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Moria by Bamump

Thread 1: Awesome Female Fighter Falls on Hard Times.
Thread 2: Crazy Kobold Supermage of the Law God.



Only lasts for a bit

This is the first person to be posessed with the Baron Moria Disease and is the first playable. Very depressing stuff to work with later in the story.


This is the cute son we wish we had

This is the boy we picked up off the street... i guess we can call him our son.


He'll never be a-head of the game

Just a stupid character who also contracts the Baron Moria Disease- Totally 'borrowed' Character, but who's keeping track anyway?



Bad dude, supposedly a high level Blackguard. Would have killed Star if we weren't saved by a Mysterious stranger


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest. Includes a crossover Christmas party thrown with Crusade Time's Leedy.

ITQ: Leedy and Jacob 1, Leedy and Jacob 2, Leedy and Jacob 3, Leedy and Jacob 4, Leedy and Jacob 5, Kalor Moria/ Chrestomanci, Leedy and Jacob 6, Kalor Moria 2, Kalor Moria 3

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