and helped the Premen retake their mines.

Goran The Magic Eater
(Premen/Male/Warrior/Mage/Deceased) The leader of the Gorkin Clan who in turn lead many Premen clans with an iron fist. Known to have survived hundreds of years past the normal lifespan of a Premen, made nonmortal by his binding to the concept of Hunger, ala the Deep Spawn--fittingly, as a student of Dorgrum. His skin completely immune to magic; his mouth consumed it. A Combat Phonomancy and basic Arcane Gravimancy user, picked up and refined over the centuries. Now dead, soul eaten by Mordre.

The Caged One
(Core Beast/Planet God) A Core Beast/Planet God, still sleeping and has not awakened/undergone Maginova. Encountered two identified fragments of the Caged One: the entity that first possessed Arkus in the Frostback Mountains, then possessed Mordre, and finally taken by Lenyrt to be given back to the Deep Spawn; and Lorgk's family sword, True Edge, who attempted to possess Lorgk and turn him into its puppet to commit genocide to the Deep Spawn, and threatened to unmake Mordre. As per information given by Eldghodd, the Caged One is caged by the System, which had to be modified because, instead of most, it developed a life after having a soul (most develop a soul after having a life); like all Cosmic Souls, it is a Dimensional Stillpoint; it desires freedom, able to warp the world around it if the the System does not siphon off excess energy.

Core Beings/World Nightmares
(Sanguine and Ethereal Excretions and Runoff of The World) A threat and an inevitability of the System, formed when pressure is shunted from the System. Despite/because of their nation destroying power, cannot support themselves without a vessel to host them, without which leads to them burning their existence. In-quest, met two Core Beings: Timmy, and the Core Being in the Land of Dragons that was summoned into a host. Both are Bad News, as the Timmy tapped into a deep running Leyline to gain power, draining the color from the world around it (which is highly ominous), and the LoD Core Being couldn't even be hurt until Mordre destroyed its damage-nullifier with Immortal Genocide's anti-magic field.

(Core Being/Caged One Fragment?/Deceased) The talking!Core Being in the cellar of the barn in the northern field of Trekel; suggested to be a talking Caged One Fragment by Kyorto and Eldghodd. Powered by Chaos/Order explosions and ambient souls drawn from leagues around. Killed by Lubu, who subverted Timmy's soul-draw into directing all its energy into preserving the souls contained.

Verther The Bandit King
(Human/Male/Magnetomancer/Deceased) Eisenhardt's apprentice, ran an army of bandits with the (assumed) purpose of attacking Del Roga for the information stored in his magical axe.

Albert Weinsho
(Human/Male/Archmage/Deceased) A mage who gained some measure of competency with Soul Magic, wished, along with Eisenhardt, to take Del Roga's axe to find information on one of his customers. Had holdings in the Azelhaedran State, among them several captured research outposts, and in the Land of Dragons. After Dulu's death, summoned away the soul and bound it into a Small Tomb designed specifically to play against Mordre's weaknesses. In combat, always preferred the odds stacked in his favor. Unlike Eisenhardt, believed in taking multiple apprentices at a time, several of whom made off with some of his papers and summoned a Core Being in the fields near Trekel. Ultimate goal: acquire power, enough to make him a ruler. Eisenhardt believed he would be a visionary but lacked the means to actually get a seat of such power. Apparently found a way to survive death, growing stronger and assuming a more monstrous form (the last observed was a amorphous mass of Black Soulfire surrounding a Soulfire star-core) with each death. Currently stored as a mass of Inverted Black Soulfire star-core, beating slowly like a heart-beat, in Mordre's Gialgorran island base.

Lord Barcho
(Human/Male/Wannabe/Deceased) A mage who had taken control of one of the abandoned research outposts in The Azelhaedran State. After a clever ploy, Mordre had him and his men surrendered within his own base and learned he was in fact no mage at all--skill-wise: less competent than Arkus at the time, only managing to figure out how to recreate the hand-cannons by piecing together the notes and testing them over the course of two years. Mordre ultimately snapped his spine and ate his soul, earning him not much more than he would from a normal soul.

(Human/Male/Magical Item User/Deceased) Worked for Weinsho. Slaughtered every man woman and child in Berluut.

Daobo The Bloody
(Human/Male/Mage/Deceased) A Blood mage and student of Weinsho. His soul gave Mordre minor competency with Blood magic.

The Metal Titan Eisenhardt
(Human/Male/Master Magnetomancer) A near-Legendary mage descended from Reinhardt allied with Weinsho, approached the Arcanoworks in search of Mage Mordre, and fought Mordre, seeking to kill Mordre in retaliation for the death of his apprentice, Verther. The first round ended in a standstill from Eisenhardt's perspective; the second was cut short due to Mordre's use of humor to remove Eisenhardt's willingness to fight at that time. Has a Blood Iron armor, though it is unused until he can pull up a Leyline close enough to the surface to replace the lost magical stamina. Controls half of the State's outposts from his base--one of Weinsho's formerly controlled outposts--as retirement, apparently; stills holds a grudge against Mordre.

(Human/Male) A gang leader of the Western Islands, with an enmity for Gialgorra, and funded a failed attack against Gialgorra. Fled the island; picked up by Weinsho to use against Mordre. Staying under the radar, with Weinsho out of the picture: with no backer, he knows he cannot do much.

Cyfus Oteldt
(Human/Male/Pirate/Deceased?) Once the owner of The Shell of Gavrock, a former member of the port guard who payed Gialgorra to repair the Shell's engine and disappeared shortly after. Resurfaced as a pirate, using the Shell to terrorize and plunder merchant ships in the waters of the Western Islands. Presumably deceased: Gialgorra was able to use the Shell to improve the Slayer's Bastion.

Aurockoth, The God Of Blades, The Reaper Made Flesh, The Living Sword, The Soul Grave Slayer
(Life Golem) Fearing the Soul Graves, the Castiliathen Empire, with the help of the world's other nations, created a Life Golem specifically designed to combat them. Originally a man from the Cazterria house, a rival warrior house to the Harksburtons, nominated to act as the base for the golem. They fused his soul one hundred and ninety three times with souls of other beings. Somehow Aurockoth survived the process and became what some would call an avatar of war and power, responsible for the destruction of three of the six demolished Soul Graves, two of which he did without any aid. After the war, he disappeared, but is known to go wherever there is a good fight to be had. Nearly all other warriors fear him: Dulu notes that the only one he imagines that could best him in direct confrontation is Jak Stryfe The Golemslayer. Usual method of fighting: create a sphere of blades and spurs around him from his flesh, slaughtering all who come within the boundaries of the sphere; against those who present a challenge, uses a heavily runed sword, bound to some concept of Severence such that he can escape by cutting the air.

Abaeloth The All Consuming
(Human/Male/Warrior/Deceased) One leader of The Disciples of Domintus. Battled with a cloak of shadow hands, a Dream-based magic that allowed him to remove all matter touching the hands from reality in exchange of having bits of his soul consumed. His personal philosophy revolved around the survival of the fittest and even bowed to his enemies upon his death. The first fight saw his sword, made of Leyline crystal, taken as a spoils of war. The second, another Leyline crystal sword and a cloak conjuring Dream-shadows hands of matter removal were looted.

(Yeti/Deep Spawn/Organic Soul Grave/Male/Shaman/Deceased) The one to cement the YETI GENOCIDE objective, a Yeti who tricked Keddic into receiving a mind-control rune, by suggesting it to be a simple communication spell, then used magic to make them believe he was securely bound while they took him into Mordreden. After that, caused the clan's fortifications to disappear and led hundreds of Yeti to attack the village while he attempted to unleash the beasts from within the mines. Used the Goran fight to hinder Mordre, by empowering the avalanche above what it should have been, forcibly demanifesting the spawn, stealing Mordre's Soul Soldiers to replace its arm, and firing spells at Mordre. An elder shaman of a vast collective; abandoned them all to the Drazken when it sought to exit the Frostback Mountains. Through a method of Soul manipulation and crafting with Goran's arm, severed at the height of his power, became the Yeti equivalent of Goran. Found a way to exit the Frostback Mountains: spawn encountered in the State, killed in LoD. Redacted by The Critic to have never actually left the the Frostback Mountains, though small signs of the previous timeline exist.

Duke Mordecai
(Human/Male/Chaos Mage/Deceased) Once the heir apparent of the Mosmordren Empire. A Legendary Soul mage who took control of Mordre's Soul Grave when the Soul Furnace was damaged and Blood Flow was active; the sole observed case of such happenning produced great improvements, heavily Chaos aligned, to the golem. Mordre's creator: he planned and made Mordre as proof of the power of hybrid magic, combining Soul magic with Chaos itself. Mastery of what he called Soul Chaos allowed him to rewrite his soul's history, like he could hone his soul so perfectly for a given task it was likely all his soul could even be used for, before snapping back to normal. War title: Master of Sorrow. When he died, under the Curse, through unknown events, he entered Mordre's Soul Grave. Somehow became the Mosmordren Administrator. If a soul is implanted into a Deep Spawn core, he can exploit the connection between the core and Furnace to switch places, thus gaining a stupendously powerful body. Current location: 'under' the Soul Eden.

Jak Stryfe the Golemslayer
(Human/Male/Magical Item User) The self-proclaimed king of golem hunting and slaying; a particularly talented natural magic sensor, with the appropriate paperwork in every nation to employ Blood magic as he sees fit, and possibly capable of Soul Magic: he can create faux-golems from his own blood and crystal from the earth. Soul seems to be every other soul, from moment to moment. Wields the Necronostrium sword of the former Mosmordren Emperor that grants Dream Tractomancy and unlocks the Blue Devil's Pride of Mosmordre form, a Lortoxite sword (possessed by a Core Being; powers unknown), Lortoxite armor granting functional immortality through instant regeneration (also runed to absorb thermal and kinetic energy, storing it in the Lonsdaleite embedded in armor, which can then be converted into energy discharges), and the Blue Devil (even though deactivation of the Pristine Soul should mean he could not support the price of using the armor). Has two known Small Tombs: Totters, a land-bound beast housing a Legendary Soul with unknown absurdly potent capabilities, and Felko--composed of yellow Rhodium, white Tungsten and blue Carbon, socketed with periwinkle rubies and emeralds in paired sets for flight, with a begemmed shield runed for defense, absorption, and channeling, paired with the sword's runes. Stole Old Bessie, Keddic's pipe, among other things. Made his home in the Western Front of the Second State.

Jeeba Hechlor
(Human/Male/Warrior) One leader of The Disciples of Domintus, with all the associated flaws (general insanity and violence obsession) and strengths (really fucking powerful). The current Head of the Hechlor family according to Keddic's knowledge; like all of his line, thinks all other houses other than his own and the royal house as lesser; which might be somewhat correct as his house is the premier in alchemical augumentations. Ridiculously durable: skin giving as easily as teak, wounds repairing themselves in minutes (except when he is using Soul Magic), and inexhaustable stamina ever powering his monstrous strength (Oz reports that when he met Jeeba, Jeeba had three hearts and a backup mind); Keddic believes him to be the most physically strongest warrior in Castiliathen. Pratices Soul Magic, powering a death field, and other techniques that allow him to unravel cells (the lance of blood Keddic launched was destroyed, though plasma only could absorb the energy), and his eyes allow him to see any and all moving objects, and only moving objects, in an omnidirectional format. Likes to use consumables, using a DragonSpark and a RageSphere in his fight with Keddic. If the battle seems to be not going his way, and unlikely to go his way in the near-future, sends his soul away to safety and leaves his mindless body to slow/hinder/cripple his opponents.

Leatherface the Evermasked
(Human/Male/Warrior/Mental Souldreamer/Deceased) A Masked Warrior who stitched an Old Mask onto his face, grafting it to his skin, devouring its psyche in the process. Possesses the title of 'Most Powerful Masked Warrior', the Belt of Champions, for years, when the longest time one held it before was measured in months. Fought by using Dream to change his magic style to best fit the situation, pulling from the infinite number of Leatherfaces throughout the universe to heal any damage that got through. Killed by Bang.

The Pure Lady
(Human/Female/Chaos Mage/Physical Souldreamer/Deceased) The prophet of the Disciples of Domintus, noted to have a Soul Grave, Domintus. Bobobo stated that The Pure Lady is always something raw, primal, a precursor to conventional magic no matter how details may shift. Consumed by a Dreameater after using Dream too much too fast to recover from injuries inflicted by Mordre. Body destroyed with Chaos/Order Relativity Cannon, personality may survive in the Dreameater who ate her, who still watches Domnitus' core.

Domintus the World Reaper
(Sapient(?) Soul Grave) The god the Disciples of Domintus worships, claimed to dwell within the metal tomb of a Soul Grave by the Pure Lady, the prophet of the Disciples of Domintus. Eisenhardt reports that there is a dark, deep depth, an emptiness that seems alive only in mockery of the word, a fanatically intense and perfect void dwelling within a sea of anti-existence of an otherness greatly exceeding that of Lenryt's within this Soul Grave, who fights with Chaos, growing hundred of tons of metal--minutely shaped spears, axes, swords, pikes, arms, claws, all manner of metallic sculpture weaponized as self-purging tides--from its body at a rate even Legendary Souls could not hope to sustain, and that the golem itself possibly may be Anathema, with a sapience. Oddly, Bobobo could not find Domintus as an individual in any other possibility, the Pure Lady's Soul Grave much more conventional; Domintus the World Reaper exists only in one reality. Currently serves as a magic-generator in the Ark Ascendant.

(Dragon/Male) Sapient fifty thousand feet long dragon, capable of living above the planet's atmosphere, spitting a mountain of burning acid, affecting multiple targets with Arcane Gravimancy and Aeromancy three miles away, and has/had the service of at least three thousand and two hundred seventy-eight dragons (none observed were of the Elder class). Has been noted by Figment to be implacable, unable to be deterred from goals, based on his tendencies to hoard items imbued with Belief. Consumes Belief.

Hui The Patient
(Human/Male/Warrior/Immortal) A Living Legend, a Master of the Jade Soul Style; over two hundred years old, the oldest founding member of a school to still teach, and an excellent businessman, opening new schools every few years. It is rumored that he has another 'preferred' style, despite his stance on his students' purity of style (they must only learn and practice Jade Soul; never any other style); Bang believes Hui steals parts of his students' souls while he homogenizes them, which might explain his stance. Dowsan implied Hui knows Puppetry, and his parasitic style is a form of Soul Puppetry. Quite a few hold seldom-voiced grudges against Hui, stemming from suspicious personal disasters falling upon those who go against Hui.

(?) The Dream equivalent of Core Beings, these correction mechanism for paradoxes native to the collective Dreamscape actively feed on paradoxes in causality, drawn across worlds and dimensions under the right circumstances. Unlike Core Beings, Dreameaters live as long as they want if they eat enough paradoxes or any sort of magic; the victims of Dreameaters are eaten so completely and utterly husk won't even begin to describe them. Absorbs properties and traits of those consumed, in proportion to the scope of what was consumed: those powerful enough to hold off a Dreameater allow complete and perfect absorption--of appearance, memories, knowledge, skill, power.

Arcturo Fissykus
(Human/Male/Warrior/High King) The High King of Castiliathen, a noted Chronomancer. Apparently has an interest in Mordre and may be willing to interfere with Lenryt to do so. Has a connection to Arkus. Stole Scars of Yesterday.

To Be Determined

Patchwork Creature
(?) First met in the Frostback Mountains. Noted to be odd, feeling patchwork. When questioned about the sense, Kyorto answered that the only known example of such a creature can only be found in the Cursed Lands, forming when powerful souls migrate to a new body, while their original body follows, constantly seeking the soul it lost. Met again in the State, after it hatched from a chrysalis, becoming a massive beast. Responds to some voice(s) in Mordre's Dirge. Oddly, Bobobo could not see another example of this creature in any other reality.

Gwendelazia Gialgorra
(Human/Female/Inventor's Assistant) One of Dr. Gialgorra's four daughters, the eldest of the four. Sought adventure off her father's island, and fell in with the Disciples. Captured by the State in the Disciples siege against the State capitol, and interrogated afterwards; claimed to have been infiltrating the Disciples, looking to assassinate the Pure Lady, but deemed the State unsalvageable. Dompaggio noted she told the truth, but somehow managed to hide vital information. Released to Gialgorra in exchange for agricultural/construction machines at highly discounted rates.

Collete the Colossus
(Human(?)/Female/Warrior) Mentioned by Bang as being one of the strongest warriors he's ever faced. Supposed to be ludicrously durable and resilient, standing against Bang's vicious hits without taking much damage.

(Human/Male/War Mage/Deceased) An eccentric war mage from a long line of mages in service to the Azelhaedran State, an expert at morphic magic (the reshaping of matter on contact) and close combat. The commander of the Armstrong Armada. Died in the Disciples' siege of the State capital.

Immortal Angormandius the Undying
(Immortal/Male) Formerly the God of Blades, from his restriction preventing him from wielding any blade save one (which went on to become one of Jak's swords, the one with the Core Being), now forced to fight only with his fists. Body has many weapons still stuck within his flesh, and misses many pieces, which are filled with his immense soul. Still not dead, even with Bang ripping his head off.

Dowsan The Contemplative
(Human/Male/Researcher) The lead researcher of a War Hound experimental facility in the Capital, and a Puppeteer. Experiments with different capabilities and abilities for the War Hounds he creates; the Spined Lion was a malfunctioned experiment of his. Interested in bypassing the anti-Puppeteer ability of Ragegluts and made a deal with Keddic for a supply of Rageglut blood in exchange for Puppetry lessens.

(?/Male/?) Proclaimed the master of Trollingwood by his cats. His battles are similarly claimed to never last to dawn. Able to battle a Dreameater.

Gorth the Unyielding
(Morgren/Male/Warrior) The One-Named, absentee leader of the Iron Head clan, travelling in the south, likely in the LoD; the strongest warrior amoung the known Morgren.


Planet Eaters: The awake form of Planet Gods, who have gone Maginova and have eaten other Planet Gods. Very powerful, to the point of breaking reality if not hosted in a weak entity. Has innately magical blood.

Core Beings: Highly powerful magic beings comprised of the world's energy. Usually wrecks major havoc when released upon the surface world until they run out of energy and dissipate. Has innately magical blood.

World Parasites: Beasts that consume pieces of Planet Gods, be it flesh or magic, spawned by Planet Gods near hatching and waking, tied to that which they feed from. Eventually, once a critical mass is consumed, the beast becomes an avatar of the Planet God from which they spawned. Has innately magical blood.

Blood Parasites: Creatures that inhabit the blood of others, usually the result of White Blood manipulation or Blood- and Soul-based magic. As such, their blood is innately magical.

Human: Basic humans. Highly common with many different Nations, Governments and the like.

Froggock: A frog-like race. (?)

Yeti: A tricky race that dwells in the north, known to have shamans and warriors of high caliber. Mordre has plans for their extinction.

Premen: Strong Human-like race that dwells mainly in the north, operating in clans. Has warriors, makers, and shamans. Does not have a written language, so can't read or write.

Morgren: Life Golems crafted by the Mosmordren Empire as shock troops, bred and molded to be violent and powerful, vicious fighters. Made from a base Premen augmented with Gorilla, Tiger and Rhinoceros, they are eight to ten feet tall, have some seven hundred to twelve hundred pounds of slabs of ropey muscle; patches of thick pelt-like hair on their shoulders, forearms and pelvis; innately imbued blood; and rough pebbly skin, their hide tougher than good leather armor. Their massive and ludicrously overdeveloped jaws have viscous fangs; a horn protrudes from their forehead; their necks and spines heavily reinforced. They have formed a strange, perpetually warring set of Clans since the fall of the Empire, and now fight both each other and everyone they find, pillaging and raiding as they go, only submitting to those they deem stronger.

Ragegluts: A specialized species of Life Golem, effectively the Land of Dragon's version of the Mosmordren Morgren. Forged by binding the emotion of rage to the soul itself, while filling the body with a plethora of Blood magically divorced of Ownership, along with several beasts. The end result: a powerful, hulking creature, whose strength fluctuates in correlation with how much rage they have. Highly resilient to Blood Magic when the magic is not powered with its own blood. Males have an average height of fifty feet, females forty-eight feet.

War Hounds: A Life Golem species from the Land of Dragons, made for much the same purposes as Ragegluts. The name stems from the usage of dogs to create the original types, but production has since gone the ways of bears.

Blue Hounds: Life Golems working under Carkiano, possibly created within his personal operations. Seems to be created through Dream: spectral eels possess their souls, vomiting forth new undamaged bodies when their shells sustain too much damage, though that ability taxes the beasts.

Deep Spawn: A race of entirely soul-based beings whose corporeal form does not matter for the continuance of their existence. Seems to be that the 'rulers' of Deep Spawn, the Scientomancers, are those that once were other beings that lost their mortal existence after a long while spent as souls without mortal bodies. All others apparently spawned from cores made with massive amounts of Soul and general magic energy. The hatching requires raw magical input (Names, concepts, forms, etc.) and a piece of the soul of the one hatching them. Deep Spawn are all bound to something, be it truth, duty, another Deep Spawn (usually an Administrator), etc. Remembered on Zakrath's surface as the 'faceless abominations' referred to in the equivalents of "Damn you to Hell!" The ones Mordre met seemed to be entirely dedicated to the maintenance of the System. At least 6000 Deep Spawn exist--the number Eldghodd offered as the maximum of Deep Spawn available for whose help could be traded.

Dragons: Winged serpentine World Parasites with considerable amounts of stomach-oriented proto-souls native to the Land of Dragons, living in the five to eleven True Mountain-ranges (the number varies with who one asks), eating the flesh of the Caged One that reaches the surface. Uses Combat Aeromancy and Gravimancy, gaining competency and Arcane reach with age. Older, larger dragons display more evidence of thought and planning than normal in their ilk, along with greater regeneration. Dragons can learn to click teeth together to create a spark for igniting their acid spit, potent on its own; their gigantic bodies are decptively quick; their flesh able to enhance eaters' vitality, their Blood Iron (and carbon from their bones) granting hardness to alloys. Dangerous mainly for their lunging, long-necked bite and their enormous gaping maw containing never-ending fangs.

World Information and History

Golem Quest takes place on an as of yet unnamed planet.

A phenomenon called The Wall--eternal raging all-breaking super-storms, leagues tall hurricanes and tidal cataclysms--also exists. All continents are surrounded by a Wall, at some distance after above sea level landmass ends. Mages have tried opening paths in it before, but nothing has worked yet.


The blood vessels of the Caged One, a network of energy contained within crystal and stone. The source of World Magic, as, though the Leyline cystals have great magic absorption properties, energy leaks through anyways.

This network is also the System/Grand Seal/Supreme Binding, referenced by the Deep Spawn. This System has Administrators/Scientiomancers, responsible for maintaining a section of the System. Each Administrator has many individualized Deep Spawn helpers in maintaining the System (presumably non-individualized Deep Spawn are not needed, as Dorgrum and Khordu are bound not to manifest their spawn when not in combat, assuming maintaining the System does not involve combat). Also, Scientiomancers have the commands that allow for the enaction of the Curse.

The souls of the dead are used to help power the System, though the Caged One also gains power from this method; this is why dead souls, bound to nothing, dissolve, and why Leylines don't exist outside of large landmasses: the islands do not hold enough people with souls with a high enough death rate to power the Leylines.

Due to the actions of the Caged One, it was necessary for the System to be modified to siphon off excess energy, introducing flaws and malfunctions into the System, leading to pressure building up within the System, relieved by letting out energy onto the surface, which form Core Beings--the method of energy removal deemed most sustainable over time. Due to the mortals' near extinction through ceaseless incursions of Deep Spawn holdings when faced with this information, compounded with increased Core Being manifestations they couldn't handle with their losses fighting Deep Spawn, and the weakening of the System due to such actions, Mordre has been asked to never reveal this information to anyone.


The continent in which the majority of the quest takes place.

Currency exchange:

Diamonds (by the carat): 110 Marks.

Emeralds (by the carat): 80 Marks.

Rubies (by the carat): 50 Marks.

Sapphires (by the carat): 30 Marks.

1 Mark (gold coin): 100 Rounds (Silver coin)

1 Round: 100 Bits (Copper coin; Smallest denomination)

Land of Dragons:

1 Lo: 1000 Dobu.

1 Dobu: ~(1/14),(1/15) of a Mark.


The year is sixteen months long, three weeks a month, ten days a week. Weeks are called cycles.

The months are:

1 Dormivin (Winter)
2 Mors (Winter)
3 Mellitius (Spring)
4 Perennius (Spring)
5 Praeclarum (Spring)
6 Libiturnius (Spring)
7 Malanius (Summer)
8 Inferius (Summer)
9 Vescere (Summer)
10 Centum (Summer)
11 Astra (Fall)
12 Vigintum (Fall)
13 Enuberum (Fall)
14 Noctum (Fall)
15 Quindecimber (Winter)
16 Sedecimber (Winter)

The days are:

Zakday, Morday, Atenday, Washiday, Corday, Lorthday, Castiday, Enduday, Rathday, Randinday.

Important Organizations

Mosmordre Empire: Mordre's "birthplace", now destroyed. The lands the empire once held are now known as The Cursed Lands, because the Curse corrupted the land itself, breaking open the Leylines of the Empire, unleashing an incredible amount of energy that killed and mutated every living being in the Empire. Even now, there is a persisting miasma, tainting everybody that enters the Lands. The Mosmordren Empire was an oligarchy, with anyone able to elevate themselves into the ruling class by demonstrating sufficient magical skill to become mages, at the cost of having to serve the born nobles despite their gained prestige. Society was caste system, with aforementioned ability to get placed into 'mage' role available to all caste levels. Had slaves and forced labor, as well as serf caste. Since it was a caste system, mindset roughly--bottom caste: "Life is shit, but if I don't do as told, I die."; mid castes: "The empire provides, I must return the favor."; Mage: "The empire is wonderful, but it needs my help to exist, and it is my duty to give it."; ruling caste: "The empire is shaped to serve my whims, but cannot persist if I do not bend my whims to the betterment of the Empire." Nationalistic, racist, and speciesist: citizens viewed themselves as superior to others; this extended to the caste system. The Empire started the war; they wanted land and resources and sought to take it from the 'lesser' nations. Prior to war, the Empire was feared for past displays of strength, but had otherwise not pursued unified war, building the hostilities that led to Castiliathen being able to get so many allies. No one allied with the Empire, that's why it's said EVERYONE was against it during the final war before it's fall. The war lasted for three decades, but was not 'everyone against Empire' until the last eight years.

Castiliathen Empire: Castiliathen is the largest stable nation, famed for it orderly cities, harsh laws and high quality of life for the non-slave castes. Their system is founded on a large life-golem slave and indentured servitude means of production. They are famous for possessing The Founders, the world's largest stone golem powerfully warded, that guards their capital. This is Keddic's, and his line's, homeland; Aurockoth was created by this nation. Castiliathen was the nation that led the coalition that destroyed the Mosmordren Empire and had claimed one of the original ten Soul Grave as spoils of war.

Drazken Clan: Premen clan in the northern mountains, operates a large ruby/bronze mine. Allied with Mordre due to his actions in reclaiming their mines. Currently based in Mordreden (named to honor the metal warrior that aided them and gave them a second chance to rebuild and protect what was rightfully theirs), the large stronghold of the Drazken Clan, called the Icy Bastion for its Wall--a gargantuan structure of ice, blood, and bone. Linked to, and feeds into, the ice surrounding it; contains magic from Lenryt and the Yetis, along with the bodies and souls of those killed in the battle with the Gorkin; enchanted to be immune to both the magic of the Premen and Yetis. Mordreden is a bustling city, full of multistory towers of ice and bone with leather-draped windows and doorways; industry, metallurgy, and prosthesis thrives. Contains a Small Magical Think-Tank of about 100 shamans, working to create a Unified Magic Theory and a Universal Magic Language; progress slow, as available sources are only Frostback Mountain Premen, the inhabitants of the Ark, and Arkus.

Gorkin Clan: Once lead by Goran, a powerful Premen leader. Goran controlled eleven clans besides his own, all subservient to the Gorkin Clan. He controlled them with the strength of the Gorkin Clan, which under his leadership had grown to hold more than five thousand warriors, all who followed Goran's will without question. However, fully half of his clan was devoted to policing and taxing the clans he had conquered, forcing them to labor for him and his clan so that they as warriors one and all need not. Now led by Dowgoh the Mighty.

The Mortal Coil: An international Wizard society that hoards knowledge like mad, and out of necessity grew to become a chain of exclusive magic colleges to continue funding the research of graduates. Ruling body are the seven (now five, after Lenryt killed two of them) Grand Elder Mages, a position with no term limit, with new members selected whether by political maneuvering, or by demonstrating enough skill to best an existing Grand Elder mage in combat. Apparently influential enough that threats of an unknown nature would persuade countries to place a trade embargo upon another.

The Azelhaedran State: One of Castiliathen's first allies against the Mosmordren Empire (though since cut off for uneasiness surrounding the magical nature of the Curse), tied in a symbiotic relationship: the State, with its sixteen magic research outposts, providing potent magic items and mages, and Castiliathen, with its institutionalized Warrior Houses, providing the martial skill--as a consequence, though wielding incredible equipment, the armies of the State have a poor reputation concerning their actual martial and tactical skill. Controls more than ten thousand square kilometers. Headed by Mordre, Councilor Prime of the Azelhaedran State, Head of the Council and Commander of its Armies. A network of identical steel boxes allow transportation to the following: Mordreden, the Arcanoworks, a cave some distance from the port on Gialgorra's Island, the entrance to Kyorto's tower, and the Capital of the LoD; only the LoD and the Gialgorran Expanse boxes are used in the trade network.

-Second State of Azelhaedra: Formerly Disciples-held lands, separated into Eastern/Western Fronts.

Land of Dragons: A nation of millions over a massive region, larger than all the Warring States (save Castiliathen) combined, with a culture that promotes the acquisition of strength, whether through physical and/or magical combat, or through political machinations; an expression of this is the Belief from the millions of citizens who know of them empowering Dragons, the leaders of the country. The culture views the body and soul as separate entities, and reveres the departed ancestors, vehemently against any act that would harm the soul. The nominal head of state is the High Dragon, though other Dragons have enough sway over their own territories that the High Dragon must have the support of the other Dragons to effectively govern the entire country. The magic styles practiced in this land are all part of Mass Connection. The only state that still openly practices Soul magic on Zakrath; however, Blood magic has some stigma, stemming from the body control Blood-based magics of Puppeteers.

Disciples Of Domintus: An organization dedicated to the worship of their god, Domintus The World Reaper, said to reside in a massively potent and unruned Soul Grave, and the tenet of the survival of the strong and cruel. Went about destroying existing systems in favor of a church-ruled state. Headed by the eight Knight-Captains and the Pure Lady, their prophet and the master(?) of the Soul Grave they said is the vessel of their god; the main army consists of fanatical Berserker-Zealots who are willing to do anything for the god they worship. Effectively destroyed: the Pure Lady and most(?) of the Knight-Captains dead, Domintus captured.

Order of Harmonius Discord: An organization dedicated to ensuring Balance. All members yet met were self-controlled Small Tombs, Paradox Knights. Plot line still unresolved; biased toward an antagonistic relationship with Mordre due to Mordre's pure Anathema status.

Despardos: A desert nation located between the Warring States and the Land of Dragons. Home of Bang, and the Masked Warriors, fighters who have proved themselves worthy and strong enough to wear a Mask: cloth or leather masks imbued with a pseudo-soul made with a delicate balance of Chaos and Order, granting some benefit to their bearers as determined by the wearer's own style. The Masks are revered as a sign of power; the Belief generated allows Masks, by tapping into greater amounts of Belief than normal, to achieve the power to do great acts, at the expense of spiraling into pure Chaos, progressively becoming insane.

Golden League: A collection of merchants operating a massive caravan located to the east of The Azelhaedran State. Hired the Iron Shell mercenaries to act as a collective army. With the threat of their Soul Grave, The Grey Destroyer, the Iron Shell's protection has allowed the nation to prosper. Home to a healthy magical item trade and the largest neutral Colosseum and dueling pits in existence.

The Gialgorran Expanse: A collection of Toledo Gialgorra-governed Western Islands. Heavily industrialized.

Athelens: A mainly agricultural country, with a state religion based on worshiping Leylines, sending magic to boost crop yields. Dislikes the Mortal Coil.

Ark Ascendant: Formerly Kengehxion's Orbopolis, Mordre slaughtered all its former inhabitants, and took in 26,711 Dionepan converts to the religion of the Ever-Growing, a faith centered on worshiping and following Mordre (and associates) and therefore move up in society and grow in power. Stationed above Mordreden. Powered by Domintus' core and innate magic-generating organs. Guarded by the inhabitants and their Faith Soldiers Restricted to each inhabitant and to exist only in the Ark.

Pan-Morgren Army: The Morgren army gathered under Mordre's banner. Eventually will consist of the 11 Morgren clans holding most of the surviving Morgren. Led by the Stone Knuckles and Iron Skulls clans, both combined of about 23,130 Morgren. Undergoing unification.


A continent directly opposite to Zakrath relative in position on the planet, covered in lush plantlife, the most notable are the Spheres. As such, most native magic inclines toward the manipulation of the organic.

Due to the functioning of the Spheres, there is a constant mild background Curse; as a side-effect, so long as there are enough Spheres to drain excess energy, there will not be a Core Being outbreak.

As golems do not exist in Dionepa, there is no concept of Anathema; as almost all metal has been rendered down for Belief for the Spheres, metal is unused outside of the Spheres, and the presence of metal on one's personage indicates nobility--Sphere Gods implant metal into their bodies as a sign of their status.

Currency is based on wood; the rarer, harder, and heavier the wood, the more valuable. Language: Common.


The Spheres are massive spherical plants, upon and in which whole city-states, Orbopolii, are contained; due to Gravimantic effects, which overrides the planet's gravitational field, the Sphere functions as a planetiod. Mortals who have heavily augmented their body ala Bang (except more so), Sphere Gods rule over the Orbopolii, and the surrounding land; having formed several interconnected Pantheons, intra-warfare has not been experienced for at least a 100 years. Below them are nobles, who live within the Spheres and manage the surrounding lands, attending to the Sphere Gods' every need. Below the nobles are the warrior-worshipers, who live on the surface of the Spheres, and serve as armed forces, guards, and scouts until death. All mages are Combat Curatiomancers and/or Pomumancers, as the Sphere Gods teach widespread magic within the two fields, though innovation and creativity are not encouraged.

The Roots of the Spheres serve as both attack vector and energy gatherer. Spheres are able to create roots to dig into the ground, to directly feed from Leyline Geysers, and attempt direct interface with the System, both able to absorb the energy of Core Beings and the ambient souls caught by the System before complete dissolution. Roots can be used to devastate vast stretches of forest and attack enemy Spheres. Reacts violently to open flames that get too close, the reaction capable of completely destroying entire cities in seconds.

The Spheres are capable of flight and regeneration, though on emergency power (only gaining power from innate magic-producing organs), they can only sustain themselves internally. At full power, the Spheres can endlessly produce enough food to sustain 50K or more.

Magic and its properties

Magic is a relatively rare, costly and difficult to master line of talent within the setting. Learning any new magic both requires some source of knowledge from which to learn the spell in question, and the requisite amount of time for the individual to grasp the spell or magical theory in question through practice and study, varying in length by learner. The more advanced magics are harder to learn, and very few have the dedication and the means to become Grand Mages, those recognized in all lands as having mastery of magic. No wonder, then, that there are less than 100 Grand Mages or better (e.g. the Grand Elder Mages, those who command the greatest of power, influence and knowledge).

Magic has a color to it: (as described by Bang, using existing colors) a blend of ceil, byzantine, and maize, with a stark taupe/umber silhouette, and some blotches of fulvous, zaffre and wisteria--Soulglow.

Magic needs a fuel source, and a type (Destructive: focuses on causing damage/decay to something or otherwise causing something to wear down more quickly than it would naturally; Regenerative: focuses on repairing or reinforcing existing things; Augmentive: focuses on adding new traits to something that already exists); and is separated into two categories: Combat affects things which have an unbroken line of Ownership to the mage, Arcane affects the world around oneself.

Fuel Sources

Keep in mind that all fuel sources ultimately stem from the soul, whether of one's own or another's.

In order of relative average power (except for everything below Word):

Soul: Soul, be it the caster's own or those of the dead, is the most powerful magic fuel type, and it alongside Blood Magic were the mainstays of the Mosmordren empire, the source of much of their power. After their fall, Soul magic became a capital crime (i.e. No new spells fueled by Soul may be cast or begun, effective date/time royal seals blah blah. This allowed a loophole for pre-existing passive magics, such as Soul Graves, to continue existing. Can't make new Soul Graves, or start new spells, but any Soul magic begun BEFORE the ban, if at no point altered or ended, is still legal).

Blood: Blood is less potent than Soul, but still a far cry above what one can usually expect out of Will. Blood requires a much larger amount of fuel for the same purpose as Soul does, and as such there are no blood mages who use their own blood exclusively (or at least they have very brief careers). Blood magic requires a special permit to be practice without being arrested and potentially executed. The permits can be notoriously difficult to obtain.

Will: The will of the soul, Will is the act of forcing magic to occur through the order and strength of one's thoughts. Will mages tire much more quickly than any other mage, and are more prone to burn out than most thanks to how easy it is for them to exceed their safe limits. Mages that become adept at Will magic can expect to be held in high demand and esteem for their prowess.

World: World draws power from the world around the caster, be it from a forest, an ancient mountain, a desert oasis or one of the planet's leylines; there are few accomplished mages that practice World alone, as there are many dead zones around the world where there are no ready sources. Knowledge of World magic usually indicates a laymen learner of magic has started to gain some decent knowledge of the mechanics of magic itself, and may be hired as an adviser or their word given more weight than a simple amateur.

Word : Word is the known tonal combinations that can cause minor magics to occur, such as sparking a fire, snuffing a candle or moving a couple pounds of material about. Most anyone can attempt to learn these, and learning these spells are the firsts steps any would-be mage takes in most cases. Word is the result of magic empowered by the Belief that magic works through speech. Word Magic is descended from an as of yet unknown form of phonic magic.

Dream: Dream draws power from the Dream of Zakrath, the dream of the Caged One, open gates to other realities, other possibilities. The magic drawing from this source is most easily used to manipulate the fabric of reality, removing things from reality to place them in the Dream, and vice versa. A sacrifice--parts of the body, the soul, the mind--must be given to be able to tap into this source; at least, for normal organics.

Belief: Belief draws power from the belief of souls, which creates a pool of slowly refilling multi-dimensional metamagic that the subject of the belief can tap into for their own benefit; only the belief of millions over a significant period of time generates an appreciable amount of magic for the subject to use. The subject of the belief does not need to be sapient, or even sentient, to be empowered by belief (e.g. DragonSparks, precious metals, gems). As the amount of magic varies proportionally with the amount of Belief accrued, Belief-based magic can be pisspoor weak to brickshittingly powerful. Unlike the other sources, Belief is an external source.

Order: The null, unchanging, anti-existence, and spans all possibilities, existing as a pure void between realities. Perfect order is nothing, a void where not even time is needed, perfect stasis. Order contains within its themes: rejection, the exclusion of everything not the self, prevention of change of self. Saturation of Order leads to the ability to laugh at time when approaching critical mass.

Chaos: Creation, change, the new, action quantified, existence, and exclusive to single possibilities. Perfect chaos is anything, constant creation, boundless energy leading to nuke-like cancer. Saturation of Chaos leads to the ability to to make anything of any energy sort (wavelength/matter/type/etc.) when approaching critical mass.

True Word: Used by Timmy to sacrifice its Chaotic change into Ordered protection.

Time: Referenced in Oxlion's list of ablated magic sources and in the Heaven Forge's spell matrix.

The magic types (Word/World/Will/Blood/Soul) are just fuel sources for the most part, like different octane gasoline for a car. The only thing making this analogy not fit perfectly is that some fuel types are more suited to certain pursuits than others (World magic is best for detecting/manipulating leylines, Blood magic blood, etc.)

The Drazken Clan Shamans' findings indicate Blood and World magic are alike: the currents of World have a similarity to the flowing nature of Blood. They theorize that tapping and combining World (Leyline) and Blood magic will amplify each other's form. World and Word also appear to be linked: any Word casting creates ripples of an unknown nature in the nearest Leylines.


Soul Magic has, as part of its domain of superiority over other sources, the balance of Order and Chaos of a soul. Saturation of just one type in a soul increases yield, though each individual has their own ideal balance, which changes over time (unless a soul is dead or is pure Order; in those cases, the ideal state is locked down).

As polar opposites, significant interactions between Order and Chaos results in a massive all-annihilating explosion.


It appears that something that would count as blood (e.g. blood, Blood Iron) flowing generates Blood Magic.

Blood magic can reach, or at least approach, Soul levels of power if the blood used is exclusively comprised to White Blood Cells. White Blood is more responsive to magic and has a greater sense of ownership than the other parts of the blood. That may have to do with White Blood being something like the soul of blood, born from the proto-souls, the Possiblity Cells, contained in the marrow of the bone.

White Blood is primarily concerned with defending the body, tied to the concepts of SENSING and REJECTION, and has intrinsic Order magic piercing abilities and detection capabilities, with potential immunal rebellion as a recoil from usage. The more harm (from toxins and disease usually but also magic when White Blood is activated) that is done to the body, the more blood is saturated with White Blood, and the easier the body can fight off the same harm. Imparted qualities from use vary (e.g. Keddic gets general blood-related fun stuff, Bang gets increased resistance to tumors).

Possibility Cells are Chaos to White Blood's Order, useful in returning the body to a past state. As always with Chaos, control is easily lost, resulting in magically empowered tumors that turn all surrounding flesh into a mess of tumors and puss unless one can exert enough control over the intruding flesh to suppress and reverse the damage. Highly useful in creating new additions to the body.


A field of magic that accesses the Dream, the Caged One opening gates to other realities, and therefore dependent on the Caged One; there also is a link of an unknown nature to Deep Spawn: the presence and condition of Deep Spawn influence Souldreamers if the Dreamer is in a weakened state. Manipulation of dreams and alternate realities come most easily to SoulDreamers, feats miserably hard and perhaps unheard of outside Souldreaming.

For Souldreamers to access the Dream, they must give up a piece of themselves, most commonly a physical part of their body, but bits of their soul or some aspect of their mind also satisfy the sacrifice requirement. For those who sacrifice an aspect of their mind, their alternate self or selves usually fills the niche of the aspect sacrificed, as Dream selves are connected most easily to other alternate versions of themselves.

For mental Souldreamers, Dream magic appears to work by imagining power for use in the Dream. For physical Souldreamers, Dream magic appears to work by sending, partially, their body into the Dream.

To Jojo's knowledge, gems cannot be used to empower Souldreaming works, unlike practically every other style of magic.

Fields of Magic

Tractomancy: Dimensional/Spatial magic, dealing with distance, the relative space between locations, all that. (Fairly rare)
Ignimancy: Manipulation of electricity. Not many people do it, since what they work with is fast enough that one screw-up is usually terminal.
Necromancy: The act of expediting the coming of death (really just specialized, applied Chronomancy) More common than general Chronomancers.
Pomumancy: Wood/plant manipulation
Geomancy: Earth manipulation
Chronomancy: Time manipulation (mages in this field are exceedingly rare)
Aquamancy: Water manipulation
Magnetomancy: Metal/magnetic field manipulation
Aeromancy: Air manipulation
Gravimancy/Sepulchrumancy: Weight manipulation [Gravity]
Kinetimancy: Force/vector manipulation
Curatiomancy: Healing magics of the conventional, non-SoulDreaming sort
Pyromancy: Fire manipulation (this, Geomancy, and Magnetomancy are the three most common areas of magical study currently)
Phonomancy: Vibration manipulation, rather than just audible sound
SoulDreaming: Dream/alternate realities manipulation


Each and every use of Chronomancy takes a toll, eventually, as the manipulation of time attracts the attention of Causality, who, like Time, has a self-crafted vessel for the personifications to interact with others. To give a sense of scale, the personifications of Causality and Time are to Planet Eaters (the most powerful entities yet encountered, in a setting full of ridiculously powerful beings), as Dreameaters (terrifying monsters that WILL eat you alive and cannot be stopped, essentially) to novice Dreamers.



Codified ways of using Magic, usually for the purposes of combat.

Castiliathen Warrior Houses Styles

Way of the Harksburton

Revolves around the manipulation of blood, used to enhance the normal capabilities of the user's body and grant the ability to do unnatural things to the user's blood. Normally a defensive-oriented style, the sub-style Sanguine Kinetic Pugilism produces more offensive effects.

Way of the Hechlor

Revolves around rotation, and the imparting of. The style involves spinning, sweeping blows and leg movements to whirl the body about, touch imparting some sort of torsion on foes, causing their spines to twist and ultimately shatter themselves, limbs to likewise curl up, and to turn blows to follow the user's spin, making striking the user directly during spins monstrously difficult.

Mass Connection

Styles of Combat Magic based on manipulating mass and the perceived connection between all things

Winding Pathway

About making paths through the abyss between dimensions to fold space around oneself. Winding Way (built around coiling, folding space to alter the positioning of souled objects) and Winding Path (built around coiling, folding space to alter the positioning of soulless objects) are two halves of Winding Pathway.

Jade Soul

Seems to revolve around manipulating the soul of one's body, producing various special effects.

Ghosthand and Breaker

Ghosthand revolves around exuding the soul of dead areas of the body, being material and immaterial, and using the force of one's soul to overwhelm opposition. Breaker seems to revolve around absorbing metals into one's body and activating the innate magic within them to create an instant Alchemical augment.

Iron Body

Involves adding the properties of Iron to the body, presumably using the iron in one's system as a medium for this change. This style is exclusively built around defense and hardening, with little to term offensive included in the style.

Fluid Fist

Revolves around the manipulation of fluids around the fist. The fluids usually(?) are a potent acid of some kind.

Armor Annuller

Specifically designed to reduce fights to a less charged format, using one's energy to negate the combat energies of others.

Stone Fist

Based on using contact with stone and earth to manipulate it.

Fire Flesh

Based on forming a layer of fire over one's skin to create an armor made of fire.

Chaining Calamity

Revolves around defining the chain(s) upon the practitioner's body as part of the body, and thusly controlling its action, all while housing it in energy. All techniques seem to be built around binding, or imprisoning, being a heavily suppressive style, with many agonizing submission moves.

Way of Puppets

An Arcane Blood-based method of controlling the body, most commonly of others, whether living or dead; its use and knowledge are banned in the Land of Dragons. Dowsan believes the style draws power from the void between realities.


Muscle Space

A Tractomantic Combat Magic revolving around folding space, layering muscle into the same place without increasing mass--pocket dimensions in which to store extra muscle mass, still part of the body--creating a shadow overlay of the multidimensional musculature on normal space. Normally, its a blob around the user, who can shape this shadow to reach other areas, and via intense flexing, force a body part to move across the muscle shadow, and still be connected to the user through Muscle Space. Practitioners also, apparently, receive talking muscles.

Metal Information

Most metals retain normal properties. Steel is referred to as Base Steel.

Wootz Steel: a rare, prized steel alloy, of superior strength to normal steel, in general durability, tensile strength, and ability to keep an edge; despite having no innate magic, performs almost as well as Blue Steel.

Blood Steel: an alloy of Base Steel with Blood Iron. The Blood Iron component within the alloy allows golems made of Blood Steel to use Blood Magic, by circulating the blood around to simulate the blood flow of living organisms. The innate magical currents pervading the metal provide some basic enhancement to this already supernatural metal and lend themselves quite well to future runing.

Blootz Steel: A new alloy that Mordre invented, Blootz Steel, as indicated by the name, is an alloy of Wootz Steel and Blood Iron. Beyond the addition of Wootz, and all Wootz provides, the qualities of Blootz Steel are much the same as Blood Steel.

Blue Steel: forged with inbuilt Regenerative magicks infused into the metal as it is shaped. More durable than normal steel, keeps sharp longer than normal, and cannot rust. Makes excellent long term armor for any terrain.

Red Steel: forged with inbuilt Destructive magicks that lets every cut it makes be magically widened, such that even a small cut could end up a grievous injury. Causes sharp, vibrating tremors when forged into blunt weaponry. Can destroy Blue Steel with relative ease, but when faced against other Red Steel, will start to warp and wear so long as it is forced to clash against something of it's own nature. Can make armor that magically rusts Blue Steel or below quality metals upon contact. Starts to deteriorate if attacked with Red Steel (said weapons will suffer likewise). Prohibitively expensive, not seen in any mass production form. Red Steel cannot be inscribed with runes.

Rune Steel: Blue Steel with runes inscribed into them during a second forging: the effects vary from rune to rune, so while some examples of Rune Steel may be nearly indiscernible from Blue Steel, some examples will have powerful magical enhancements. Price of manufacture varies in proportion with the quality of the rune used.

Black Steel: Invention of the fallen Mosmordren Empire, steel with Augmentive magicks forcibly infused into it by spilling the blood of those actively harvested for Soul Grave fuel onto the Base Steel while it is forged atop enchanted anvils, the souls of thousands ground to dust during their forging to give them a strong connection with death. Now the metal is poison, causing wounds inflicted to rot, and being impossible to wield for long without starting to decay. Only Soul Graves, the golems the metal was forged for, are safe to possess it without harm, as the blood in the metal forms a symbiotic connection with the souls and dark magicks that animate a Soul Grave. The metal is conventionally unbreakable, and causes non-Soul/Blood fueled magicks cast in the immediate vicinity to be weakened, sometimes outright negated, depending on proximity, the strength of the mage, and the amount of Black Steel present.

Morphic Steel: Alloy that DULU!!! is constructed out of. Grants extreme flexibility.

Necronostrium: Called 'Death Metal' or 'The Reaper's Steel', Necronostrium was invented and crafted in small amounts by the Mosmordren empire during the height of it's power. A collection of powerful magics allowed the metal to make edge implements of unparalleled viciousness, even the smallest wound made with such a material magically being enhanced until even a shallow cut could be a dire injury. Further, wounds will fester, rot, and reject the power of leylines flowing in the area, causing agony and some mutation to those struck. The wounds are unable to be treated, magically or otherwise, until the wounded has been exposed to the light of dawn. This metal can claim dominion over all earthly materials, able to cleave a path through any conventional defense. Its forging process was lost with the fall of Mosmordre, though, through Bobobo, Mordre discovered the method: it involves mass sacrifice and years of torture and agony.

Lortoxite: aka Starmetal aka The Blessings of Lortox, the patron deity of the asteroid ring around the planet Zakrath. Lortoxite (conventionally, a predominantly Tungsten-Carbide alloy) falls from the asteroid ring as blazing meteors. If the fallen metal is sufficiently heated and infused with enough magic, it can be forged into unbreakable equipment, making particularly effective instruments of combat, as the power of the reforged meteors gives otherworldly impact to blows. Conversely, armor made out of Lortoxite has the capacity to absorb and nullify tremendous impacts delivered to the wearer, in correlation with the amount of Lortoxite-forged armor they wear and what hit them. The drawback is that any piece of Lortoxite can only be forged ONCE, and once shaped into a knife, hammer or helmet, it will forever hold that form. Some astronomers make significant wealth, predicting the fall of new pieces of Lortoxite.

Golem Information and Types

For normal golems, think of them like computers. Given a problem, they can solve it. But they need to be given direction on what to do.

Once an owner dies, if there is no one else listed as next in line to be master (such as in a military setting), the golem goes inactive. It must then be awoken to bind it to a new owner. In theory anyone could do this, but the tools needed to activate golems are rare and expensive, especially for Soul Graves. Okay, looks like one does not need any tools to activate golems, deducing from the lack of any noticeable tools when Mordre saw Dregas take control of Geodiaz. Of course, Geodiaz is a clay golem, so other golems (such as Soul Graves) might need activation tools, but Arkus was suspicious that he needed a tool to activate Mordre when asked, so...

-CLAY: The first golem type ever made, a basic form has been perfected in efficiency of a craft nearly every town has: a seven foot tall, seven hundred pound, vague, rotund humanoid shape. Other designs are seen as well, but none are nearly as easily made, and thus rarer. Made with clay from dead volcanoes and crystals from live volcanoes, upon which control runes are inscribed. The runes for the default clay golem are readily known, though access to the materials needed is not.

-STONE: Vary in size, shaping and purpose greatly, as they are crafted almost exclusively with World magic, by drawing on the power of mountains or rock quarries (preferably over Leylines for best results) to imbue stone with life. Not frequently used in warfare: the time and energy required to craft even relatively simple ones is not worth the relative ease most common Stone Golems can be shattered with.

-WOOD: Crafted with World magic in ancient forests (also benefiting from from being over leylines); can be made relatively easily out of any tree and at great speed if necessary, but different trees make different golems, and the time spent shaping the golem impacts the quality. Cannot be runed, and can be burned fairly easily.

-LIFE: Made with Blood Magic; involves grafting traits onto a base living form to create a new species controllable as a sapient slave. The required local government's approval for creation and rarity of Blood Mages means very few have been made since the Mosmordren Empire's fall; the Land of Dragons however still produce a great deal, most notably Ragegluts.

-METAL: Soul Graves were the invention of the Mosmordren Empire and--though merely incomplete copies, shadows of what the Deep Spawn teachings could do--their greatest military strength. Can only be forged with Soul and Blood Magic, and the souls of many fresh dead are needed to power the golems. Nonetheless, their power is considered vastly superior to most other mid-to-large production model golems. In the Land of Dragons, there are independently operating Golems of metal, the Dao (large siege behemoths that are briefly animated with magic when their housing castle is attacked), and Small Tomb-equivalents, Ancestral Tombs (existing for such a time that a term for those souls that have had their connection to their mortality and prior existence lost has been in use for some time), that are controlled by the entombed soul.

Current Goals and Objectives

(X)'s Denote tasks that will also further the goal of getting revenge on those who destroyed the Mosmordre empire.


Find out how Acturo Fissykus was able to know the commands that were supposed to be restricted to Scientomancers (X)

-Find out the nature of his connection to Arkus

Build an empire

Acquire the aid of the Yeti Tribe or Premen Clan (Complete: Premen)

-Defeat Goran and the Gorkin Clan and free the Premen Tribes under his control (Complete)

-Convince, by charm or by force, the other Premen tribes to answer to Lorgk as Over-Chieftain.

-Solve the mystery of the Drazken's bronze mine (Complete)

-Drive out Demons from bronze mine and reclaim it in the name of Mordreden (Complete)
-Enlarge their mining area by giving over the flesh of the dead, live bodies, or completely nonmagical technology to Eldghodd or his representatives. The area can also be enlarged by an additional three miles radius for every opening to Eldghodd's domain, to a maximum of nine openings.

-Create trade routes to the Drakzen Clan's lands in order to facilitate further growth of the tribe (Complete)

-Turn the Drazken Clan into an industrial powerhouse

Ally with or gain control of the Azelhaedran State(X) (Complete: Control)

-Meet new units in the Azelhaedran state: Sam Vimes (Complete), State War Mage Alexander Armstrong (Incomplete: Died in battle, his soul may be recoverable), Captain Falcon

-Restore or revive units who suffered losses in the war with the Disciples of Domintus

-Destroy the talking Core Being (Complete: Timmy turned into Heaven Node)

-Free more research outposts from enemy control (Complete)

-Ally with the Blue Knight (Complete)

-Stage a coup, getting the populace to pass control over to Mordre (Complete)

Acquire resources and allies from the Western Islands

-Acquire the relics of Gavrock

-Purchase Pistols of Gavrock (Complete)
-Trade Diomand for the Chains of Gavrock (Complete)
-Liberate the Shell of Gavrock from the pirates around Golgan Island (Complete: Purchased from Gialgorra and used on the Slayer's Bastion)
-Find the Gaze of Gavrock located on one of islands near Gialgorra's

-Defeat Professor Gialgorra's Steam Golem or find a way to ally with Gialgorra

-Find a working Endless Steam Engine to see if able to replicate it and use it to empower Mordre

-Find the true identity of the rogue Ellayia

Defeat Archmage Weinsho and his cohorts (X)

-Find the location of the Archmage and more information about him (Complete)

-Destroy Dulu once and for all or find a way to free his soul from Weinsho's control and turn him to our side (Partially Complete: bindings undone, ally status unknown)

-Capture his bases within the Azelhaedran State (Complete)

-Locate and capture any bases of his in the Land of Dragons (Incomplete: Bases taken by Trollzaru)

-Kill Eisenhardt or convince him to an alliance

-Kill Weinsho (Partially Complete: soul just won't die)

Gain control of Dionepa

-Kill all the Sphere Gods and claim all the Spheres

-'Liberate' the people and induct them into the religion of the Ever-Growing


Keddic Harksburton

-Kill Aurockoth, The God Of Blades, The Reaper Made Flesh, The Living Sword, The Soul Grave Slayer (X)

-The White Blooded Lion/The White Amplifier: Make Keddic aware of White Blood Cells, either through guidance or via training in healing magics (Complete)

-Find some way for Keddic to either harvest large amounts of White Blood and/or get his own blood hyper-infused with white blood cells in some way (Complete)
-Increase Keddic's expertise on using and comprehending White Blood (Complete)

-Complete his knowledge of the Winding Way, and of Mass Connection (Complete)

-Help him find his old master, the Lined One, and perhaps clear the Lined One's name (Complete)

-Help him develop his soul to the point that he qualifies for Legendary Soul status

-Increase his total magical stamina and his rate of magic stamina regeneration (Arkus is working on this)

-Help him become Immortal (Complete?)


-Restore her by acquiring five (5) unbroken world magic mage skins (5/5) (Complete)


-Fulfill his lifetime wish for the Mortal Coil to ask him to be a member through his own merits

-Turn him into a great mage
-Help him develop his soul to the point that he qualifies for Legendary Soul status

-Find the roving magic library called the Caemlo Repository

-Clear up the mysteries surrounding the unusual event that led Arkus to discover Mordre

-Implant a Deep Spawn in his PseudoSystem

Drazken Clan

-Defeat Goran The Magic Eater and the Gorkin Clan (Partially Complete: Goran dead, Gorkin survives)

Lord Dregas

-Restore Lord Dregas' golem Silicanthos (Complete)


-Find out its origins (Complete: Moss is a World Parasite)

-Empower it to the point where it can eat Core Beings.

Magnum Bang

-Organize a reunion between him and Collete the Colossus for either a rematch or to help him "give her a bone of his own".

-Help him pay off the three (3) favors he owes to Figment who gave him his body runes and improved scarf. (0/3)

-Help him develop his soul to the point that he qualifies for Legendary Soul status.

-Help him become Immortal (Complete?)

-Discover a method to heal the damage Cerebral Zeniths do to REotD


-Help him form his Staff of Dream, which will empower his Souldreaming magic (Ongoing, but with Kyorto's aid he has made progress)


-Create or find him a place he can call home, a place where he is accepted unconditionally (Complete)

-Help him get back into Jezebel's pants

-Help him develop his soul to the point that he can sustain Flexrick


-Find her a companion, someone she can honestly call her better


-Help him become a noble through military exploits


-Kill Jak, reclaiming the Blue Devil


Prevent destruction for being Anathema

-Deal with the Paradox Knights and their knowledge of Anathema status

-Prevent Vimes from learning that we are sapient (unfortunately Complete)

-Keep up the disguise of Mage Mordre

Concerning unique qualities

-Discover the reason(s) Mordre is sapient (Complete: Mordre has a singular soul that is Mordre not someone else)

-Discover the nature of this singular soul of Mordre's and why Mordre is a 'cancer of the soul' and 'rot of the Curse' (Complete: Mordre was born in part from the recoil of a Chaotic Soul magic working of Mordecai, influenced by the Curse)

-Discover why Mordre is able to produce and use Pristine Souls (Complete: Mordre, as a Soul Grave, was made solely as an example of the power of Mordecai's discoveries)

-Discover the origin and nature of the Creature

-Discover what is the entity that possessed us during the Goran fight and why it called itself the true inheritor of the Mosmordren Empire (Complete: The Other is actually Duke Mordecai)

Improve Mordre

-Learn how to utilize white blood cells or a golem-equivalent with Blood Magic, or obtain a soul that knows

-Find a method to speak with the souls entombed in form, and use it (Complete: Heroic Souls only)

-Find a way to mimic life enough that we could develop soul instead of being forced to rely only on eaten souls to grow in power (Complete: formed Mordre's self-made soul)

-Become a Dragon, tapping into the Belief pool the people of the Land of Dragons generate for Dragons

-Gain access to all sources of magic to have a permanent Omni-Source of the Cosmos going

Induce the souls within the Soul Eden to grow

-Create a network of Heaven Forges, so that all souls that could, would be sucked into the Forges, and produce power for Mordre to tap into.

-Persuade the Deep Spawn Scientomancers to overhaul the System so this is possible
-Find out how to make such a change and get the ability to do so

-Or Get a Cosmic being on the level of Planet Eaters to induce the necessary changes in the Forge

Secondary Goals

-Kill all those lying scheming yeti bastards.

-Discover the origin of Earth languages (Latin, Spanish) in this world.


Quests by Bob

TGchan: Ant Quest | Dream Quest | Golem Quest | Spacer Quest | Volunteer Quest | Guns for Hire

Not by Bob, but inspired by him: Bob Quest