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Pokeday was a day in TGChan (specifically January 16, 2010 EST) where /quest/ is flooded with different, mostly one-shot quests related to Pokémon. Whether this was a neatly organized collaboration between quest authors or just a bandwagon jumping is really unknown. Some of the games take place in the canon of PokémonQuest, others are stand-alone stories.

Here are the quests that appeared in Pokeday (this is in no particular order):

[1] PQ Report - Follow Anna as she uncovers the mysteries of the underground works in the Pokemon World.

[2] Krabby Quest - Krabby finds a way to be cool.

[3] Rattata Quest - Rattata finds a way to express love. (Inspired by bg's Cutegal Quest)

[4] Voltorb Quest- Voltorb does shit.

[5] Shed a Tear - Shedinja was left alone by a novice trainer, and is on a search to find him again.

[6] Pokemon Blue Version - Colbert finds himself in a very odd version of Pokemon Blue.

[7] Pokémon Quest Gaiden - Clefable goes badass.

[8] Meowth Quest - Meowth recruits Pokemon for a posse.

[9] Dai's Journey - Dai Hoshiko aims to be the Pokemon Queen.

[10] PokéQuest - Harvey wants to be a Pokemon Trainer.

Some quests unrelated to Pokemon jumped into the bandwagon of Pokeday as well.

[11] Cutebold Slaughter Fest - Triplilmus pulls out a creature that closely resembles an Oddish.

[12] Mars High - 101 plays some Pokemon.

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