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Spoilerth tiny.png This quest contains material that is not safe for work. You were warned.

Sammy's Adventure by BiteQuest

Sammy's Adventure is a Text Quest by BiteQuest about a young, straight-laced Christian lion who finds himself thrown into surreal and troubling events.

Although primarily a text quest, Sammy's Adventure does occasionally use drawn images.

Plot Summary

Sammy is a young lion, self-righteous and confident in his beliefs but somewhat naive; the very picture of a young middle-class Christian whose faith has never really been tested by the world. After a foolish trip into the bad side of town in an ill-conceived effort to perform missionary work is cut short by a poor classmate named Mika with a great deal more sense, Sammy is exposed to a supernatural creature and his world shifts drastically.

From then on, each time that Sammy goes to sleep he slips into a different reality, with no real control over where he ends up. The stress of constantly ending up in extremely dangerous situations each night but being unable to tell anyone without sounding crazy, the fact that he can only really trust Mika- a poor classmate who he would never normally associate with- to believe him, and the need to investigate his world-shifting problems quickly change Sammy's life a great deal, testing his beliefs at every turn while he tries consistently to do the right thing.

Ultimately Sammy's investigations lead him to meet Dr. Browne, a university professor who knows a great deal about otherworldly phenomena. Under his guidance, Sammy, Dr. Browne, and Mika meet the creature that had originally given Sammy his problem and go on a dangerous journey of exploration through the other planes of existence seeking the Well of Worlds so that they can stop Sammy's constant shifting.


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