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Some dude who hangs around.

Tory's Tower - Evil genius Tory and his dimension hoping tower do evil and Science!

To Hell and Back - Edmund Twewy and Gunfriend the talking gun, launch an expedition into the underworld to try and rescue Edmunds’ brother.(Originally posted on MSPA. Rebooted on /quest/)

KPSUQAABPPHHESSSAD – Guy travels dimensions and punchs goasts in the search of alcholol

Daniel's Quest - Blind orphan Daniel is granted magical sight by a mysterious individual. He use’s his new gift to go adventuring with his counter magic mentor Nxisa. (Started on 4chan, then briefly came to tgchan and is now back on 4chan).

Dead quests which he has no intentions of continuing so far because all the stuff
Barton Quest - Prequel to the Tory’s Tower spin-off Counter Quest, following Barton in his adventures.
King of the Wasteland- Wasteland warriors take part in a fighting tournament in the abandoned city of Aban (Quest was abandoned before it even really started. Forget it. )


Artwork: [1], [2]


Quests by Rand

/tg/: Daniel's Quest

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Dead: SabotageQuest | Barton Quest | King of the Wasteland