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Avatar? How 'bout I just do some incredibly fucking lazy amalgamation bullshit of Hope and Laloth's lovechild. Will that work? Can I just do that? Okay.

Short for Rekaens. Author of the highly-regarded rampage of madness known as Kara Quest, as well as Sue Quest, Too, and some other thing nobody's heard of. Is incredibly lazy. SO LAZY.

Has also drawdoodled a bunch of what is technically fanart for EDF.

Favorite Touhou: Utsuho Reiuji

Reka's Quests:

Kara Quest (Completed)

Sue Quest, Too (Defunct*)

Dracula's Quest (Defunct*)

(*) Abandoned following Reka's devouring by college. These may be rebooted if/when Reka passes out the other end and has more free time, maybe.

Quests by Reka

TGChan: Kara Quest | Sue Quest, Too | Dracula's Quest