Lantern Soul

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Lantern Soul by A Lost Soul

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One day, a paladin failed in his duty, as all paladins do. Most paladins learn the hard lesson, that their oaths of salvation are mere idealism and they must strive to uphold this impossible ideal out of principle. Some are just dead. And one decided to turn against his own gods and massacre entire villages for a single girl. And now he's dead - but not before he saved the girl one last time.

Chapter 1:

Seras Lavril woke up more confused than she has ever been in her life. Because she was DEAD. How could she have heaving breasts, let alone breath in her lungs, if she was just a floating ball of gas in an old lantern?! An angry ghost came up and explained the situation: the gods were frauds. They literally and metaphorically dammed the river of souls, and used those souls to power their 'heavens' in the form of magic-generating towers called Lighthouses. Without the river, fewer children could be born. Things were getting worse and worse for the undead, who were supposed to be the guardians of the river of souls but were hunted to near-extinction by the order of paladins that worship the false gods. But one day, something happened that no one expected: a paladin decided to take up a fallen soul - Seras - in a strange lantern he found, and butchered hundreds until he could resurrect her. As the holder of the last free Necromancer Lantern in existence, Seras Lavril the brand-new Necromancer has been charged by the Lord of the Dead to destroy the Lighthouses. He didn't charge her with killing the five badass super-charged angels revered as gods, though. He's not that stupid. But Seras was free to try if she had the chance. The ghost was authorized to give Seras a choice of one of three legendary potions, each of which could be used on someone to turn them into a loyal undead servant, and Seras chose the Vampire Tonic. Seras decided to start her misadventure in Wisdom's domain.

Seras encountered a small village. She decided to play the wounded gazelle gambit. The guard captain was paranoid of her antics, but he was so big an asshole, his wife had to be the dick and smacked her husband for torturing the poor girl. The wife owned the local Inn, and so Seras got a meal and a tale about the local bandit clan and their vibrant life energy just waiting to attack the town with the necromancer in it. Seras... is thinking.

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