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Talented quest artist and author, the R might stand for Robin. Seems to be determined to hate herself and her talents. Please hug her.


  • Ink Quest — A Liite girl on a quest to save her world from losing all its ink and dying
  • The Witch of Whimbly — Retired catfolk hero Yeriko sets out on a new adventure
  • Wonderful World — Nevrean scholar wanders through Vilous (Dead, thread lost)
  • Antebellum — Desiree Kindle, joins The Shakers gang in the wonderful city of vent (Dead)
  • Peep Quest — Birds peep and defend their homeland from an invading army
  • A Little Town Called Coxwette — A fugitive cat hops off a speeding train into an isolated town with strange residents and a history. And then it gets strange. And sexy. And then strange again. Then terrifying. Then back to sexy again.



Old drawthread, new drawthead

Quests by RML

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