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RNG_XALT.qst by JamesLeng

Something something exploding castle.

A play by post game of Exalted 2.5e with homebrew.

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Player Characters

In order of introduction, split up by party. XP Count up to date through this post.

The Celestials

Name Character Sheet Reference Doc Spent / Earned XP Summary Player
Lute Silhouette Speculation in Comet's Reflection [1] [2] 160/208 If an Akuma Sidereal did exist, it certainly wouldn't be Lute- she sees the best in everyone, loves her Mother and fostering romance, and just happens to know an uncanny amount about the world around her. Just don't look in the mirror too closely, and hope your name doesn't end with Wayne. mageykun
Bridges The Sun and Moon [3] [4] 116/144 Big, ugly, and not fond of violence, her answer to most questions involves channeling the power of the Unconquered Sun and doing fancy things to metal. Santova
Hundred Flowing Sweet Rivers (aka Light of the Moon Cleansing the World) [5] [6] 195/214 Debt 14 Chosen in different ways, by not only Luna, but by Morse her Abyssal Mate, and Mother Bog the island consuming Behemoth, Rivers seeks to fit the role of anathema, as portrayed in the Immaculate Morality Plays. Gwen
Seven Broken Wings of Red and Gold [7] [8] 61/98 Otter
Creeping Hunter of Mortal Men [9] [10] 3/35 Austin
Luminous Alacrity Recursing in the Reaches (Pet names: Lumie, Allie) [11] [12] 14/77 kawaiiwolf
Inevitably Radiant Hunter-Killer [13] [14] 4/7 Gwen
Frenzied Rodent Researcher [15] [16] 0/5 mageykun
Viatrix Senta (aka Horizon Silver) [17] [18] 0/15 Grumpy Stabby

The Dragon-Blooded

Name Character Sheet Reference Doc Spent / Earned XP Summary Player
Karal Tin Otter [19] [20] 0/8 Otter
Sesus Xanin [21] [22] 51/77 A megalomaniacal fire aspect with ambitions of ruling creation. She doesn't seem to mind that fate had other plans in mind and put her in Hell though. Gwen
Cathak Othok Dythyk [23] [24] 8/20 Santova
Umbrageous Waxwing Dell [25] [26] 40/54 mageykun

Left the Game / Dead

Name Character Sheet Reference Doc Spent / Earned XP Summary Player
Ledaal Ji 0/12 Tunic
Embri [27] [28] 42/68 A seductive ninja from another realm, her cover about as deep as her attention is fickle. Kome
Malice [29] [30] 39/56 An adorable bat girl who just happens to be a yandere GSP with her sensei locked in her heart, right next to her hatred of Jacint (temporary leave) Strngy
Morse Encoding of Forbidden Lore, Wrapped in Song [31] [32] 80/91 Oblivion is coming for us all, this abyssal just wants to make sure everyone within earshot knows about it. Expect poetry, music, and the occasional Neverborn whisper if you're not careful. (Temporary Leave) Gilly
Arberus Vahl [33] [34] 32/39 A simple infernal with a simple plan, kill anything cool and eat whenever he can. Matar1
Disciple of Mela [35] [36] ?/21 (temporary leave) Strgy
Fanged Flair Effulgence [37] [38] 0/10 (temporary leave) Strgy


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