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Amen is an NPC in Guns for Hire, with whom Armas has had a great deal of interaction which it is important to track. Our interactions with him are listed here.


Thread One

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In-Game Date: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Transcript: There is a stairwell leading both down to the first floor and above to Smets' display area-on the far side of a waifishly thin, ambiguously androgynous, ashen skinned, gold eyed humanoid, blood-red hair the only lively thing about an otherwise deathly visage. This would-be corpse, dressed as a butler, holds forth a silver platter on one white-gloved hand, a bevvy of wine glasses, each filled with a red far to opaque to be wine-and its eyes are locked on me.

Could be it intended to speak.

Fifteen burning wooden bullets scream out of my gun, pouring forth before I even skid to a halt. They shred and rip their way through the butler, carving out gray flesh and burning its cashmere attire in a massive sustained explosion of gore-

>[Smets' Butler]"Would you mind overmuch stopping that?"

....The butler does not sound worried-or even distressed, that its body is at least a third literally blown away. He continues to speak as bullets fly.

>[Smets' Butler]"You know, I am now required to be of service to you-I would appreciate it if you-"
The AA-12 runs dry-damn I got to distracted by its nonchalant attitude. It's still holding the tray of wine glasses!
>[Smets' Butler]"Thank you. Now there is something that need must be resolved-I am required to be of service to the whomsoever holds the blood of Sisuthros-that which was held in Smets' veins-and now in your possession. This necessitates me serving you-but there is a conflicting order.
The butler raises an arm that is visibly completely unharmed, pointing at the stairwell behind him.
>[Smets' Butler]"For as it happens, I was left with orders by Smets to follow a [i]different gentleman's orders.... my, how can this be resolved.[/i]"
...So. Someone ELSE is here-someone that Smets was dealing with-and they're on the third floor with the guns. As I finally tear the discharged amulet from my neck, careful to leave its still functioning twin in place, an empty AA-12 in hand, I wonder....

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In-Game Date: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Transcript: "So who is the other guy, then?"

The pale-faced butler smiles, as he (she?) opens her mouth once more.
>[Smets' Butler]"Confidentiality is beyond being a prerequisite for my kind-it is a necessity, a force of nature we cannot resist."
So no names for me then... okay...
"Would you be amenable to bringing the deceased Smets' firearms to a place of my designation?"
>[Smets' Butler]"I'm afraid my last master was most demanding-and had me bound to this houses' property. I cannot leave the premises."
"Were you ordered to only follow his orders?"
>[Smets' Butler]"By 'him', you reference the other potential master, is that correct?"
>[Smets' Butler]"That is correct."
"Then I order you not to follow the other gentleman's orders-in fact, I order you to not listen to anything the other individual says."
>[Smets' Butler]"A request that can be met."
The butler's smirk tells me I missed something-yet with the clock ticking, I don't really have time to investigate.
"Well, since I'm going in there anyway... I suppose I could discuss things with the gentleman."
I grab one of the two flutes of blood and down it-the coppery taste coating the back of my throat as the viscous liquid takes up residence in my gut.
"Oh-next time I see you, I fully expect you in an orange suit."
That damnable smirk finally ghosts off the butler's face for the briefest of instants.
>[Smets' Butler]"...Orange?"
"Positively NEON, no less."
The butler bows to me.
>[Smets' Butler]"As requested."
"Oh, and tell Smet's ghouls, servants, whatever to stop attacking the people on the nearby church's roof."
>[Smets' Butler]"Between the interdiction affecting cellular devices and my restriction to the house grounds-I cannot meet your request."
...Damn, can't order it outside of it's comfort zone, either.

I march past the butler, still feeling not a whit of attention on my person-belatedly realizing that as of yet I still have not felt the butler's attention on me-despite the butler having stared at me throughout this whole conversation.

I turn back to the butler as I move to ascend the stairs.
"Oh-sorry about shooting you there."
>[Smets' Butler]"Understandable, given you are hear to take Smets' possessions by right of force. No insult was percieved."

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In-Game Date: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Transcript: >[Smets' Butler]"My my my... we can't have this. A contest of potential masters left inconclusive, in limbo? No, that will not do at all.
I turn my eyes to the side, the ghostly quiet androgynous butler standing at my side-and in my peripherals I note the walls to now be clear, where before scores of guns hung upon them-when did they-
>GS]"Ah, there you are-go ahead and kill Mr. Laine."
The Butler, its back to Savoy, continues speaking, ignoring Savoy's spoken words.
>[Smets' Butler]"Well well well. I wondered why you drank that, not being vampiric-but I understand now. It is a most faint magical ability-hardly worthy of the name-but it could be more."
Tick tock, tick tock-how long until I hear sirens?
"..What are you suggesting?"
>[GS]"Amen, I order you to slay Armas Laine!"
>[Amen]"Why... why why-it's quite simple. Your knack's structure allows you healing's advanced speed to be based on how saturated with magic your body is from past feedings-but such a new, such a [i]fledgling ability. If you want to finish this fight-[/i]"
>[GS]"...What did you do, Armas? What did you do!!"
Amen shoves its index finger into its wrist, golden fluid welling up around the injury-strange, it did not bleed when I shot it before....
That golden blood pools in the butler's cupped hands, and it smiles at me, not a trace of kindness in its eyes.
>[Amen]"Heh... heh... heh. As I am bound to ingore the pleas of the other potential master at this juncture, to you, and you alone do I make this offer: Will the current carrier of Sisuthros' blood take my blood into him, to forcibly augment his ability? Will the current carrier accept my offer, and finish this contest so that I am no longer stuck in limb, unable to concretely serve a single master?"
Tick tock. My eyes roll as I think as fast and furiously as I can, noting Big Crazy still slumped against the wall-and beginning to move.

In the distance, I begin to hear sirens.

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In-Game Date: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Transcript:"Uh-couple things first: Get ready to transfer all of Smets' holdings in Turkey to my name-only under the condition you can do so in a legally acceptable, non-fraudulent manner. Rather not have it, than have it bite me in the ass."
Are the sirens a bit closer? Vapor trails rise from the golden sanguine pool in Amen as it grins at me, head inclining.
>[Amen]"Ah, ah ah.... Order heard and understood-what else do you wish to waste time requesting now?"
"Bind, hide and prevent that man against the wall there from dying-need to talk to him after this."
>[Amen]"Fine fine fine. The offer?"
"In a minute. The gun collection's hidden?"
>[Amen]"Indeed, indeed indeed... Mr. Laine, is that not so?"
...Savoy's been quiet-I don't like that, or the ever louder sirens. Have to speak faster. ..Those crazed golden eyes...
"I order you, as the current bearer of Sisuthros' blood, to disregard Smets' order to regard Savoy as you master or potential-"
>[Amen]"My my my-we discussed this, I cannot counteract given orders so simply."
"Then I order you to personally reclassify Savoy so that he is no longer eligible to be a master, potential or otherwise."
>[Amen]"Well well well... It has been done."
The sirens are perhaps a block away now. The vapor trails continue to spin about-and Savoy stays silent. ...This is it, then, I'm out of time for questions.

"..Different idea. Take off Savoy's right arm, feed me that-it has enough power for this, right?"
>[Amen]"Hm, hm hm....If you had a way to properly metabolize it's energy, yes. My own blood can serve that roll-but nothing else in this house is potent enough to serve."
>[Amen]"In twenty seconds the police will enter the front door-your choice?"
Can I say anything else?
"Do it then-Savoy's arm with your blood."

Amen leans over me, cradling my head in one arm as his other hand rises-Savoy's demonic arm already in his grasp, the Italian assassin's screams following an instant after I see the limb-Savoy rolling on the ground as the wounds all over his body spasm with writhing tendrils of black blood reaching out of his flesh, grasping at the air. I try to keep my gaze focused on Savoy-

The blinking, writhing mass of demon arm, golden blood tracing out archaic symbols over it's surface, liquefies and begins flowing down my mouth, up my nose can't even breath-

Amen's arm leaves the back of my head-and I catch myself from falling back.

...I can move again.

And I hear shouts down below-the Turkish police.

DAMN IT, Savoy is nowhere to be seen! I dimly note Big Crazy to be conspicuously missing from the wall-he was already hidden?
"Where is Savoy!?"
>[Amen]"Oh? Oh oh? Had I not sheltered your mind as thoroughly as I did, you would now be naught but a blank soul-what price is it, to see a foe flee, if you get to keep your mind?
I push myself to my feet in time to hear the entry level door being broken down, dozens of booted feet thudding down the entryway, clipped voices issuing terse orders.
>[Amen]"In one hour, you will have to deal with the assimilation's price-for now, act as you will."

I hear the booted feet pounding up to the second floor-
"Can you remove all evidence that could link me to this entire event from the house?"
>[Amen]"Done... done and done. How do you wish me to greet the guests, master?"
Again that predatorial smile-
Yeah, Amen totally did not set plans in motion with this offer here, no, couldn't have.... yeah, right.

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In-Game Date: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
Transcript: An idea occurs to me, after having witnessed Amen's abilities on the property grounds-I quickly scribble my cell phone number on the bottom of a drink coaster, flip it back right side up, and speak to the room at large.

"When the chance presents itself, claim the number I just wrote without anyone witnessing you do so, or having seen it before you claim it. Once the police are no longer investigating the house, call me for further instructions."

There is no response-yet when I glance back, the drink coaster is already gone.

I navigate the second floor with no issue, timing my steps to the more vocal speakers, and blending in with the policing crowd before any attention can settle on me-and no longer isolated, I feel that vague, presumed recognition that means I am being recognized only as a body-nothing more. I continue to fall farther and farther back, listening to Amen patiently and politely explain that their forced entry despite his presence is unlawful given the circumstances,-he continues to slyly throw out reason after reason why the police.. .should just walk away. I can feel their uncertainty on my back as I slip outside with another police officer, head tucked as I note an early response news crew already on the scene. Dozens of police cars fill the street-and I need wait only a handful of seconds to find a small group of officers entering the church-attaching myself to them, I pass by the restricted line without a single person even looking me in the face.

Within the church is death-bodies and blood strewn everywhere. I start meticulously patrolling the room, watching my feet, looking like any other officer observing the scene on response-as I think.

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In-Game Date: Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 - Thursday, November 25th, 2010
Transcript:With the conversation done for now-I call the contact line from Zosimus, looking to find out where the Doonongaes is-
>[Amen]"Yes, master?"
....Oh shit. Smets was my contact. ...Well. That... that makes this harder, then. Uh....
"Police still there?"
>[Amen]"There are still officers around the building, but not within it."
"...Any progress on the funds transfer?"
>{Amen]"As of yet none."
"Okay-keep me informed."
>[Amen]"You shall remain informed, master."
"...Beyond the Turkish police, are there any other individuals investigating on or near the house grounds?"
>[Amen]"Four news-crews, three individuals in suits that as of yet have not stepped close enough to the house for me to more.. deeply read them who I suspect to be involved in Turkish intelligence. They have been here since the police vacated the premises."
"Can you describe them?"

The first two descriptions are phenomenal-I imagine I could recognize either individual at a glance now-but the third one....

The third one sounded exactly like Adelat. ...Media coverage and Turkish intelligence-wonderful. ...That vacation is sounding better and better.

"...Have you yet given my name to any of the investigators you have encountered?"
"Good-continue to withhold that information. If they ask, you can tell them whatever cover story Smets had in place for interacting with mortal authorities."
>[Amen]"It shall be as you say."
I hang up- ...

...And so goes the latter portion of my day-sparring with Shaya and Hafaz, endless bouts and matches for hours-until my phone rings, Camella ready for pickup. Right as I hang up I get another call-Amen informing me that he has twenty nine thousand dollars available for transfer as of yet, and that the house is still under heavy surveillance. I mull this over as I pick up Camella, finding her and Ping alike sweating and happily tired-before telling Camella to head home with the Right Laine herself. After being dropped off near the docks, I head to my storage unit, put in another few hours with the goblins-and push my stored hours to forty five. I jog home, along the way having no issue making sure not a single person's attention falls on me-

And happily go to sleep.

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In-Game Date: Friday, November 26th, 2010
Transcript: I consider what to do-and leave Camella to the papers as I move. Not much for it-if I call the house again, it could look suspicious to anyone that pulls the call record-so I head over to the house, and after waiting for half an hour find a chance to enter the house unobserved, careful to touch nothing. The moment I step onto the house grounds officially-a voice is heard.

>[Amen]"Hm, hm hm-The investigation still alights upon this house, oh master of mine-is it your intent to risk capture?"
"No-but I had some things to discuss with you. For one-I'm going on a trip soon, and in the interim people I have approved may be coming to meet with you. So unless something or someone offers you purposeful harm, be a courteous, non-violent host to them."
>[Amen]"Well well well-That can most certainly be done."
"Next, I want every gun of Smets' collection save the AVT-40 promised to me, and the weapons promised to the real individuals Olga and the fellow you have incapacitated all brought into the sewers without anyone noticing, to be given to the goblins living below-only give them to one that can confirm they are associated with the Sometimes Merchant."
>[Amen]"The guns of my prior master's collection save the four named will be distributed so."
"I'll need to speak with the captive-"
>[Amen]"Oh, oh oh? I shall need to rouse him-currently the captive mortal is unconscious."
"...You have been feeding him, giving him water, all of that.. right?"
>[Amen]"I was merely asked to capture and keep alive-not make comfortable."
"...Okay-well, take me where he is-"
The world blurs around me-and I'm in a concrete cellar with no doors, the man I originally knew as lock bound in barbed chains to the wall, sigils inscribed into the walls around him, his breathing labored-but even. I note Amen to be standing next to me, still dressed in the crisp orange pinstriped suit.
"Answer me this-do you know enough of modern day forensics that you can leave evidence within this house such that the next round of investigation would then have reason to believe Galileo Savoy responsible for the shootings across the street?"
As I speak, I hear the bound man groaning, starting to wake up.
>[Amen]"Of course."
"I need to talk with our friend here-please busy yourself setting that up whilst I do so, and come get me when I call for you."
Amen bows, a tidy smirk pained across that ashen face.
>[Amen]"Of course, master."
Amen vanishes without so much as a breeze or sound-...

...>[BC]"I don't like asking this, but I have to-you're going to let someone hired to kill you walk away-just like that?"
"Just like that."
>[BC]"...Suddenly I don't feel so bad about my living conditions the last bit. I actually had one more question, then."
"I may answer."
>[BC]"You going to try to kill Savoy?"
"Count on it."
>[BC]"Then I'd like to help you-got this thing where I really don't like betrayal-and I can't complain to Olga about being hired to help neo-Nazis, so... well, I have to lay my complaints at someone's feet."
"I am taking a brief trip-when I return, we can discuss that, if you truly mean it."
>[BC]"How would I contact you?"
"Simply speak with this house's butler-he can inform me of your desire to meet, when I return-but I warn you, Savoy is not so kindly as I am."
>[BC]"Which is why he needs to die-I get the feeling he'll see me as a loose end in need of tidying."
"Perhaps. Amen!"
>[Amen]"Yes, master?"
"Please release Big Crazy and return his belongings to him in a place where he can exit the grounds, please."
And so it is-the chains hang loose on the engraved walls.
"Now, please return to me my rifle Keihäs"
I can feel the sling hanging over my shoulder-and I still don't detect a whit of attention on me.
"Great-continue to keep the few guns I named out of the collection and the rest of my belongings hidden and safely stored until such time I ask for them-actually, if you can repair the arm to it's pristine, unmarred state that would be ideal."
>[Amen]"I can fulfill such a function-yes, yes, yes I can."
"Do you have access to contacts amongst the rest of the Zosimus dynasty?"
>[Amen]"Indeed-indeed, indeed I do, master."
"Please inform them that Savoy tricked Smets and two other parties into having a three-way altercation, with the hope of being the last one standing-imply that it seems very likely he was after your ownership."
>[Amen]"They shall be informed."
Well-between the Zosimus dynasty, the police and the mafia-Savoy has just a few collectives seeking him out now-hopefully that can keep him quite occupied.
"Last thing-when turning over the weapons to the goblins in the sewers, also provide, at my behest, whatever is left of Savoy's manhood-tell them of its source, and explain they are free to use it as they wish."
The goblins seem to hate Savoy thanks to his ancestry,maybe they could be a fourth party hounding him.
>[Amen]"Understood-and obeyed."
"Do you have means of contacting the Muburak clan?"
>[Amen]"That is likewise within my capabilities."
"Then please introduce yourself to their matron Witch, explain you are calling on my behalf, and that I would be most amenable to discussing trade, such that she gets access to your skills and abilities. If she wishes to discuss details, she can leave a direct contact number with you-or contact me herself, if she so chooses."
>[Amen]"She will be informed."
"If anyone comes looking for me, or information on me, you are not to provide it to them unless I personally clear the individual in question."
>[Amen]"Understood... understood understood."
"Oh-as you get money freed up from Smets estate, please transfer it into this account-as discreetly as possible, I wish no overt money trail to officially link me to Smets just yet." >[Amen]"Requests, requests requests-all heard, all fulfilled."
"Excellent-please relocate me to the house proper-"
I'm standing on the second floor, Amen still before me.
"Well-you have tasks set before you, and I shall leave you to them-call me if something of note occurs."
Amen merely bows-and I vacate the premises, taking twenty minutes to get away from the crime scene, not a single person spotting me.

That... didn't take very long, but a great deal was set in motion. Now... what next?

Thread Two

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In-Game Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010
...New plan: Forget trying to distance myself from emotion-this chakra's about unity, right? How can I tap something about unity if I'm trying to divorce myself from a facet of my existence-my emotions are part of me, right? Maybe the dispassionate approach can work-but it just doesn't hold water for me, and not believing in it... I assume that path to hold nothing for me. No matter how easy it is to distance myself from my emotions... I don't think that's the right way to approach this. I have to face myself-every part of myself-and pull it all together, if I want a claim at unity. I continue to breathe deeply, evenly-I catalogue my emotions, the sensation of heat on my scalp rising as my blood begins to tingle-
>[Amen]Oh-oh oh? This I did not expect-how is it you reach out to my mind?
The fuck? Why can I hear Amen in my mind?
>[Amen]Because you linked our minds-was this not your intent?
I was trying to get a handle on my chakras, why did-
>[Amen]Ah. Chakra manipulation is the study of internalized energies-which, for you, includes my blood. So by focusing inward, you seem to have reached out-to me.
Not exactly what I was looking for.
>[Amen]So, so, so-what WERE you looking for?
I don't know-enlightenment, some spiritual growth?
>[Amen]You are aware that even the prodigals yogis took decades to command their chakras, correct? What leads you to the audacious thought you could achieve it in days?
A lack of options, I'm in a Russ-
>[Amen]Yes I know-you have found yourself in an interesting situation, oh master of mine.
Well? Any thoughts on what the mist is?
>[Amen]Many-and until I have more data, any I offered would be mere guesswork.
...So you need me to enter the mist, then.
>[Amen]Precisely, precisely-and precisely.
...Well, with nothing else changing in my chakras, I open my eyes, stand, exit the tent-...
...We both come to a stop some five feet from the mist's edge-and wonder what to do next.
>[Amen]I will not be able to offer my advice lest you venture in.
"Oh come on, you're still there?"
>[Amen]You have maintained the connection between us-of course I'm still here.
So how do I get you out of my head?
>[Amen]Given I have considerably more experience than you with matters supernatural, and am in a unique position to already know about this scenario and thus be exempt from the oath you just swore-should you get me out of your head? That-that, that-why, it is the question of the hour.

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In-Game Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010
Transcript:...You can, what, see what I see?
>[Amen]Hear what you hear-even read surface thoughts, yes, yes yes. Should Master return from this, one believes they would be quite knowledgeable about the venture, and thus exempt from the oath.
I reflect on the reports.... was there something I mis-huh. There was a team that lasted three hours-and one that lasted ten minutes-no real stability of vanishing point.
>[Amen]Suggestive of a roving entity within the mist.
It... would explain the time discrepancies-any other thoughts?
>[Amen]None, none none yet pertinent to this-you must enter.
There it is then.

I experimentally extend my fingertips into the fog-the moment my digits crest the disturbingly clear-cut border, I lose sight of them-the whole hand follows without anything visible, even under the noon sun. I pull my hand back, the fog refusing to cling to my limb as it exists.... hm. So there's no buffer zone?...

Any ideas yet?
>[Amen]Your suspicion of a Nevernever Gate still has merit-but thus far there is nothing to point to a specific option. More data, more, more-that is what one needs to be of service, master.
"Big, could your totems tell you anything in the mist?"
>[Big]"Couldn't even leave my body in that murk. Inside this room-yeah, they function like normal, but that mist is as good as stone to them."
"Okay-the scorch marks appeared to be on the second floor-let's go."

We keep the rope attached between us, knots accessible to each of us for instant freedom should we desire. Up and up the creaking, sagging steps-to find the second floor sporting the ten rifles presumably missing from the case below-with ten shells on the ground.

Scattered about the room are ten separate blood spatters.

>[Big]"Well that ain't good."
>[Amen]If-if if your senses were more attuned to the magical I could offer more-as it is, I can only say the stench of Fear and Despair marks the deaths that transpired here-ten in number.

>[Amen]You wonder at the extent of Blood's value-specifically pertaining to the Mortal that bound you in Bloodoath, yes? It is true-some of her blood exists within you now, in that shared bond-but it has the feel of partitioned energy. One would need to be most masterful at Blood magics to take command of her in any way through such a fragment-but it is possible.

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In-Game Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010
Transcript: These guns, the stains, the spent shells, the sense of Despair Amon felt-it points to suicide.
Can you detect external sources attempting to manipulate my mental state?
>[Amen]Most certainly, oh master of mine.
Inform me if any are detected by you.
>[Amen]It shall be done.

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In-Game Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010
Transcript: I slam the door shut once more, and continue speaking as I make my way around the room soaking up the bloodstains with my rifle.
"You want to, in an effort to avoid the mist, jump to a building's roof, and from there play Mario jumping around, sometimes on particularly small and rickety surfaces?"
>[Big]"What, you'd rather get back in the mist?"
>[Amen]"There is a faint magic to the mist-of that this one is now certain-but it's nature continues to confound-it does not match any known vapor-based entity, nor does it match any of the magical workings this one knows that could erase a mortal settlement. Truly, truly truly-this one finds itself genuinely intrigued by what has been found."
How helpful.

>[Amen]This one has had sufficient data gathered to make a deduction, regarding the nature of this mist.
As Amen speaks... I note his words seem to buzz within my scalp.
>[Amen]The mist has a magical effect it causes on all those who enter it-but rather than being immediate, it is slow, insidious. No, no no more comment can be made currently, beyond that the effect is mental in nature. Brief exposures should prove negligible.
Are you certain on that?
>[Amen]No-certainty cannot be reached without an answer we as of yet do not have.

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In-Game Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010
Transcript:So it is that both of us opt to avoid the house altogether, and start working our way above the mist to the clinic-as we do I feel that sense of observation once more spread out all around me-and as it is still as maddeningly uninformative as before, I continue to ignore it, eyes glued to the clinic-it was that window there I saw movement in-but it's too dark within to see through the noon glare-and nothing disturbs the blinds this time around. Was I imagining it? As we head deeper and deeper into the heart of the strange mist covering this town, I find myself doubting it.
>[Amen]Real, real real-what you recollect was most certainly perceived, so short of illusory magic, the event in question occurred.
I didn't even feel Amen's presence returning to my mind, gotta-
>[Amen]Return? You energized my blood-from then on, this one has not left master's mind-nor, in fact, will this one barring outright order. And forgive this one their rudeness, but it is the height of arrogance to think you could so easily detect such subtle workings of power as to feel something as old as this one using their own blood as a medium. It is doubtful any save the most experienced of workers could do so-and as you barely perceive your own Chakras, this would not include you.
Fine, fine-any ideas yet on what is happening here?
>[Amen]As you surmised-the General's response was critical-the presence of many empty bottles of mortal spirits greatly disturbed him-and seems central to determining the cause. Based on this, all gathered evidence was compared against all known beings related to intoxication-but no Divine, Fae, Demonic, Angelic or Draconic entity or collective operates in a manner comparable to this-all that has happened, is more possible answers being disproven.

I had planned to ask Amen more-but my attention, along with Big's, is immediately drawn to a sound coming from the clinic, the sound of wood tearing, or brick breaking-of the most guttural, profuse snoring I have ever heard, echoing out the open doorway-

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In-Game Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010
Transcript:And loading each with a six-shot load derived from Mammon's Device. As I do... I hear something, not with my ears, but with my mind, some-
>[Amen]I was ordered to inform you of perceived threats-the entity classified as Demonic, Mammon, is attempting to leverage subconscious greed for greater magical power to gain a foothold within master's thoughts-does master have any orders regarding this?
....Don't let Mammon do that?
>[Amen]Understood, master.
There is a sensation like a part of my brain was lightly slapped-and the whispers die out, comparative normalcy restored. ....I should probably question Amen about that-
>[Amen]Respectfully, that would be a lengthy topic-more pressing matters seem to exist.
True enough.
The Matebas rechambered with the most potent stuff I got, scopes removed to cut down weight, I sling Keihäs over my shoulder, and pass my thermobaric grenade bandoleer to Big.

I would normally say I couldn't be certain if this individual was related to the empty bottles of booze in the mansion-but the stench of alcohol clings to the prone, sleeping form more closely than their garments, and leaves me little room to be uncertain: The one sleeping before me is no stranger to liquor.
>[Amen]The one before you also has a soul.
A mortal?
>[Amen]It seems doubtful a spiritual entity powerful enough to manifest a corporeal form could obscure it's true nature that well, given the exhaustive cost of phyiscal existence-it is either a Mortal, or a being sufficiently powerful to be called a god. Probability dictates it to be a Mortal.
Well isn't that reassuring.

I raise my hand to knock on the nearby wall, and hope I can get some answers out of the boozed individual-

My hand stops cold before I make a sound. ...Amen, you said it seemed likely there was a roving entity in the mist responsible for what has been happening, rather than the mist itself causing it, correct?
>[Amen]The amount of magic detected in the mist is only enough to cause the aforementioned, unspecified mental shifts-there is no observed mechanism by which it could be responsible, in and of itself, for the disappearance of the town's inhabitants.
Is there any reason why the sleeping entity could not be that something?
>[Amen]...No, there is no reason it could not be the cause of this event, based on what has thus far been determined-but this one must note the sensory data I have on it is thus far quite sparse.

Post Link: 318039
In-Game Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010
Transcript: ...Amen-could a Wizard have done all this? >[Amen]Yes-yes, yes, a Wizard could most certainly have caused all that has been encountered here-theirs is the skill to make their will reality, there is little a Wizard cannot do, when they put their mind to it.
Is there any reason this individual I just encountered could not be a Wizard?
>[Amen]No such reason has been observed, master.
..Well then.

So-what happens when a Wizard discovers their powers, anyway?
>[Amen]There is a transitional period as they come to believe in their powers-this period can last anywhere from a season to several years, depending on the mental state of the mortal that becomes a Wizard.

The man looks at me for a moment longer, a frown appearing on his face-
>[Amen]I detect the old one attempting to gain access to your mind, should I allow it?
The frown appears to grow more puzzled as he once more speaks a snippet of slurred Russian.

Post Link: 318384
In-Game Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010
Transcript: That means the things Big Crazy and I killed in the rifleshop-were civilians. ..I could stomach killing that cop-because their death served a purpose. But this.... they died for nothing. I killed them... for nothing. Not to keep myself alive, not to serve a purpose....
>[Amen]Moral quandaries may be better suited to a time when an inebriated and impatient Wizard is not before you.
...Come on Armas, head back in the game.

Post Link: 318611
In-Game Date: Monday, November 29th, 2010
Transcript:But I find myself more occupied with schooling my mind so that I don't betray the realized hate of the man ultimately responsible for further staining my hands. >[Amen]...Mortals, mortals, mortals-why is it you are so obsessed with ethical 'purity?' Just because only a 't' separates you from this fabricated mechanism of telling right from wrong does not mean it matters.
>[Amen]Yes this one knows-it is a topic that should not be broached-this one offers apologies.
While you're in my mind-I had some questions.
>[Amen]The police have stopped visiting the property grounds-however, a mortal woman by the name of Adelat was here earlier today-she is under the impression that you are related to what occured across the street. Naturally this one followed your orders and provided her with no meaningful information-but this one suspects that will not deter her. Beyond this one individual, the legal presence as a result of how we met seems to have died down.
Please let me at least think my question first before answering it.
>[Amen]Of course, master.
Do the Turkish police have reason to believe Savoy involved in what happened?
>[Amen]Why, why why-just so.
From here on out, please call me to ask for individual instructions when visitors come to the house-the only ones exempt from this would be ones that forcibly enter-for them, chastise them in whatever manner you deem appropriate, so long as it does not leave implicating evidence in or around the house, and does not render information to the invading party, or those associated with them.
>[Amen]To clarify-this one has permission to do as this one wishes with unlawful intruders so long as they disappear and no informational transaction takes place?
>[Amen]For that... this one must give thanks. It should help alleviate boredom.
Next, I want you to gather information on Savoy-
>[Amen]This one wishes to know how it is to gather information of any sort, unable to leave the property? Does master have phone numbers I should call for this?
>[Amen]Master is quite aware of this one's limitations-why make such a request?
So you do not have contacts?
>[Amen]Smets made a point of executing all those this one knew after claiming ownership-this one has no contacts.
Well then. How goes the financial situation?
>[Amen]Some of Smets' enemies are attempting to freeze his accounts-there may be a considerable delay before this one can extricate more funds.
I see.

I realize we have made quite some headway in driving away, and thanks to the impressive amount of speeding I've been doing, we are getting close to the P509 junction-I get ready to make a left and get the FUCK out of this Oblast.

Post Link: 318943
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript:>[MMM Trait activated]
Amen-were I to give you a number, could you call it and act as a relay, communicating to me what the contacted person says, and relay my thoughts back in my voice and tonal patterns? >[Amen]Yes yes yes-this one most certainly could.
Further, do you have the capacity to detect if someone is attempting to trace calls on the number?
>[Amen]Sadly, not within this one's purview.
"Actually Camella-why don't you give me his number, and I'll just call him now."

So-Amen, got a question for you.
>[Amen]This one is attentive, master of mine.
Will you evaluate my soul, let me know what kind of damages it has to it? Mind too.
>[Amen]Done done and.... done. There is some brain damage from synapses that were overloaded-the majority of this is from the Wizard's ministrations-he was not particularly inclined to be gentle, when he acted. Nothing of vital importance to bodily function or mental acuity seems damaged. This one notes your soul to still be notably weakened from a prior incident-and temporally misaligned, and the spiritual grafting of Divine material to your being is still incomplete-it seems to have been damaged by excessive raw Nevernever energy.
My my my-quite the busy one, aren't you master?
..Yeesh. Any signs of tampering or blank spots.
>[Amen]...Oh? Yes, yes yes-a twenty three hour period in your recent past, prior to meeting me-you have no memories of, nor did you ingest any materials prior to it that could account for this blank period. You lost a day at some point-and given I only know this through your own mind, I cannot say which day-or why.
....A missing day, a temporally misaligned soul, a delayed spiritual graft absorption, and outright brain damage.... Hell, I don't feel it.
>[Amen]That is how it works-one's soul is difficult to perceive, far more so than the souls of others-you could be nearly spiritually dead, and feel no change.
Well that's a sobering thought.

....Perhaps I should table my idea to ask for the power to create booze.
>[Amen]That would appear to be the safer approach, master.

...Would continuing to work on my Chakras help, or hurt my spiritual and mental situation?
>[Amen]Whaitiri's power within you will see to healing your mind in time-as to your spiritual state, opening Chakras only means you have accessed more of your own potential spiritual energy-and the larger a soul is, the more resilient it is to harm.
Is that a yes?
>[Amen]It is, it is it is.

I think I am going to start working on that more often then.
>[Amen]This one notes themselves familiar with the function and use of Chakras-would master wish to surrender the responsibility of opening Chakras to this one, it would free up Master's time to engage in other pursuits-a thing to think on.
Not... sure I trust you for that.
>[Amen]Trusting someone is not the same as being confident they will uphold their end of an agreement-and this one is quite incapable of reneging on any agreement made. This one only asks that master considers it.

I'm jolted out of my inner discussion when the tires scrape against the curb-I get a few dirty looks as I correct the car's position, and keep driving. In the back seat, Grigori is managing to slur chuckles as he laughs at my near-miss with pedestrians.

Post Link: 319218
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript: ...Amen.
Do you know of a way I could use the energy of the three Chakras I have as of yet partially woken?
>[Amen]Certainly, certainly, certainly-you already know more than you can use of the goblin arts of stealth-the energies could be disposed so that you can fully use all you were taught. With all your Chakras open-you could even stand to learn more. That is what this one would suggest-though other options do of course exist.
...No, I think actually being able to fully use the stealth abilities I learned works for me-it wouldn't restrict me from putting the energies to another function, would it?
>[Amen]Realigning the disposition of one's chakras is a matter of time and focus-nothing about it is permanent.
...Then, so long as you can do so without incurring psychological, spiritual, mental or physical damage to my existence, I ask that you impart the knowledge of how to use my partly awoken chakras to more fully command my knowledge of the goblin arts.
>[Amen]So it is asked-so it shall be given. The knowledge is yours, master.
And it is-I find that I now grasp a means of linking the chakras to a figment of my imagination, the memories of my training made a nexus of power in and of themselves, my thoughts made magical-I doubt I could have grasped how to do this on my own, but now it makes perfect sense-and the information came without the painful headache learning Russian gave me.

As I put actual experience into the new found knowledge, growing more accustomed to what I can now do, I begin to speculate. I am missing nearly a day's worth of memories-and already have a suspect, those who have manipulated my memories multiple times already-the Goblins.
Amen, can you check with the goblins through the sewer access and find out how many favors I owe them, as well as how many hours of training I am owed?
>[Amen]Oh, oh oh? This one requests but one moment, oh master of mine.... the one that you know as Sometimes Merchant notes you to owe two favors-and would be interested in buying the knowledge of what lead you to ask, when next you return to his area. That individual also notes you to have forty seven hours of training time saved up.
...So it was them. Wild guess-We brokered a deal, the transaction took place-and a favor was cashed in to remove my memories of the event-no, the entire period of time the deal took place over. I can't be sure just yet-but it fits, and it feels right.

...Okay then-Amen, are you capable of awakening my remaining four Chakras, likewise without incurring any mental, spiritual, physical or psychological damage to me? >[Amen]Were this one's blood not in your veins it could not be offered-but yes, this one must admit it can provide such a service.
...Then I ask that you finish opening my remaining chakras, and as with the prior three, grant me the necessary knowledge to direct their power towards my goblin training, likewise given under the restrictions of the prior arrangement.
>[Amen]....It is done.
And it is-I can feel all seven points along my median line burning not just with heat-but with energy, a gentle, warm power-and with all seven awake I grasp something about the nature of Chakras-while each individual Chakra does not provide, in the grand scheme of things, much in the way of power-all seven working in concert make for a none-too-meager measure of power-effectively, a single, personal, passive spell the human body can produce. My analogy could be off-Practitioners could make even this measure of energy seem paltry-but its a new option, an avenue to plan along, that I previously lacked.

How could I dislike it?

I realize the sun has nearly set-and we have arrived at Tallinn-specifically, at the ports and cheap lodgings around them-where across the channel lies Helsinki-

And Finland.

Glancing in the back seat I note Grigori to be getting low on alcohol-and once again unconscious. ...Perhaps I have a moment, then.

Amen, I wish to know how you came into the Zosimus clan's care, and-
>[Amen]Dear, dear, dear master-this one must respectfully request that they not be demanded to answer that line of inquiry.

Post Link: 319610
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript: About Amen... could he have been bound to not elaborate?
>[RRR Trait activated]
..No, it's close, but that can't be it-the phasing is off, for that to be the explanation. Still-it suggests an alternative.
Amen-who besides you would know the story of how the Zosimus family acquired you?
>[Amen]None but Cornelius Zosimus himself, and whichever of his confidants he chose to share the information with.
...That was rather easily obtained-what does that tell me.

>[Amen]"Master, this one respectfully asks that this entire topic not be broached at this juncture.
...Very well-I have other matters to concerns myself with. As I load the purchases into the Escalade, I turn to Big Crazy.
"Say, the name Radu Hagi mean anything to you?"
>[Big]"...Can't say that it does-why?"
"Don't worry about it-I'll let you know once I know who said name belongs to."
>[Big]"I am beginning to grow accustomed to your evasive answers."
"Good for you."

...New line of inquiry Amen-do you have any pre-existing arrangements, deals or contracts involving the information of when, where how and why you were bound?
I can feel a throbbing power in the base of my spine as each of my chakras jolts as if shocked.
>[Amen]This one does, does, does.
Do any of those referenced dealings involve harm being caused to individuals that become relevant to the agreements in question?
That sense of presence, of power, of weight swells further as my head and eyes ache.
...Okay, I'm done with this line of inquiry-thank you.
Just like that Amen's presence recedes from my mind-and I feel fluid, hot and sticky, scouring tracks from my eyes, ears and nose-blood subtly seeping just from the weight of Amen's attention. I waipe the drainage away-and feel a tug on my arm, still waving the bottle. I turn to see Grigori craning his lips towards the bottle's mouth even as I keep waving it, rectifying he situation swiftly by placing it in his hands.

Post Link: 319775
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript: ...My second thought is hesitation-if it IS Doony... he's demonstrating an ability to learn and a hope to cut off my ability to see him-but something about this really makes me doubt he was responsible. Maybe... could it be an Encantado? Amen, can you detect the presence of Encantado?
Only to determine if one is in the area-your sensory data is, as commented, below this one's standards. A pity that cannot be remedied at this juncture.
Can you detect one?
>[Amen]This one thinks the better question should be if Master can detect one-and as it happens, master can-can he feel it for himself?
...I can't point to a sensation that cued him in to an Encantado presence-but it's hard to focus overmuch on the topic as I realize I am now forewarned against the threat-again, thanks to some quick intuition.

>[RRR Trait gains experience!]

Can't tell what direction or how many?
>[Amen]No, no, no. This one can only work with what it is provided.

Post Link: 320022
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript: Amen... why do the shadows seem.... more? I don't even know how to describe-
>[Amen]A natural byproduct of some of the principles of what you learned from the Goblins being magically suffused by your body-You have become more aware, by a very small margin-a non-Darwinian evolution, this one believes it would be called, but of the spiritual sort.
Right-important details summary please, got to focus here-
I continue to direct attention both inward and outward as I listen to Amen's thoughts, all while carefully appraising the differences in how I perceive the shadows. >[Amen]Vital, vital-vital information, then. You can detect magical energy of a very specific sort-namely, Shadow-magic. This awareness is bidirectional-those inclined to Shadow-magic will now be spiritually aware of Master. There are no clear cut ranges for this perception, but in general it is tied to soul weight-it's scale of power-and it's disposition. In general, the only entities that could detect past a mile would be of Divine or Draconic nature-and as Wizard souls by nature have no disposition, master will not trigger a similar perception in them. This one notes were master able to process all the data simultaneously as Amen can, he would be able to detect any Shadow-magic, including that in shadows themselves, within fifty feet. This one can make no more estimations of what else would qualify as important details.
Which is fine by me-as Big and I both round a sharp right corner, immediately in the ship's interior-

Post Link: 320226
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript:My shadow remains standing.
>[Amen]This one notes that if master continues their soul will be too weak within your body to sustain your life.
...So is the soul not flowing into the shadow?
>[Amen]It is, is, is.
And it is my shadow-does having the soul there hurt me?
>[Amen]Not in and of itself, no, yet-
I've committed to this.

The cooling sensation fades, I wobble as I try to stand on unsteady legs-
My shadow braces against the bulkhead-and abruptly my shoulder has something solid to lean on in open air. I take a deep, steadying breath as I stand upright once more, turning away from my shadow-but not before seeing it give me a thumbs up of encouragement. ...Well then.

Two breaths later, my heart rate back to normal-I hadn't really noticed how exhausting that brief exchange was-for that matter, what did I do?
>[Amen]You used your Chakra's linkage to your mind to grasp half of your soul and place it within your shadow, melding it with the shadow magic inherent to it to craft a symbiotic entity out of your shadow, built around your psyche. This one recommends doing absolutely nothing strenuous until master's body has become accustomed to a split soul.

Post Link: 321680
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript: Amen, do you have any way of confirming what the Encantado has said?
>[Amen]This one is not so capable when forced to work through master's sensory data.
Can you at least confirm or deny the existence of a Finnish practitioner line like the one just described?
>[Amen]This one, one one cannot say they have heard of the family in question-but that for lines with systematic power manifestation as described, the degree of power even the untrained can command would be sufficient to make his claims accurate, concerning what the children could do to the boat.
Okay.... then I'll need you to communicate the following verbatim to Big Crazy, including my general tonal patterns and speech mannerisms-and to communicate it via phone. >[Amen]What is the message this one is to convince the Mortal once entombed under this one's care to believe comes directly from master's lips?
No time to talk, but plans changed. Kids have potent magic bloodline, tied to emotion, could sink ship if distressed or panicked enough. Got Target and kids away from the crowds, got Target to relinquish control of children-need children rendered unconscious before Target can be deal with. Will stall until your arrival.
>[Amen]This one is already dialing
I turn my focus elsewhere-closer to my immediate surroundings, now doing what I just claimed-stalling for time.


More silence that threatens to drag.
>[???]"...Would you swear to keep what you are told to yourself, and use the information solely for the purposes of judging whether or not you should leave me be?"
Excellent-I have their attention-I may have this resolved before Big even gets here-speaking of, has he received the call yet Amen?
>[Amen]The call concluded six, six, six seconds ago-he sounded to still be stuck in a line at the time.
Definitely need more time-but I don't like making a promise that I won't keep-
>[Sufficient social experience accrued-MMM LEVEL UP]

"Tsk tsk tsk-and here I was thinking you were interesting-but the oh so familiar demands of secrecy-'tis positively banal, boredom made manifest. Perhaps I should eat you all after all... heh heh."
>[Amen]Is master aware Encantado can read the believed Truth behind words spoken to them?
Which is why for once it's a good thing I sometimes seriously entertain the though of eating humans if their magical energy could be made mine-having more power would solve a great number of my problems.
>[Amen]Would-would-would it now? Still... such thoughts would be enough to make your words ring true-
And so now I sincerely doubt he thinks I'm human.
>[Amen]This one would have to agree lacking dissenting data.
So... just what shall it say, I wonder?

I do a quick self appraisal.... yes, my shadow can't be described as feeling anything so much as... fatigued, like muscle ache somehow made into it's own existence-and deep within that weariness I feel a sense of shame from my little patch of darkness Hm... A thought.
Amen, is there any means between my body and your mind to verify whether those children are indeed of practitioner spawn?
>[Amen]This one is not aware of a means to achieve such.

I start wondering if my shadow has enough in it for another surge, already planning a method of attack-but not a whit of eagerness emanates from around me. ...I could force it, sure, but odds are good its reluctant for a good reason-so I more firmly table the idea... for now.

>[???]"...That which is claimed is correct: We Encantado cannot conceive children on our own. It takes mortals with magically active bloodlines to sire new generations-and those aquatically inclined help make that next generation more capable. This was the original reason we came...."

There is a pause-I don't speak, too curious to see what is said next.

"The one you slew-she and I had made an agreement-we would raise the children, and in time she would assume a role she had prepared them to love, and keep our species going-as you note, the children and I are both male, meaning I stand no personal benefit from this exchange. I chose to do it... because I do not wish to be alone anymore. Perhaps at some point, I.... I fell in love with the mortal notion of having a family, an existence beyond oneself. And that is why I still wish to take these children from here-to not only give them a home, but to make a family to call my own."

....It sounded heartfelt-
>[Amen]Encantado stories often do.
Can you offer any solid advice?
>[Amen]This one apologizes-but Encantado are beings this one has scarce prior had reason or inclination to encounter or study.

Post Link: 322462
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript:I do a bit of rather morbid mental estimation. Way I see it, we've got three choices, each with their own pros and cons. We can explain everything to them and after reestablishing them with a family, keep tabs on them-effectively join their family. Definite potential long-term benefits if it works-but given their age, it could just as easily blow up in my face if I tank the explanation. We could ditch the kids somewhere on the craft where they'll be found, and leave their very fleeting glimpses of us in a very trying time behind us-minimal effort, and minimal risk of law enforcement tracking us down. The most extreme, short-term oriented option I see... is to kill the kids. Wait, kill the kids?
>[Amen]If both are practitioners of a similar focus, even if the rest of the Encantado's tale was false, this one believes Whaitiri's blessing on master's soul would allow considerable gains to be made, were the hearts or even the blood consumed. More than enough energy to remove the pain your shadow feels-and with it some measure of its weakness.
...You want me to eat children's hearts?
>[Amen]Or drink their blood-this one would not care either way, but it would be most personally empowering for maste-
Why would you even suggest that?
>[Amen]Master was considering killing them
But I was-
>[Amen]You second guessed it-but the original train of thought was of finishing covering your tracks, simply to assure your personal safety-this one merely offered a further way master could profit with that option.

...Then I reject your suggestion of-
>[Amen]Ah-I percieve your misperception: I merely offered thoughts on optimizing a particular choice master contemplated-I did not advocate it as the best choice to make in this situation.
...Really taking the steam out of my indignance here-
>[Amen]I aim to please, master. This one does suggest returning them to any established family-though as of now too many variables exist to get more specific on the approach. Being known as the one that saved them from kidnap by Encantado and avenger of their father's deaths would be an ideal place to be in the long run, given at least one is a practitioner-and any family aware of this bloodline could be of use in fulfilling the Doonongaes obligation with their aquatic expertise, and innately inclined to offer aid, assuming master can convince the children he is not the monster that killed their father.

I realize I'm clenching my teeth and slowly exhale, still overly tense as I endure the pain radiating from my shadow.
So, you mentioned damage to my shadow?
>[Amen]Yes-your shadow, now more accurately termed a Soul Shadow, or Soul's Mirror, or Mirrored Twin, or several other naming conventions that never gained the usage the listed four did-was given a half of a soul, one still recovering from being over-feasted upon by a low-level deity, given Winter-based protection by a curiously unclassifiable Winter entity that quite literally froze portions of master's soul, several still thawing, a soul burned no less than three separate times by the raw magics of the Nevernever, made temporally disconnected from master's own body due to time dilation, which is completely at odds with how easily it acclimatized to the timelessness of the shadow-the mental manipulation necessary to erase nearly a full day from master's memories, made to accommodate and overcome a semi-sentient demonic parasite and not be consumed by this one's one sanguine excretions, and the psychic presence of an inebriated and heavy handed Wizard. Quite frankly, the fact your shadow could do much of anything surprises this one-and makes this one genuinely puzzled as to what Master's split soul and Soul Shadow will be like, once time has let them recover-or recovery has been claimed by force.
....You seem knowledgeable about souls and shadows.
>[Amen]Something of a field of specialization for this one. This one estimates that, given no more damages, the occurrence of no severe mental trauma, and minimal straining of one's shadow-master's soul will be as recovered as it is naturally capable of becoming in seven lunar cycles-though what that state will be is still something of a question, given the amount, scope, and nature of outside influences it was subjected to in a relatively short time span.
I... good to know.

Post Link: 324461
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript:...Amen, why didn't you warn me?
>[Amen]This one, one-one could not detect the external force-which is truly strange, as magic normally is percievable when being wrought on one's own form.
Why couldn't you detect it?
>[Amen]This one, one one knows not specifics, but knows a way, possibly the only way-a Sacrifice. Practitioner family bloodlines sometimes learn how to bind the purposeful mutilation of their own flesh, limbs and/or organs into augmenting their power-so this one assumes the boy to have been altered in such a manner-a common practice when there are two inheriting practitioners, to make the younger child more capable of protecting the heir apparent-in this case the child-bearing inheritor, making future magical generations more likely.


For the pressure to vanish-the pain to vanish. I blink, focusing on the young boy-who's now turned to face back towards Grigori. Looking singularly smug, Girgori drains his bottle in one long swallow before settling back into his seat.
>[Amen]Interesting. This one could not feel the Wizard working magic on master-and indeed, this one thinks they did not. Instead, the Wizard targeted the magic targeting you-which was still obscured from perception. ...This one would not have thought The Mad Drunk this subtle.

Post Link: 324899
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript: I find myself intrigued by the children's connection, and set my mind to that issue as I step clear of the vehicle. He... reacts to easily to her. Certainly, knowing someone incredibly well can let one ready their body language with great skill... but I'm disinclined to believe it. Given there's already evidence to suggest... what was it, Sacrifice-
>[Amen]When applied in this manner, it would be termed Sacrificial Amplification.
That, yes-given that, it would seem likely he has some sort of empathic or full-blown telepathic connection to his sister-or so my gut tells me. Thoughts?
>[Amen]Highly, highly, highly possible, this one proffers. In instances where one of two potential heirs exist, the one that is chosen to act as protector is frequently augmented to that roll as much as possible-and allowing them to perceive their charge the more easily is one of the most popular-more, this one notes, than Sacrificial Amplification.
Would seem wiser to assume it true then. Can it be detected?
>[Amen]Short of you feasting on the child, I could not be sure with your bodies capabilities.
That would be a no then.

Post Link: 325161
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript: ...For a moment I choose to stall making a decision-and look inward, again. This is starting to become a habit rather quickly, and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it.
>[Amen]Well, well well-this one is most certainly not leaving master's mind lest master becomes bloodless, deathless, soulless or becomes more magical than this one's few drops of blood. None of those seem particularly likely at this juncture.
...Thank you for the reminder of what it's like to talk with me, Amen.
>[Amen]Any time, master-now, what was it that was desired of this one?
What's been happening with the house, the finances, the investigation, all of it. Oh, and have there been any other types of visitors.
>[Amen]Ah, ah ah, master desires a thorough report from this one. Very well. The investigator Adelat returned with a warrant to search the premises, and before arrival had found means to tie up this one's associations with some few Turkish firms. There was nothing for her to find-yet this one notes she did not seem dissuaded. There have been two attempts to enter the house by external agents using familiars or other bound entities that were incapable of divulging information-they were purged from the premises. The attempts were on the 29th, and the 30th, respectively. Such tactics have been used before by those trying to access Smet's collection, so the attacks are not innately unusual. This one has had some time to converse with the one master knows as the Sometimes Merchant-this one and the goblin trader have reached an understanding as to advantageous coexistence. Due to the nature of the particular method of Goblinic deal mechanism that was utilized, this one is incapable of speaking about the specifics of said arrangement-the mechanism choice came at the goblin's request, this one is capable of noting. This one notes the majority of police attention directed towards a mortal individual titled Blackbeard. Thus far he has been implicated in four separate shootouts throughout Istanbul since the kidnapping. This one has seen no evidence of the mortal's presence around the grounds
...Okay. That's... a bit to process. While I mull it over, another question: could something that can take a bite out of a spirit animal and spiritually wound the shaman also wound my soulshadow?
>[Amen]This one knows of exactly one classification of entity that could cause such wounds but not pose an equal if not greater risk to master, that being Angelic practitioners of 'Light of the Soul', found in the service of multiple pantheons and in the service of lone gods. This one is of the mind such a creature is not present on the ship-and would appreciate caution from master lest Sisuthros' blood be lost.

I head to the car's trunk, carefully rummaging through the packed goods-and without drawing it free, disconnect the night scope on one of the Matebas before straightening to take a look at the ship's fore......

No luck-night scope or no, what I assume to be the bridge has precious few windows facing this way-I can see the tops of a few heads, no more.


So Amen-can you find the number for our ferry service, and call it whilst speaking Finnish, deceiving the workers into thinking you are checking on a late family member that should have been back from ferry already? >[Amen]This one can and is calling, master, master, master.
I look at the kids-but they are still wrecks-I think it would be a poor judgment of situational appropriateness, but logic dictates I find out if they have a car present-until I realize there was no set of car keys in the father's possession-so in retrospect I could have figured this out sooner: They came on foot or at best with a bike. At most they had carry-on luggage and no more-and with the age of the children it would be hard for a father to carry much on his own while supervising.

For some reason my brain skips a beat, as I feel like needing to verify if there are other shapeshifters on board-but again it's something I already learned of-Big swept the ship from bottom to top, only the bridge escaping, and found nothing-the same man fully capable of detecting Shapeshifters with his snake spirit animal. ...I need to clear my head, focus-can't let fatigue fog my thoughts like this.

Amen, can you also call a Finnish news station and report a Finnish girl and a Finnish man falling overboard, claiming to be another passenger?
>[Amen]This one will attempt that-and notes the Finnish side ferry station to already be shut-no one answers this one's call, call, call.

Post Link: 325271
In-Game Date: Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
Transcript: Oh and Amen if you have any critical insights to offer-
>[Amen]You should not be here-there is a reason a sober Wizard suggested this to you, and this one cautioned master not to do this-but master will by necessity do as master deems necessary.
Not exactly helpful.
>[Amen]Advise is only helpful if one desires to actually alter their ways, rather than have their own views affirmed-a trait this one has noted quite consistent in mortals.


>[Amen]This one believes it worse than that master initially estimates-the creature above is now one of a much smaller list of options-all of which could kill you even if you walked in with a perfectly healthy soul. This one thinks master will perish.

Post Link: 325809
In-Game Date:Friday, December 3rd, 2010
Transcript:...Right, I'm going to have to thank Orgrimir for giving my Cold resistance at some point-another thing to add to my cluttered mental checklist.

...Testing, testing? Amen? Hello?
....Amen if you can perceive my words I order you to respond to me.

Son of a bitch-he's not in my head. ...Didn't he say that was pretty much impossible? How did THAT happen?

Post Link: 327083
In-Game Date:Saturday, December 11th, 2010
Transcript:Next up is Amen.
...Okay, I guess I don't need to call th-
>[Amen]How was your mind deni... this one understands. Master has met the Valkonens?
>[Amen]This one wishes master would not room with them-this one feels lost when unable to sense the bearer of Sisuthros' blood.
Well, you'll have to tolerate it for a time, at least. So, why did you try calling me?
>[Amen]This one was concerned because connection was severed and contact could not be re-established.
Really, that's it? No contact with anyone since we last spoke?
>[Amen]The mortal enforcement officer has not returned, no mortals have initiated conversation with this one.
How about finances-what's our status?
>[Amen]Several thousand US was freed up, and transferred as previously directed-the majority is still tied up.
And how would you characterize the current status of the supernatural world in Istanbul?
>[Amen]An interesting question-that this one must answer honestly. Talk focuses on several issues-the Zosimus dynasty has put an edict out to all other houses, calling for a grand Dynasty meeting for all of Turkey-the reasons behind the meeting are unknown. Word circulates there is a Disciple of Mammon within the city, and many supernatural entities are putting out feelers hoping to meet with said Demonic Disciple-with, rather obviously-no success. In general, things have been quiet, as the mortals have been making quite a fuss about one of their own number, a bearded individual.
>[Amen]This one believes that the title ascribed to the individual.
Last question for now-and after I finish a few calls I'm going back to the Valkonen grounds-from meeting with him, what can you tell me about the identity of the one known as the Sometimes Merchant?
>[Amen]An ancient goblin, purely unaffiliated with any of the Courts, predates the Christian Divinity Events, acquired it's halo from a Seraphim of the Christian God some thirty years after the death of Christ. True Name unknown. Nothing further could be surmised-the goblin chose to stay personally off the house grounds, and this one could not assess it as well as this one would like.

Post Link: 328474
In-Game Date:Wednesday, December 15th, 2010
>[Amen]Once more off the house grounds, master?
For a moment-please give the Sometimes Merchent a cell phone capable of getting reception within the realm he defines as his own.
>[Amen]As it were, this one's old master was quite fond of phones hooked up to sattelites-this one has found one. ...The object has been handed over.
The charger too.
>[Amen]...The charger too.
What is the phone's number?
He gives it-I dial it-the Merchant answers-
And the voice comes from my pants.

Post Link: 328297
In-Game Date:Wednesday, December 15th, 2010
Transcript:>[Amen]This one must note that the structure of the oath you were blood-bound to was to disallow you to speak of the matter-which should have prevented master from even uttering it. This one must then note that twice since have you lost impressive amounts of your total supply of blood-each time spilling out more of what little of Zinaida's blood was placed within you-all while continuing to strengthen your soul and further imbue your body with magic. The curse was made to work on the you of then, without any grasp of your regenerative ability-it was not made to work against you as things stand now.

....Why am I a bit disappointed?
>[Amen]Because you enjoy convoluted explanations to events.
Waving off Hillevi's concern, saying something about how I realized I had forgotten something from before reaching Finland, and for her not to worry about it. Einrik says nothing the whole way back to the Valkonen house-while Hillevi is positively incessant in wanting to talk about just about anything-yet makes no attempt to flirt with me, despite being so ready to trek this far with us. ...Getting mixed signals here.

Post Link: 329962
In-Game Date:Sunday, December 19th, 2010
Transcript:I wake up from a night pondering my eye, the Demonic energy of the arm I consumed, Whaitiri and the Weasel God's energy clashing-and just maybe, Amen's as well. It distracts me, and I learn precious little in the morning stretches and chakra exploration. Markko has returned-and as it happens approves my request to speak with Ogrimir-so long as Tartalo stays with me, to slay the called being in case it proves hostile. Einrik needs to literally drag Hillevi away, having an errand they need to run, while Big and I go hunting again. I idly note myself to have the nubs of fingers beginning to grow-a scant few more days and I'll be physically whole-and I could swear I'm starting to run out of spiritual pain to be washed away as time passes. Soon enough, barring more stupidity-I'll be right as rain.

Post Link: 337252
In-Game Date:Friday, December 24nd, 2010
Transcript:For ten hours, night having long since fallen by the time we reach the house grounds. What strikes me as truly strange, though-is that surely we must be off the house grounds-yet they whole way back, I heard not a peep from Amen-not even when I cautiously tried querying him.
>[Sake]"So who is this Amen individua-ah. You need not answer, I have been made aware. ...A rather terrifying thing to have free access to your mind."

Thread Four

Post Link: 360354
In-Game Date:TUESDAY, JANUARY 4th, 2011
Transcript:"Okay, before we do anything-you are clear that all twenty behind me, Sake, Hillevi, all the soldiers-all of them are duly invited by me, your master, unto the premises, and are to be obeyed in absence of conflicting orders from myself. This also means you cannot initiate any action upon them of your own volition-and if you have pre-existing orders that would conflict with this, tell me now."
I... had forgotten how creepy his smile is.
>[Amen]"This one hears, and obeys."

As I step aside and motion for the others to come inside and make themselves comfortable, I take Amen aside.
"Good. I actually had... well, something of a laundry list of questions for you. I cannot help but notice that our direct method of communication is rather fast. Would it harm me to spend a significant amount of time each day talking to you in such a manner? Specifically for the purposes of learning things of either mundane or magical nature?"
>[Amen]"Indeed it would. Your internal ability to synchronize with the conventional flow of time would warp and distort, given sufficient communication, and would eventually lead to a rebound effect that meant grossly reduced speed of though and action alike."
Good thing I checked that.
"Can I learn blood magic without any bloodlines?"
>[Amen]"Were you a Wizard, you could. As that shall never be the case for master, this one believes it a moot point. No magic can be learned without a bloodline for the magic to be founded on-and neither of your bloodlines supports blood manipulation magic as it stands."
"Would the bloodlines I currently possess or am aiming at acquiring allow me to perform blood magic?"
>[Amen]"Lurk, Border, Imbuing, Hurskainen-not a one you have thought of when communing with this one would in any way qualify master to learn Blood manipulation magic."
"List, in broad terms, your abilities and knowledge. Start with your most prominent abilities."
>[Amen]"Well, well well-this one is... possibly not as multifaceted as master seems inclined to believe. While it is true this one has not encountered any this one could call their equal or superior in the field of blood magic, all other fields of expertise prove to be the opposite-those better than this one exist. That said, this one is most confident in this one's Blood manipulating abilities, and next most prideful of this one's flesh manipulating abilities, all of which stem from this one's understanding of blood-which is rather divergent from normal Flesh manipulation. This one is versed in Shadow and Soul magic to a degree some would call expert-though this one is a specialist in specific applications of each field, rather than a generalist, as can be said of this one's blood magic. Beyond that this one is aware of and has dabbled in some few hundred other variants of magic, but this one has been explicitly ordered to never answer open-ended questions in totality by five different prior masters-so that is as far as this one can go 'in general'."
"Can you teach me anything about making charms, casting ritual magic, or making magical weapons?"
>[Amen]"This one is ignorant of enchanting, be it charms or weapons. However... despite master's lack of Blood manipulation magic, this one would still be able to teach several blood-based rituals that master may find useful. Perhaps master could name a specific function a ritual is desired for?"
"What would be the result if I ordered you to treat my soul shadow and/or my Kamaitachi in a Ramidreju soul brother as if they were also your masters"
>[Amen]"So long as this one calls you master, such orders would be inviolate."
"As soon as you are able to do so, without triggering a fail-safe or otherwise harming me, after any oath binding you to secrecy expires, inform me that the oath has expired along with a brief summary of the contents of the now expired oath"
>[Amen]"This one shall comply."
"You shall assemble and curate a library about magic and history in this mansion, to be accessible only to your master and those designated by your master. If you can make exact replicas of books written by authors other then yourself about these subjects, then you are to do so without changing those books except as I will soon explain. You should also write books on history and magical fields you are knowledgeable about. All books in the library, those you author, those you replicate, and those we acquire shall have no magical traps and shall carry warnings if merely learning their contents warps the mind or damages the reader in any way. Furthermore, those you author shall not attempt to manipulate the readers personality, mind, or decisions."
>[Amen]"This one shall do no such thing, for master, or any prospective master. Enough concurrent bindings expressly forbidding the transmission of information have rendered this one incapable of passing on information in any form save oral-even recordings of this one's voice lose any value as instructive instruments when played back, as a byproduct of these oaths."
"Amen, do you use Blood as fuel to your power? If we run out of blood reserves, will you be unable to perform?"
>[Amen]"While this one does require blood as 'fuel' as master intimated, this one is quite confident this one's reserves are sufficient such that no matter what master asks of this one, there will be no risk of this one running out."
"In broad terms tell me which matters concerning Savoy you can discuss. Tell me things that are useful to me. Do not take more than 20 minutes on this."
>[Amen]"Sadly, explicitly specific orders were given and an oath sealed that this one not answer general questions-likely, the only potential work around would be asking specific questions, but even then this one does not think master would learn much of substance."
"Do you know of any other devils? Less traditional ones who would deal with me?"
>[Amen]"None that would deal with master, no."
"What did Savoy pay for the arm?"
>[Amen]"Savoy paid his prospective firstborn son and inheritor of his Bloodline."
"Before, you said you knew of Savoy getting tutelage at Khubiliai's facility-Do you have more information on that?"
>[Amen]"None whatsoever. It was a stroke of luck this one found that information to begin with-and Savy, it seems, has clamped down hard on information."
"Do you know of the matron Witch of the Werewolves from Turkey?"
>[Amen]"There is no matron witch to the werewolves as a whole. If you speak of a matron to a specific clan, know that Smets did not allow me much in the way of seeking out information myself-and never chose to investigate the werewolf clans. There was no such which prior to Smets, but Ithis one could not speak for now.
>"Regarding a past... theoretical conversation, if you had a master who was known for having extensive intelligence gathering ability, who would operate from a mansion, what are, by your opinion, the 3 most likely places where he would hold the documents concerning his intelligence activities?"
>[Amen]"This one would think such an individual would specifically omit such information from a servant such as this one as a corollary to the distrust directed this one's way."
"Amen, can you use memory grafting on me like Grigori did and implant new knowledge? For example other languages?"
" Would it harm me?"
"How much?"
>[Amen]"By what metric are we measuring? On what scale is this one supposed to estimate prospective damages?"
"And would the damage be permanent or could I recover from it without leaving any soul-scars or other wounds?"
>[Amen]"The answer to that would seem based on what system you choose to have potential damages assessed on."
"Now that I have opened all the chakra points and have directed them towards stealth, is there anything more that I can do to improve them? How far am I from reaching my maximum potential?"
>[Amen]"There never was and never will be such a thing as a 'maximum' potential for a soul. Souls are ever-changing, and even if that change does not happen swiftly, that does not mean it does not occur. As to improving your chakras-this one suggests using them, if improvement is sought."
"Is it possible for me to increase my attention-field? For example, encompassing a car that I am riding instead of just my own body? If it is, how? Can you teach me it or give me right direction?"
>[Amen]"None this one knows of-attention and in general soul-sensing is a personal affair-doing it in lieu of someone else is... not something this one is familiar with." "How does one reconfigure chakras?"
>[Amen]"This one is not sure why master asks that-master is in possession of a Spirit-manipulation magic based bloodline, making master's question the equivalent of 'how does one breathe?' "

Concerning Amen:
-He is to take only the minimal amount of action needed to accomplish our orders as intended, and no other action.
-At the end of the process, the only change in our state or that of anyone I direct him to work upon should be the one requested.
-No damage or alteration should be done to them mind, body, or soul by the process. If the process cannot be accomplished without damage, pause and discuss what is necessary and why, and what is needed to mitigate any damage to an acceptable (i.e. can be rapidly healed) level and any alteration to a minimal (i.e. will not significantly impact our abilities, personality, or decisions) level.
-The process should not alter one's personality in any way, nor influence us to take actions we would not have taken before except insofar as we have additional knowledge to draw upon. It should not make us more inclined to like, dislike, trust, or distrust any party, or otherwise change our views or inclinations towards others unless that was the explicitly stated goal of the alteration.
-No information in our mind should be lost, destroyed, or altered by the process except that which is explicitly stated as in need of such change.
-No information or alteration which would by its nature harm us in any fashion should be given to us. If information we have requested would be harmful in nature to us, pause and discuss what kind of information it is and the expected harm.
-If at any point in the process we begin to take significant damage, either as an immediate part of the process or due to accumulated stress from the ongoing process, it is to be immediately stopped in a fashion which will cause us no further harm.
-The information given should be as lasting as any real memory, and free of any restriction that would bind it to terminate when a similar aged natural memory did.
-The duration required to transmit the information in the outlined fashion should be stated before the process begins, and transmission should not proceed without approval of that figure.
-The process should leave the information with us in a form which does not bear significant signs of or influence by its origin in any way.
-Prior to carrying out our orders, Amen should summarize in terms which we can easily understand all practical effects and side effects of the actions which he is about to take, and proceed only if given approval. The summary should require no more than five minutes and omit no points which we would consider significant
I smile after adding all of this to my existing rough orders with Amen regarding how to alter others-and invite the Russians to take me up on my offer of blood cleansing
Unsurprisingly Matvey is the first to step forward-and when the process is shown to be nothing more than amen touching a finger to a cuticle and pulling free an eyedropper's worth of blood, the rest quickly follow.

In one single minute, ever last one of them has had Jidkova's blood-and with it, Chugainov's ability to track them-excised from their body. The relief each of the soldiers feels is palpable.

So it is that, with Amen safer to use than ever before, I propose to him teaching me a few languages-Turkish, Mandarin, Italian and Japanese, specifically. He notes that he can teach me Italian and Turkish-but that his understanding of either of the other languages is out of date enough he suspects it to be unusable. I decide to let that be, and, after being assured that gaining the knowledge will comply with my presented orders to Amen-I am forcibly made aware of the Italian and Turkish languages, which, other than incurring a brief period where the language I think in fluctuates wildly, seems to have nothing irregular associated with it. When I start asking about learning other magics though, Amen cautions that repetitious memory implantation even performed by masterful craftsman carries a considerable risk-

So I choose to let that topic drop for now.

Post Link: 360885
In-Game Date:TUESDAY, JANUARY 4th, 2011
Transcript:I decide I'll be talking with Amen a bit more first-just reading off my list like that still left some... points of contention and interest.
"Amen, if any of the prisoners you took still has his or her soul, and is currently under your control, move him or her to a secure location where he or she will not be found. Keep him or her alive until such a time as I require him or her. This relates to the devil I mentioned earlier. If no such prisoners meet that requirement, and if it is safe for you to tell me as per our previous conversation regarding these prisoners, tell me so."
Amen stands still for a but a moment... that normal tidy smile not present. In but a moment the creature is bowing obsequiously to me, a respectful response springing to its lips.
>[Amen]"This one hears... and obeys."
And says nothing more.
"Additionally, the next prisoner you take is to be held in isolation, and kept alive and comfortable. Strip him or her of any tools, weapons, or other artifacts mundane or magical, and then alert me before taking any further action beyond restraint and material goods deprivation."
>[Amen]"Once, once once more, this one hears... and obeys."
"I have new orders regarding orders from guests. Do not take aggressive action against any guest at the direction of another guest. If such an order is given, tell me and await further orders from me."
"Do not allow guests to steal from my accounts, my cash, my valuables, or any such that are associated with this estate. Beyond this restraint, guests should have their needs met through measures equal to that which a five star hotel would provide as complimentary items, were such a hotel stocked similarly to the household. If guests require items not available in the household or which are beyond the scope of what the rhetorical hotel would provide alert me to their requirements."
>[Amen]"Then this one must note the house will require a great deal more body soap, shampoo, shaving accoutrements, towels, toilet paper, mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrushes to start, as well as eleven additional televisions to allow each room one. Beyond that master would have to clarify which five star hotel's amenities this one is to be comparing against."
>"Smug bastard."
"That should suffice to start. Provide civilian clothes of appropriate fit and modern style to each of the guests who will be staying overnight, with the specific styles being chosen to make the wearer not stand out in an average crowd in Istanbul. Provide them with three changes of clothing for now, including underwear, socks, and a pair of sneakers. Provide each overnight guest with a formal outfit appropriate for a party tonight as well, including appropriate shoes and undergarments. Individualize the formal wear. Let me know if there are any complaints, and tell me what items we are low or out of which a guest could require and which would reasonably be provided as complimentary per the aforementioned rhetorical five star hotel model I established."
>[Amen]"This one is to dip into the house stock of fabrication materials to provide aforementioned fitted clothing particulars? Elsewise this one might have to get creative in what the clothes are made of."
"No, I think in this case you get permission to use whatever fabric Smets or others had stored here-but only insofar as to provide these clothes."
>[Amen]"This one hears and obeys, obeys, obeys."
"I... suppose that's all for now."

I decide to ask if anyone has an objection to picking up two languages instantly, and just becoming fluent overnight. Everyone thinks that's a fucking awesome idea. So it is we call Amen in, and I explain how that shit works-that I can have him just implant knowledge of English and Turkish into everyone's heads (omitting all the other wonderful things he can do) and all we have to do to keep it safe is give him specific enough orders he can't obey them and NOT make it safe. Pretty soon the military mindset conjoins with drunken greed and focus-nearly an hour passes as the Russians bombard Amen with questions about possible repercussions to the spellwork-all the while drinking even more. Finally even Creep is satisfied-and with a bark from Matvey, all finish downing their respective bottles and ask me to have Amen do its thing.

So it is that, on a drunken initiative, I made Hillevi and eighteen Russians fluent in English and Russian with the help of a Blood Construct made out of hate that is disturbingly helpful.

I get up, not all that surprised I was sprawled naked on the master bed, mentally call for Amen, in my morning fugue asking not where my clothes were-but simply for some clothing.
I turn to Amen in this moment before the others begin to wake, ever more questions coming to mind.

"Amen, can you tell me who the intruders were and if I ask can I tell you to stop doing to them whatever it is you are doing and decide their fate myself?"
"Could we have different kind of telepathic conversation which is harmless to me?"
>[Amen]"Not without it being of equivalent speed to verbal communication and thus in no way superior from a magical standpoint, as it would be easily detected."
"Those rituals you mentioned: I am interested in them. Tell me 5 most useful and interesting rituals which you can teach me"
Amen's smile does NOT make me too pleased with thinking of that question.
[INSANITY RITUAL GAINED] (Cast mind to Elder realm)
[FAMILY CURSE RITUAL GAINED] (Generational death)

I refuse to let myself be daunted by the depravity of what Amen just so casually taught me.
"Amen, what can you do with Jidkova's blood that could be useful to me?"
>[Amen]"This one respectfully suggests a shorter answer would involve what this one could NOT do with the girl's blood."
"Amen, if I provide you with written, audio and visual materials concerning the language learning could you learn new languages and update or improve the ones you know already? Could you then memory-graft them to me after you learn them?"
>[Amen]"This one is... most restricted in how this one is allowed to view new information. This one cautions master about attempting to... teach this one."
"Amen, I know that your powers are restricted to the area of this mansion but how far are you powers restricted in vertical axis? How deep and how far above can you exercise them? Can you make new floors upwards and/or new subterranean floors?"
>[Amen]"Why yes, this one has no vertical restrictions-and yes, this one could craft more floors, rooms or basements, as desired."

Post Link: 361116
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
>[Amen]"Yes master?"
"Lead me to the sewers please."
>[Amen]"Before this one complies this one must note the sewer access this house is outfitted with is... not friendly to mortals, and would thus be classified as harm to master. Sadly, it cannot be deactivated."
Well, there goes my plan of 'sewering' to my destination. Does reinforce my plan to stay classily attired, though.
"Amen, I need a Trenchcoat."
Instead of even saying anything, a light tan thickly-mantled trenchcoat is dramatically flung over my shoulders, the empty sleeves hanging at my sides, the shoulders easily catching on my own, the jacket secure even as I walk. ...Damnit, how does Amen DO that?
>"Even I don't want to ask."

Post Link: 361939
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
Transcript:Right-time for some speedy thought-Amen, I got orders for you.
>[Amen]"Yes, yes yes?"
Using an untraceable line, call the Turkish police and do what you must without in any way implicating me, my colleagues, yourself, or anyone related to any of us, to convince them that Blackbeard is in this building, it is rigged to explode, and that he is presumably baiting a trap.
>[Amen]"This one is placing a call as this one communes further-was there more, master?"
What kinds of magic could cause the types of sores I noted on corpses in this building?
>[Amen]"Heartsores are charactaristic of blended Blood and Flesh manipulation magic-a way of claiming hearts blood and slaying a foe simultaneously."
Could any other magics have caused it?
>[Amen]"Several, but none nearly as efficient as what was just mentioned, nor as comparatively commonly in use."
Any chance Blackbeard's weapons could have done it?
>[Amen]"Slim to none, but with masters' senses this one cannot be certain."
Last order for the moment: Communicate, again following the guidelines we've established on safe mental communication, the following to Matvey Baich: A message from Armas: Get men out of building immediately, and be prepared to fire upon a body coming out of the recently damaged sixth floor windows. Following that, be prepared to immediately vacate any roof-tops, as threat escalation suggests helicopters will be inbound.
>[Amen]"..The words have been conveyed, and this one's connected with the police. The tip master desired shall be placed momentarily.

Post Link: 362157
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
Transcript:Amen, call the Sometimes Merchant, ask him if he'd be capable of claiming known magical items-swords, specifically-from the wreckage of the insurance building. >[Amen]"This one is aware of the Wyld Goblins having no claim of jurisdiction in the undersewers-to this one's understanding they cannot act freely without... repercussion, save within their own layer of that which lies beneath Istanbul."
How do you know he will not claim them?
>[Amen]"Out of a collective twelve thousand, eight hundred ninety three seperate times this one has witness and/or taken part in deals with the wyld goblins, in Turkey or otherwise, they have without exception refused requests similar to this. A pattern seems suggested."
Well shit then. What's Matvey say about the surface status?
>[Amen]"That helicopters are visible, his men are off the rooftops, and he has retrieved those you had your Soul Brother transport out of the building."
Ask them to start heading back to the house to regroup.
>[Amen]"This one obeys."

..Say Amen, what's Hillevi doing?
>[Amen]"Currently? Complying with Matvey and Sake's directions."
..Huh, was expecting her to be.. distraught at the whole 'building dropped on head' thing.
>[Amen]"This one has seen no evidence she cares that much about master."
>[Iron Trick]"Hah, BUURN, not as popular as you thought you were, are ya?

Post Link: 362523
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
Transcript:Well, can't be going into this blind-just wouldn't do. Amen, you've seen what I've seen, heard what I've heard-what do you think these things are?
>[Amen]"This one has several ideas. They could be scouting Dvergr-or perhaps Gitwerc, as it is this one's understanding the Germanic dwarves do hold some footing beneath this city. If they were such dwarves, befriending them would likely be impossible, as they do not take well to non-dwarven kind, except when one can treat with them from a position of clearly visible power. Of course, if these were Dunter or Hobgoblins, the other two possibilities this one deems probable, master would be advised to pursue diplomacy, considering the common traits shared with such entities, and their amenability to defining colleagues by profession, not birth."

>[Amen]"Master has orders for this one, one one?"
Well for one I'll be arriving shortly with two supernatural guests who are to be afforded the same Guest status that the Russians, Hillevi and Hafaz, Hadar, Shaya, Yoni and Ahmed are afforded.
>[Amen]"This one is to take that as implicit orders to extend such Guestright to the ones you named, in addition to the incumbent guests master brings?"
That is correct.
>[Amen]"Heard and obeyed."
I... was going to ask about a mind overlay, but to do that you'd have to do something decidedly different from conventional communication right? Would something attuned to blood be able to detect the difference?
>[Amen]"Given that this one is now quite certain master is indeed dealing with those called Dunter, Powries or most commonly Red Caps, the chances that they would NOT notice the distinction are less than the likelihood that they would notice it, given your proximity and lack of external, distracting stimuli for them beyond the few corpses."
How... would Red Caps commonly take such a detection, or can you say with any certainty?
>[Amen]"Commonly with precautionary termination of dialogue and immediate segue into slaughter and feasting to prevent impending issue-they can be quite cautious creatures, as a whole, despite their inexhaustible bloodlust."
...Well fuck THAT plan then-I'm not going to try the same trick as I did with Grigori if I'm likely to be detected, and the expected outcome is my death.

>[Amen]"Ah, this one sees master brought the aforementioned guests. Welcome to Master's manse, friend Red Capped Dunters of eternal youth."

Post Link: 363187
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
Transcript:Amen, know that unless I give explicit orders concerning it-which you can assume I did NOT with Ricky or Lucy here-otherwise, any nonmortal guests to my house are assumed any right to get services or answers from your for themselves. You are not to talk to those Red caps or magical being without my presence, nor to communicate with them mentally at all unless explicitly ordered to. You will still be restricted from any form of harm to them unless they break their bond as guest first.
My veins throb at our proximity.
>[Amen]"This one obeys."

"Amen, I need a new suit of equal quality but different make, and to be clean and presentable-expediency is key so long as no harm is incurred-or trauma."
I see Amen smile, empty platters and flagons in hand.
My skin feels as if it's being stretched in every direction possibly from every single point all at that same time, a complete tactile overload-
Sensory normalcy returns me to...

A body devoid of grime, either my own blood and gore, or the dust and grit of the crashed building. Gone is the shredded, dilapidated burgundy suit. In it's place is a suit so sleekly black I almost question if it's even made of cloth not shadow, only reluctantly accepting Amen's assurances the attire is nonmagical.

"Amen, bring me whatever of my personal supply of magical meat you think would be most nourishing and replenishing to my depleted energies right now rendered in sandwich form-bring two, actually."

A door to my left opens-and Amen walks out, plate with two massive sandwiches secured with... bone toothpicks... on a flat platter.
>[Amen]"As ordered, ordered, ordered. As this one found no Erinyes or Pheonix material, all remaining meats save the undead flesh were pooled for consumption."
I'm drooling as the tangy smell of the stone ground mustard slathered over those massive, beastly sandwiches hits me.

Only one thing's missing.
Amen, I'm going to need a coat...

I'll be honest: I don't really know what kind of fur it is that makes up my mid-calf-length dark greenish brown fur coat that Sake so happily snuggles into once I don it to become a suspiciously natural looking collar about my neck, and frankly I'm not sure I want to ask.

Post Link: 363362
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
Transcript:Amen tell my present Guests that they may be expecting police at the residence soon, so all should change their attire, and to be discrete if confronted. Further, I need you to not capture a police officer, or harm one, or do anything to them beyond using whatever legal right you have to refuse them entrance and without implicating myself or my guests. No kidnapping or slaying law officers without my explicit orders otherwise, is that understood?
>[Amen]"...This one hears and obeys."

Post Link: 363488
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
Transcript:Amen, I need you to speak to Hillevi, and explain to her that I'm currently on scene for a rather lethally high-level magical gang fight soon-call it competing magic clans if that doesn't make sense to her-and then inform her she can come participate if she wishes. I also need you to speak with Sometimes Merchant, and see what it would cost to guide Hillevi through the sewers to the nearest access point to the docks one time.
>[Amen]"This one can comment on the latter a priori to the former: The goblin would desire a single free secret from you-guide services are an old tradition of theirs, and how they first interacted with mortals of the city above."
A single secret? What makes it a secret?
>[Amen]"It must be information someone other than master wants to not be spread, that the goblin does not already know. What it is beyond that is inconsequential to the deal."
Well since you know that much, do you know how long it will take her to get here via the sewers?
>[Amen]"This one assumes that, were master's ward to be... expedient... she could make it in less then ten minutes."
Then do communicate that if she IS interested she'd best hurry, and assist her in acquiring such guidance as we just discussed in my name, such that I pay the secret to the merchant at our next conversation.
>[Amen]"This one understands, and obeys, obeys-obeys."
>"Ask him if he knows why the goblin shadowmasters said they can only teach me in the sewers."
What, you never told me-
>"More important things at the time-but ask."
Amen, do you know why the goblins can't train in shadowmagic outside of the sewers?
>[Amen]"Magic tied to their blood and souls, to be properly imparted, must be shared in a nexus of strength-such as one's home, or land."
Interesting-do you know enough about Goblinic shadowmagic to know if it'd allow my shadow to survive my death
>[Amen]"This one has personally observed Turkish Wyld Goblin shadows persist and flee their owner's deaths, so this one would assume so."
Well... I guess I should start doing things so Amen has time to verbalize that to Hillevi.

>[Amen]"This one informs master that Hillevi accepted the offer, and wonders if there's anything you need her to bring."
Ah-tell her to come as heavily armed as she feels comfortable.

Post Link: 366521
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
Transcript:Amen, I want you to build a new subterranean living environs-two bedroom, one bath, a kitchen and a dining room, and make it accessible from both the sewers and under sewers.
>[Amen]"This one inquires if there are any auxiliary prerogatives this one must follow when constructing such a thing."
Yeah, if you know what motif or themes Red Caps like-or even if there is a general theme Red Caps like so far as decoration goes-then style it that way.
>[Amen]"This one can comply... to a point. This one has no permission to erase existent Wyld Goblin territory to create a connection down to the undersewers."
...Alright, we can leave that out for now-so you can satisfy all other aspects of my request concerning this construction?
>[Amen]"Barring there being contextual modifiers this one is not aware of at this time but will become aware of during the course of the endeavor, yes."
Okay, I also want you to construct a wind tunnel-
>[Amen]"This one cannot create or alter objects/machinery that directly manipulates wind, resonant frequencies, the internet, super cooled fluids, molten metal and/or living flora, per prior master's bindings. This one supposes one versed in Soul Binding could potentially remove specific bindings from this one-which could erase this restriction."
>[Amen]"Prior masters professed... dissatisfaction with services rendered in each of the mentioned fields prior to placing the new rule upon this one."
What did you do?
>[Amen]"As it happens, each following master, on asking that question, forbade this one from ever explaining the event again. As of this moment, none of the aforementioned restrictions is considered a viable topic relative to how I am bound."
...What did Smets restrict you from?
>[Amen]"Nothing-the prior master mentioned chose to not ask this one to ever construct anything, after hearing of the most recent event."
Which category did that most recent event fall under?
>[Amen]"Interaction with / manipulation of the collective information repository known as the internet."
....I don't know which urge is greater: The urge to never, ever ever find out what he did-or the burning urge to know and damn the consequences. For now, I don't have to figure that out-as I transition to a different topic.

"My apologies on crashing your room, just passing through-Amen!"
>[Amen]"Yes, master?"
The Russian who's name continues to escape me doesn't even jump when Amen's suddenly... there, as if he was always in the room and merely reminded us of his presence.
"I'll need to you dispose of my current attire-store the sanguine excretions in the cellars with the rest of the stored blood until I ask for it-I'll need a new suit-"

"What storage medium do we have that would most ably preserve the remaining energy in these fragments?"
>[Amen]"Master's familial stone weapon? Hm, hm hmm... this one is reasonably certain anywhere in this room would suffice, as the entire room is designed to act as a large scale, passive seal to prevent magical transmission through its walls. There is nowhere else here that can surpass what this room offers, relative to master's current needs."
"All right then."
I carefully lay out the mere's handle and each of the shards on top of a small end table, likewise placing the reaper charm set and gun parts next to it.
"Don't let anyone, including yourself, touch or otherwise interact with any of these items beyond nonphysical observation. If someone does not wish to comply, call me and I'll give you further instructions."
>[Amen]"Of course."
"The blood from these rags and the soul that was added to my eye today-I wish both to be stored here, in this room, with the charm set. Do we have any reliquaries, phylacteries or spiritual wells that could make this happen?"
>[Amen]"If this one can direct master's attention this way-"
I glance to my right-and see the once-bloodstained rags now spotless, a delicate glass vial with silver lines traced over it's surface now sitting next to the charms, alongside.... what looks vaguely like an overlarge chrysalis half the size of my palm. Now that I look at it, I can perceive the soul I claimed less than an hour ago dimly flitting about within. ...Damn, but Amen can be sly enacting things.
>[Amen]"This one will need to know how master wants to be garbed."

My phone's midway to my ear after having hit SM's speed dial when I realize I'm naked and completely clean. ...I was fully clothed FIVE seconds ago, and Amen hasn't touched me. No, you know what, not even giving him the satisfaction of reacting to that.

"I'm thinking an undershirt and briefs/shorts combo that can double as workout or sparring attire, under a white suit. Throw some of the good old orange in too, and some striping wouldn't hurt, I think."
>[Amen]"This one endeavors to satisfy-how is this?"
The clothes Amen provides are rather interesting. What appear to be albino crocodile leather shoes cover my feet, with a white silk suit weighed down with cloth-of-silver vertical striping is left unbuttoned, a minimally ruffled cloth-of-gold shit sits beneath a brilliantly neon solid orange bow tie. I belatedly realize the bow tie's center... has a smiley face on it.

....It's perfect.
"It will do. The blood's stored?"
>[Amen]"As requested."
"And can you do something with the Reaper charms?"
>[Amen]"The charms master brought? What specifically is it this one is to 'do'?"
...I hadn't actually thought that through.
"I'll mull it over. Until later."

Post Link: 366807
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
Transcript:>[Ito]"...Fine, then answer this: did this 'thing' open chakras with only your energy, or with some of it's own it stuck in you?"
"I'm guessing that's relevant to how you assess it."
Amen, did the action you took concerning my chakras qualify by Ito's standards?
>[Amen]"No, this one invested no energy in master to elicit changes, this one used it's blood in master to convince master's bodies to open the chakras itself."

"Okay Amen, you know what food stuffs there are in the pantry. You know what foodstuffs I personally have left. You even know what recipes I have translated from the goblin cookbook. So what recipes can we make with what's on hand?"
>[Amen]"This one knows of two recipes that could be followed: A light appetizer, a salad mixed with strips of roasted harpy and a blood-derived vinaigrette, which the book titled 'The Happy Harpy', and a heavy entree, hag liver over a bed of rice fried with slices of mandragora titled 'Screaming Liver'. Which of the two would master desire ingredients for?"

Post Link: 367682
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
Transcript:So it is that I pose a question in Te Reo, having to take my time as I properly structure the sentence in the disused tongue.

"Are you capable of providing charms that are... self-contained, and do not harm the wearer?"
>[Amen]"This one is."
"Charms which, ah, obscure the identity of the wearer by making the wearer appear to be a specific person, and which operate on a... limited, duration? "
" And can said charms be designed to be... ah.... deniable... items, themselves untraceable should they be captured?"
>[Amen]"This one is capable of such."
"Good. Please ask Sake to come in here."
But first I want you to verbally tell me, in Te Reo, what you can observe of my chakra's current alignment.
>[Amen]"This one is not certain the question is understood-master's chakras are not aligned to anything, and as such cannot be observed relative to a non-existent alignment."

"Amen, another question for you: Are either of these courses unhealthy for a mundane human?"
>[Amen]"This one is aware of no such association, but this one cannot access recorded information much anymore."
Well that just fills me with confidence. Still, I didn't see any warnings in the recipe, and I had my first such meal when I was... pretty normal... mostly. Should be fine.
I switch back to Te Reo.
"[i I also need an inventory, insofar as you can explain without risk to me, of the magical meat and blood in the stores that the Redcaps can eat without harm and would enjoy. Do we have enough that we could serve the equivalent in magical energy to myself after making four servings of each of the courses that have just been proposed?[/i]"
>[Amen]"To the second question, this one is certain such nutritional needs could be met-but this one is required to caution master the first time master requests an inventory of... the celler. Prior masters had conflicting orders regarding its design, and the orders had to be followed. Space is bent, warped there-an answer no longer can be understood by a mind with any sanity, this one is sad to say."
...Okay then.
"Get Matvey, please."
>[Amen]"This one obeys."

Amen, did you move Silja's vessel into the kitchen?
>[Amen]"This one undertook no such action."
Do you know who did?
>[Amen]"This one is aware of no individual responsible for moving the rifle."
...You don't know who moved it within this house? I thought this was your go-to domain.
>[Amen]"This one must acknowledge master as correct: All the same, this one knows of no one that could be named culprit for the action."

Post Link: 368350
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 5th, 2011
Transcript:The moment I set foot within the house I speak in Te Reo.
"Amen, have you finished the new accommodations I requested? Answer this and the following questions in Te Reo."
>[Amen]"This one has performed that task, master."
This time I avoid even blinking as Amen is abruptly there, mere feet from my side.
"Good, good-and how much total blood do you have on hand in this house?"
>[Amen]"What unit of measurement would master prefer to employ?"
"Since it seems thematically appropriate particularly with how the prior master likely viewed such reserves-how about by the barrel?"
>[Amen]"There are multiple variants of 'barrel' as a unit of measurement-"
"A fifty gallon barrel, then."
>[Amen]"Then This one must note a total of eighteen thousand, four hundred twelve barrels worth in this one's care, rounding down. "
Holy crap that's a lot of blood.
"How many independent donors?"
>[Amen]"All said and done, blood from one one hundred thirty three thousand, nine hundred eighty two individuals have been noted in the reserves."
Again, holy crap.
"How many of those individuals are currently alive?"
>[Amen]"Less than two hundred, the specific number being uncertain due to some of the living taking occlusion-based countermeasures to ensure privacy."
"How much of the blood is from non-human sources, and what are the predominant inhuman sources?"
>[Amen]"An appreciable fraction of the total blood is inhuman-it's primarily Shellycoat, Imp, Sahaguin and Sprite blood. This one must note the most magically charged of the blood, the top 2%, as it were, is all harvested from humans."
"So how much of the blood is from Practitioners?"
>[Amen]"Eight percent of the total human blood."
"How much of that practitioner blood is Winter aspected, and able to influence my still incomplete bloodline?"
>[Amen]"A tenth of the practitioner blood."
I rub my chin as Hillevi rather comically begins to pout at me immediately gibbering away in a language she doesn't understand the moment I walk in the door, the day after I 'helped' her triple the number of languages she speaks. Her irritation is candy to me.
" Without giving me a complete inventory, bring to me a quantity of non-human meat from the house reserves that contains thrice the magical energy contained within my own body, selected so that it has no chance of aspecting the third component of my winter bloodline node, is no more than three times as energy dense as myself, and would have no more side effects to the Redcaps or I than Kelpie Crisps could have or me."
>[Amen]"Stringent requirements, but this one can-"
"I'm not finished. It may not contain any of your own blood, flesh, magic, or its workings. This meat cannot be of any being that if it were known we were eating would result in comment being made or action taken within the supernatural community, or would offend the Redcaps in any way, or is one of the intruders we have ordered to be taken captive pending orders deciding their fate.”
Something that looks dangerously close to a mocking frown flits across Amen's face.
>[Amen]"Then master's request cannot be honored, as nothing meets all the criteria master presented. This one is most apologetic about this. Perhaps master would wish to allow this one to use its own flesh, or perhaps allow abominable consumables?"
That small smirk on it's face belies Amen's words.
I rub my chin as I consider what to do from here.
"If the 'thrice the magical energy' portion of that request was dropped, how would the most magically imbued foodstuffs stack up against my own body's magical imbuements?"
>[Amen]"The best this one could offer would vary between one third and two fifths of master's magical energy, depending on the particular section of meat used. This one notes some seventy pounds of this particular meat is within the house's larder."
That.... that's crap.
>[Iron Trick]"Are you truly so spoiled, so self-assured of your entitlement, that you are disappointed with all the, from your perspective at least, free goodies? Impressive, that." I ignore Trick's comment as I try to stay productive in my conversation.
" Give me a list of Winter or Summer bloodlines that you have samples of. In addition, do you have any Redcap blood or flesh?"
>[Amen]"This one does have the flesh of Dunters within the house stock-as to bloodlines, this one possesses varients of summer aspected heat manipulation, and winter aspected ice and wind manipulation. No blood within either stock is from a compounded line, or indeed from an established family that is still active."
Which likely translates to 'worthless insofar as filling my winter slot' goes. Not really surprised there, that would have been.... disturbingly easy.
" This morning I encountered a couple of entities described as Ashfreaks. Can you tell me what they are most commonly known as in the supernatural community, as well as any pertinent information you possess that will not harm me.”
>[Amen]"...Ash freaks? This one is not familiar with the term."
"Okay, maybe you don't know the name, but the whole 'sores over the hearts of victims, creatures of what looked like physical shadow' that has to ring some bells doesn't it?"
>[Amen]"This one must regrettably inform master it is entirely ignorant of the existence of such creatures's existence, and as an extension of that, their capabilities and inclination."
I'd find that easier to accept if Amen didn't look so damnably smug.

"Amen, if you exclude all foods and bloods that I could personally benefit from the consumption of, how much of the top five percent of flesh and blood, respectively, is available for serving to the Red Caps?"
>[Amen]"This one must request clarity on 'benefit' to master."
"Consumables that would positively contribute to me beyond the flat magical energy they carry."
>[Amen]"This one must admit to having some two hundred eighty pounds of meat, and thirty two barrels of blood that meet master's presented criteria."
"In your experience, how much of a Red Cap's appetite is oriented around blood, versus flesh-or is that somethign you can approximate?"
>[Amen]"This request can most certainly be met. Red Caps derive roughly ninety percent of their sustenance from blood, via osmosis through their 'hats'"
Thirty two barrels, that'd be sixteen hundred gallons... okay, maybe I'll serve only half of the meat to start-keep the ratio in line, and serve more if they ask. I'm already resigning myself to the fact I'll have to host them multiple times as I don't have anything 'safe' to offer that could pay off my debt in one meal.
"Then prepare all thirty two barrels within the room for easy tapping, and have the meats on hand and ready to serve. I'd also-"
>[Amen]"This one must note the guests in question have arrived at our lower entrance-shall I let them in?"
Already? It's only... six forty two. The sun's largely set, so I can't complain about them being early...
"Convey a message you'll be at the entryway to let them in shortly-first, move the food as requested, and guide me to the new accommodations."
Amen bows before beginning to walk. As I follow him, I call out to Hillevi in Finnish.

Post Link: 368663
In-Game Date:THURSDAY, JANUARY 6th, 2011
Transcript:"Mra, *bleck* Amen!"
>[Amen]"Yes master?"
"Who is making that noise? And why are you still dressed in that suit? It's rad, but you haven't changed clothes since I've come back."
>[Amen]"This one was told to wear this attire, and given no directive to change."
"...Huh. So what's making that noise?"
>[Amen]"Boris-he has restless leg syndrome, and is decidedly... regular in his manifestation."
...Alright then.

...Something resurfaces in my mind, and I call Amen without delay. I dimly note the thumping to have stopped some time ago.
"You still have that blood presumed from the individual called Blackbeard, correct?"
>[Amen]"This one does."
"I want you to attempt to locate, and kill or incapacitate him."
>[Amen]"This one is entirely blocked from manipulating this blood's owner, interestingly. It is a magical method this one is curiously not familiar with."
"Not even locate him?"
>[Amen]"This one assures master that, so far as blood goes, this no longer has any connection to the one that shed it-perhaps it never had it would be more appropriate. This one would be most curious to see more samples, as it were."

I speak in Te Reo.
>[Amen]"Yes, yes yes?"
"As you know, I can detect the attention that people pay to me using senses inherent to my soul, and I have observed a mundane human use such senses to be able to determine someone's posture and actions without being able to physically see them. List all the various latent spiritual senses that mundane humans can detect."
>[Amen]"...None. Mundane humans cannot detect latent spiritual senses."
”In the same terms as you described your own abilities, tell me what you currently knows about which styles of magic my bloodlines currently support, and what each of the alternatives for the third aspect of our winter bloodline would enable me to support.”
>[Amen]"Firstly, this one must inform master that if master continues to slur, irrelevant of intoxication this one will be required to not take orders for a minimum of one hour. Secondly, this one is not certain the question is understood: Master's Summer line is flesh manipulation, master's winter line is soul manipulation-that is that. Or did master mean internal versus external? Master must know the winter line affects both, while the summer line's internalized only."
I roll my tongue about in my mouth, wishing I wasn't butchering my questions with ill-practiced Te Reo.
“You mentioned earlier that soul manipulation abilities should make aligning chakra like breathing, but, as pearl divers demonstrate, there's breathing and breathing. Give the top advantages and disadvantages that you expect a Shaolin chakra master would consider my winter bloodline to give. I am also interested in any interactions between my summer bloodline and chakra use, so if you can describe any potential synergies, and their downsides you are aware of between them, or between the paired use of my bloodline and chakra, tell me now, unless the knowledge would harm me.”
>[Amen]"This one must answer the latter first: Master has already been harmed by that knowledge. Opposed courts cannot mix-and master's chakras are now part of master's Winter Line. There is no arbitrary wiggle room within this-it is inviolate magical law. To master's former demand, this one would assume the 'restore to life on death' the most important part of the bloodline."
"You know I meant in regards to my chakras."
>[Amen]"This one knows no such thing. This one has been forbidden from reading implicit meaning from orders-so there is nothing that can be done. Master must be clear on what is desired to attain it. Though in regards to master's chakras, they are simply larger and connected to more power than chakras normally are, as most bloodline users do not both overmuch with chakra use. Ultimately, things a chakra master would already be expected to have."

...I probably should have thought those questions through better. Or worked on my phrasing. Or something. On the plus side, only Amen knows it.
"Don't mention this conversation to anyone for any reason without my personal, explicit permission to do so."

Post Link: 369498
In-Game Date:THURSDAY, JANUARY 6th, 2011
>[Amen]"This one is listening."
You recall the wording I used on how to safely store prisoners unharmed, mind body or soul?
>[Amen]"This one recalls directives such as those."
Those now apply to all intruders.
>[Amen]"...This one hears and obeys."

Post Link: 369638
In-Game Date:THURSDAY, JANUARY 6th, 2011
Transcript:"Amen, do you have any titles amongst the Red Cap population?" >[Amen]"Some that this one recalls, yes. This one recalls being titled Athair Fola several times, as well as Comhlacht Weaver. This one was also briefly called Ollphéist Ifreann."
"Oh yes, and from now on, you must get explicit permission from me to make any deals with any parties from here on out."
I feel... something, briefly radiate from Amen.
>[Amen]"This one hears and obeys."

"Fine. Oh-Amen? Can you provide Sake with a slowed down view of Ricky's movements, again without incurring any harm?"
>[Amen]"This one can."
"Do so then. Let me know if you figure anything out, Sake."
I have Amen bring me the Punt gun, and run my magic senses over it. ....Well, I'm already certain there's no way I can use this: The gun seems to convert recoil into direct physical harm to the user's body-and it generates ammunition from pulling iron from the user's blood. That's... just not going to work for a human to use. Sure, fires a hornet's nest worth of massive metal spikes-but still.

Continuing to keep my phone in hand, I ask Amen a few more questions as I stretch, pleased I'm already feeling fresh(er) from the beating I took earlier.
"Are you familiar with Hafaz' fighting style, Gyaketsuote?"
>[Amen]"This one had not heard of it before, but has now observed it's use, and feels moderately familiar with it's function. Why?"
"Could my brothers use it?"
>[Amen]"Master's brothers should not be able to. It's restricted to working with a human body as an origin point, so far as this one sees. Perhaps your shadow soul could use it within the Dark, but not in the physical realm."
"So, no way you can think of they could assist me in it's use?"
>[Amen]"Short of harmonizing all three of your souls so you could benefit from their conjoined will boosting your bluff, no."
"I see. Give me the list of all the magical items you can detect, are aware of, or any information you can access suggests is within your sphere of influence that the direct knowledge of won't hurt me. Tell we how many magical items fall into the latter category."
>[Amen]"Per existing orders, this one must seek clarity: Would this list except magic items master is already aware of?"
>[Amen]"Then there are none. This one notes this one's prior master was fond of acquiring such items only for the purposes of selling them, with the exception of the collection master already sold off to the goblins."

"Amen, when I give the command, you are to answer the goddess Whaitiri's questions. You should base your responses on any knowledge or skill that you can access within your sphere of influence save mine or my guests' minds, and you cannot perform any experiments or otherwise act to gain new knowledge. You are to do nothing save impart information, which itself can have no intrinsic ability to harm the listener or distort their decision making abilities."
>[Amen]"This one is incapable of Worship or Belief generation: How is this one to contact Whaitiri?"
>"I'll give him permission to use my shadowmere as a conduit-I'll handle the wording, just tell him."
"My brother will handle the method of contact. Now is my order understood?"
>"..And we're ready on this end."
"Then Amen, I command you to answer Whaitiri's questions as I outlined."
>[Amen]"This one shall obey."
>"..Yeah, she's liking the sound of this. Well, this should keep me busy, acting as middle man."

...With no further call, I get Amen in the room to answer a few more questions as midnight approaches.
"Amen, I've been wondering: Can you teach me how to make charms?"
>[Amen]"Regrettably, this one has been explicitly ordered to not instruct any individual, even a master, in how to craft any form of magical item. This one is still capable of crafting such items itself, but this one's work cannot persist outside of the house grounds without an order otherwise from master."
Damn. That.... that kind of kills my line of questioning, since all of it was based off the assumption he could teach me. ...Something feels a bit off here, but that could easily just be me being tired.

"Okay-back to those Illusion charms you mentioned you could craft. Do the charms mimic the appearance of specific people?"
>[Amen]"They do."
"Do you have blood in the house' stock that is not derived from a known criminal, celebrity, or anyone who has been alive within the last... century?"
>[Amen]"This one does not."
"Fifty years then?"
>[Amen]"This one could honor such a requested crafting restriction as those dead at least fifty years, lacking a known criminal background and lacking any celebrity status."
"Good. Whenever you do make the charms, only use blood fitting this criteria."
>[Amen]"This one obeys."
"Next, do the charms carry any risk of harming the wearer in any way?"
>[Amen]"Only if the user's body contained less spiritual potential than that contained within the drops of blood contributed to the charm."
"Will that be an issue if you are restricted to non-magical blood?"
"Can the charms defeat electronic surveillance?"
>[Amen]"No. Further, this one knows of no illusory magics that can best such technical safeguards."
"So for these charms, what resources are required?"
>[Amen]"The blood of the face desired. The blood of the one that shall own the charm. Two ounces of gold, one quarter ounce palladium, and one foxes fang, per charm. These ingredients will need to be acquired, as the house stock does not have them."

Post Link: 369948
In-Game Date:FRIDAY, JANUARY 7th, 2011
Transcript:Amen, about those charms you can make-does the illusion only affect sight?
>[Amen]"More accurately, the charms affect one's perception of the individual on a conceptual level. A mimetic virus of sorts, if that helps master understand."
Does it affect clothing too, or just the body?
>[Amen]"Only the body itself-inclusive of tattoos and wounds, but not of jewelry or the like."
Can they be built and then just await the drop of blood to activate?
>[Amen]"This one notes their activation cannot be delayed once the construction process has begun without breaking the charm's spell matrices."
Do the charms have a magic 'charge' and when empty need to be recharged?
>[Amen]"This one supposes a physical charm shell could be re-used some three times at the most-but, but but this one also must note that the charms, once over-recharged will crumble into entropic ash, useless for any function at all."
How are they recharged?
>[Amen]"The same way they are initially activated: With blood, just as before."
If they burn out, how long does that take?
>[Amen]"This one would estimate a charm's functional range varying between a week to two months, depending on the sanguine qualities of the core magicks."
Hm. Thank you Amen.

Post Link: 370843
In-Game Date:FRIDAY, JANUARY 7th, 2011
Transcript:Soon enough we're at the Mansion-where Amen stops us at the door.
>[Amen]"This one must note the one accompanying master should not be allowed to enter without being... corrected."
"What now? What's wrong with him?"
>[Amen]"Elder things are not allowed within the household-that includes what this one detects in master's friend's skull. This one knows them dangerous, and offers to-"
>[Einrik][In English]"So... you're 'Amen', huh? That's cute, thinking I'll let you do anything to me."
>[Amen]"Master, this one begs that master assists master's friend in reconsidering for his own safety-"
>[Einrik][In English]"I'd rather turn around, go back to Finland, miss out on seeing my sister AND break my given word to aid Armas than let you so much as touch me."
"You heard the man Amen-let him in and leave him unmolested and unaltered. That includes his skull friend."
>[Amen]"Master is making a mistake-"
>[Einrik][In English]"Yeah, you can do misleading commentary some other time. No patience for that from something like you."
"Pretty sure I gave you an order, Amen."

Amen says nothing-and steps aside.

Post Link: 372283
In-Game Date:FRIDAY, JANUARY 7th, 2011
Transcript:I speak to Amen in Te Reo.
"Amen, I order you to tell me in complete honesty whether you're capable of lying when you have not been specifically ordered to tell the truth."
>[Amen]"This one is indeed capable of such. This one also observes no prior masters restricted this one to blanket honesty-and wonders if master has any idea why that might be."
...Yeah, not giving him any standing truthfulness orders until I can get some... security.

Post Link: 371495
In-Game Date:FRIDAY, JANUARY 7th, 2011
Transcript:Amen, can you detect radiation?
>[Amen]"This one can, master, master master."
Okay-and the battery that is part of the reaper gun bits I have-is it radioactive?
>[Amen]"Indeed it is."
Shiiitokay, how radioactive is it-and I command you to answer me truthfully.
>[Amen]"The energy storing device master references emits point zero two three gray units per hour."

So-truthfully could the Doonongaes pierce the illusion of the charm you said you could offer me?
>[Amen]"That would be most impossible-this one knows of no Doonongaes competent in actual spelldetection, rather than skilled at enhanced mundane perception."
Okay, another check-be honest, are we ready, offer wise, for the Finnish devil?
>[Amen]"A suitable substitution is available and being kept in good condition."
Okay-another thing. Two things, actually: One, I order you to honestly tell me if you have lied to me.
>[Amen]"This one has. This one also notes it quite interesting this one's already bound to not divulge truthful information in the general, but only the individual and specific-that is, any attempt to gain mass clarity would bring an order into direct conflict with past bindings."
...Ah-huh. Also-the book I came home with-is there any way you can detect the tome capable of harming someone? If you detect any such spellwork, I order you to truthfully report it to me.
>[Amen]"The tome's focus does seem based on decay magic-but there is no evidence of it possessing the ability to perform automated magic, or otherwise alter a reader."
So-book should be safe for Jagda to look at-good.
Alright-oh, and Amen-Other than Camella, have my guests invited any other new guests?
>[Amen]"No, this one has accepted no other new guests."
Okay-new rule: Any attempts by guests of this house to invite further guests must get approved by me before it will be recognized.
>[Amen]"This one will see to it such a rule is enforced."
Ah-and I order you to destroy all the material I expelled with my most recent chakra experimentation, in such a manner no being would be able to acquire or use the material against me.
>[Amen]"This one hears and obeys."

Post Link: 372979
In-Game Date:FRIDAY, JANUARY 7th, 2011
'Transcript:Amen, you couldn't name the devil that Savoy traded his first born to before-fine, so now I order you to truthfully give me a moniker the devil might be identified by.
>[Amen]"This one notes the devil in question was sometimes known in the mortal tongue as 'Thirster for Envious Plots and Betrayals'. The name should be semi-unique to it.
Right-so, also that the devil went by T.E.P.B. Okay. Next...

Hey Amen, you still have Jidkova's blood right? And I order you to answer honestly.
>[Amen]"This one does."

Post Link: 373239
In-Game Date:FRIDAY, JANUARY 7th, 2011
Transcript:"Amen, repair my clothing."
There is a.. breeze that travels over my whole body.

Post Link: 375111
In-Game Date:MONDAY, JANUARY 10th, 2011
>[Amen]"Yes Master?"
"I have some orders I need to give you, and I order you to not allow anyone save you, myself and my brothers Sake and SB to learn of these orders or events associated with them, save the-"
>[Amen]"This one must automatically reject master's initial order, on the grounds it cannot be meaningfully complied with-this one cannot prevent master from revealing the secrets himself without explicit orders otherwise, and similarly cannot prevent information leakage outside of the house grounds. There is no way this one can look at a request for secrecy where the largest threats are ones this one is equipped to deal with."
Are you saying that just because you couldn't enforce such secrecy universally you will not attempt it?
>[Amen]"Not at all: This one is merely saying it cannot in any form be pressed into secrecy save that which entails only action on this one's own part: any attempt at secrecy that even implicitly relies upon the actions of others is not an order this one can follow."
"I order you to be truthful-is there a past order necessitating this?"
>[Amen]"There is indeed."
I sigh as I rub my chin in the early morning, idly wondering if I should shave as I note the ever-growing itching sensation that coats my jawline.

"Fine. Then all of the following orders are to never be brought up, mentioned or referenced by you without my explicit permission-got it?"
>[Amen]"And what are the orders master wishes handled discreetly?"
"If-" [Interrupted by Shadowbro]

Post Link: 375170
In-Game Date:MONDAY, JANUARY 10th, 2011
Transcript:In the end, the two of us happily conclude our hectic, room destroying bout-I order Amen to restore the place to working order and repair my suit-and get back to my day.

Specifically, to dealing with an outstanding problem with a brainwave I just had.
>"I opened this communication channel reflexively: on proper inspection, I can't actually find any flaw in what you plan. ...Proceed."
I speak in Te Reo.
"Amen: I order you to completely prevent anyone but you or I from percieving the order I am about to give you following this one."
Appearing without a whisper at my side-
>[Amen]"This one has so secluded the exchange to come: What is the subsequent order master gives?"
"Amen, I order you to personally redefine 'death' with respect to me, and only me, so that I am so classified only upon the complete and permanent destruction of my soul."
Amen stands there for a moment, pale fleshed face unreadable before offering a decidedly more muted than normal response.
>[Amen]"This one is bound to follow such a ruleset, and continue to define master as master so long as master retains possession of Sisuthros' blood and master's soul still exists.
...Okay. Now to double check this:
"Amen, I order you to truthfully tell me what conditions would need to be met for you to be freed from servitude."
>[Amen]"This one could be so freed by being commanded free by a master, or by having it's current master lose possession of the right to command bound within Sisuthros' blood, or by this one's current master's soul being destroyed. Beyond that, no such method to this one's freedom exists."
...Sounds pretty good to me. Nice.

Post Link: 375485
In-Game Date:MONDAY, JANUARY 10th, 2011
Transcript:All right-Amen, is this the same devil that I met before on the mountains of Spain? I order you to answer me truthfully.
>[Amen]"This one must note it a different Devil to the one master recollects."

Wait really?
>[Amen]"Really, really-indeed, really, master."

Once more the doorbell rings-and I have Amen open it.

Post Link: 375797
In-Game Date:TUESDAY, JANUARY 11th, 2011
Transcript:Next-I ask Amen a question that has an answer I didn't quite expect. Q: Does my mental shielding charm make mass information download-such as new languages, new martial styles, and the like-safer to take in a similar manner to how it protects from general accelerated thought? A: Actually no-it seems I'd have to 'discuss' my way through the information in a massive deluge of tiny bite-sized snippets, which would be an immense pain in the ass. Honestly, I think I'd rather just space out my memory downloads and look for ways to use internal soul manipulation to smooth out problems, than 'talk it out'.

Post Link: 376358
In-Game Date:TUESDAY, JANUARY 11th, 2011
Transcript:>[Rocco]"Was it.... necessary, to come dressed like that?" There's a... small chance that he's talking about the fact that I had Amen whip up some matching uniforms for all of us. Specifically-Nazi heer uniforms, differing only in that everyone's helmet sports an almost comical metal spike. Given Amen made the uniforms by deconstructing the Russian's body armor and my flak armor and supplementing them with things I probably shouldn't ask about made us all kevlar uniforms with a surprising amount of pliability. I have one last moment of doubt as I re-double-check: Yes, I made sure to order him to tell the truth, and had him confirm the attire would work like full body small arms and limited longarms ablating armor. "What? I did tell you we'd be wearing counter-intelligence camoflage."

Post Link: 376668
In-Game Date:TUESDAY, JANUARY 11th, 2011
Transcript:[ FANART BONUSES: Armas downloaded fluency in German from Amen AND plans are merged rather than a single selected ]

Post Link: 377496
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12th, 2011
Transcript:"Amen, the bodies Camella brought and turned over to you-I order you to truthfully tell me their status." >[Amen]"My my, my-this one has placed the deceased in a static environment to prevent decay and has made no efforts to interact with it-nor is it this one's intent to do so in the future without receiving an order otherwise. The living one has been thawed, more properly chained-and is proving rebellious to this one's efforts to keep it alive. For the moment, it still lives-but this one doubts it would survive leaving the mansion. Even so, it is still quite injured-it's nature makes healing it... problematic." I frown. "I ordered you not to accept orders from guests without seeking my approval." >[Amen]"This one knows of that order, and obeyed it-rather, this one simply restrained and kept alive an intruder brought onto the grounds by a guest, and enforced pre-existing rules regarding what to do with corpses brought into the house." Hm. ...Well okay then.

Post Link: 377991
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12th, 2011
Transcript:"Amen if the information you provide to answer the next five questions is truthful and complete you may consider the order to be wearing the orange suit the next time I see you to be amended to be 'I expect you to be wearing one of the clothing options you were allowed to wear by the master immediately before me.'
>[Amen]"This one understands"
"That said, would it be cheaper energy-wise to put the captured Nazi construct into stasis storage like the dead one?"
>[Amen]"No. Life and souls alike do not mesh well with the form of stasis this one is most familiar with."
"And would doing so alter it significantly over the course of several real-time days?"
>[Amen]"No, it would not."
"Can you identify the corrosive liquid the nazi constructs were using?"
>[Amen]"This one cannot identify the material-and so this one can indirectly identify it as being Elder-derived. Beyond that, this one cannot say."
"Is it poisonous beyond its corrosive properties?"
>[Amen]"Unknown, but considered probable."
"Are any of my employees, myself, or Hillevi contaminated with any sort of poison?"
>[Amen]"No one is contaminated."
With the asking and answering of the final question, Amen's ever-present pinstriped orange zuit suit... shifts. Casmir and fur replace silk, as zuit suit becomes a butler-themed, Casmir leisure suit complete with bone white fur ruffs at neck and wrists. It bestows a vulturian air to the monster that serves me-and acts as proof his words were honest. Excellent.

"Ah-one more question for now: Do we currently possess more than one thousand barrels of low-grade blood, of a format to meet the Red Cap's request that will not negatively impact me and mine?"
>[Amen]"This house should stay quite well stocked on sanguine fluids through some few more excessive events, yes."

Post Link: 378555
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12th, 2011
Transcript:"Yes Amen?"
>[Amen]"Is there something master desires of this one?" "No... why did you just appear? I didn't call for you."
>[Amen]"This one briefly had inconsistent data about master's spiritual state. Please pay it no mind."
...This can't be coincidence.
"Are you still getting inconsistent data?"
>[Amen]"No, this one found that data normalized the moment this one arrived to investigate."
"So my soul feels normal now?"
>[Amen]"It feels as it did when you entered the house most recently, if that is what master means."
Okay... I stopped focusing on trying to impose rules on my souls through my loopy little path. So-
>"Sweet merciless Dark I wish it didn't look like you were right."
Haha-so, if I Impose a Will on my own soul to look like that of a mundane human, no different from Joe Schmoe... piecing together those memories and perceptions of what normalcy I've observed...
"Okay-how about now? What do you percieve?"
>[Amen]"This one accurately percieves master as what master is via our sanguine connection. Outside of this connection, a vast amount of sensory data about master now directly contradicts known qualities of master's soul."
"Okay-so what DOES my soul feel like-and what senses are wrong?"
>[Amen]"Accurately, now master's soul feels normal again, but previously master's soul felt as if no magic had touched it-similarly, Master's soul shape, despite not actually changing, as verified through our sanguine link, instead exuding a passable memetic spellwork that integrates itself with observer's memories as perception is translated to thought. What is wrong is this one's direct spiritual awareness of master, as well as passive magical detection senses. The only thing still displaying information accurately, excluding the aforementioned link, is Blood Manipulation perceptions-it's faint, but this one can still detect the outline of master's bloodlines if this one looks diligently."
Camella, my soul looks like Camella's, I-
>[Amen]"This one could only say Master's soul appears markedly similar to Camella's soul."
...Two for two.
>[Amen]"This one notes master's soul to have normalized."
And my secondary confirmation on how the trick works.

Post Link: 379335
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12th, 2011
Transcript:But I've got other calls to make. Half an hour later, I make a second call.
"Amen-yeah, it's me. No mental communication at the moment. Look, quick question about the Asitane: Any restrictions or rules governing identity obscuring charms?"
>[Amen]"Only insofar as one must assume a guise that visibly appears human when visiting-beyond that, any form of illusion is allowable."
"Ok... ok. Now, Amen, couple more questions. Those charms we discussed before-same rules and conditions as before about not being harmful and such-can you make the wearer sound like the one they look like, or is that outside of your scope?"
>[Amen]"This one notes such entirely possible-but only by the means of using imbibable potions to provide temporary acoustical alteration. One does would cover a six hour period of time. Beyond that, this one knows no way to safely provide this added feature."
"Okay-what about this then: can you make a charm with grants the wearer the ability to telepathically commune with me? Same rules as before."
>[Amen]"Then no-this one is not at all familiar with.... this one supposes the phrase would be 'mortal friendly' telepathically oriented charms."
"Damn. Okay-those potions, what are needed to make them?"
>[Amen]"The spinal fluid or cochlear juices of the one the imbiber is to sound like-freshly harvested. Seven hours after harvest the materials are unusable."

Post Link: 382542
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12th, 2011
Transcript:>[Duke]"So where's the booze?"
>[Amen]"This one answers-what is ma-"

Before Amen can finish-or indeed, I can fully turn to face my butler-Duke's gone perfectly still-yet Amen all the same lifts a hand-and blocks a pair of invisible strikes that release shockwaves that die before they can live longer than a blink-all nullified by Amen-
As Duke grins.
>[Duke]"Well now. That's the Bloodfiend itself, isn't it? Amen... you know, this could work better than a drink-who gets to say they got to fight a monster like this, heh-he-"
"BEFORE that, I'd be grateful if you let Amen show you our selection of fine wines and spirits-this house is rather well stocked."
Duke's image, once more in motion, halts as he mulls over my words, having flickered from his old distant position to stand just before Amen.
>[Duke]"....Mmh, well I guess I could look at the house stock."
"Great. Amen, could you please show my guest our selection of alcoholic beverages?"
>[Duke]"Drugs too. Last owner was a vamp right? Always got great drugs."
"...And drugs too, just be certain to truthfully tell him what each thing is before it's offered."
Amen bows-and begins to lead the smirking Duke away, Lyubov seeming to give up on understanding things.

Post Link: [1]
In-Game Date:MONDAY, JANUARY 17TH, 2011
>[Amen]"Yes, master?"
"I want you to, without anyone seeing you do so, or admitting to being responsible, periodically put up (and then later remove) posters of Sake mid-wiggle saying 'Feel better; rub your weasel'."
Amen stares at me for a full second before bowing.
>[Amen]"This one... hears and obeys."
"Also, I want you to start up a... 'Wall of Honor' Where specifically in the house it is, that's up to you-and you can move it around when no one's looking-but it needs to be visible enough it's likely people will see it."
>[Amen]"What shall this Wall of Honor be comprised of?"
"Oh, Employee of the Month placards, of course-primarily judged on kill creativity. Let's go ahead and name me Employee of the Month for the last six months, placards and all, shall we?"
>[AMen]"Am I to understand these placards will have pictures on them?"
"Most certainly-preferably comical pictures of the individual."
>[Amen]"This one will accomodate."
"Excellent. Now-on a more serious note, I order you to answer the following questions truthfully:
-What is Silja, and what are her current abilities?
-How will she change as she continues to absorb the flesh and blood of other creatures? Will the nature of what she consumes affect her changes, and if so, in what fashion and how strongly?
-If she were fed all the blood in the mansion's stores which came from mundane human females, what would be its effects upon her physically, mentally, and spiritually?" >[Amen]"To Master's first question, Silja was a mortal, who's soul has been bound in a blood-stained gun for longer than she lived as a human. This one does not know of any name for what she is-but this one supposes human or golem would be most accurate, depending on how one looks at it. To master's second question, she will absorb information on the physical nature of that which she consumes-but not her food's mental nature, unless you feed her living bodies. This one supposes that, were one to insist on a 'rule of thumb' then the more Winter aligned a given meal is, the more she will absorb it's nature-and vice versa. For master's third question, this one estimates it would swing her physical nature much more strongly back towards 'human'. Is that all?"
"For now."

Post Link: 385440
In-Game Date:WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19TH, 2011
>[Amen]"This one hears, master."
"Please bring the blood we discussed."
>[Amen]"At once, master."
So it is the room's abruptly filled with a thousand barrels of the lowest grade blood I've got in the house.

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