Steel Wars

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Steel Wars
by MrBrush and Evil

A quest heavily inspired by MechWarrior/BattleTech. Mostly updated once or twice a week. MrBrush provided the coloured paint-styled artwork while Evil wrote the story.

Summary: On an isolated and war-torn frontier planet the noble heir Marius Wolfram personally transports his custom heavy mech back from the fabrication plant and receives word that his home city has been conquered in a surprise attack. He rescues an escaping mech from pursuers and joins the most cutthroat mercenary mech company he can find in hopes of getting revenge. Having a pick of missions he chooses to take on a base defense one on the far arctic coast, not realizing that boredom is his worst enemy and the opposing forces have several surprises up their sleeves.

Fun fact: Marius' flagship mech was designed through mostly open-ended suggestions and ended up with having unexpected sensory capabilities instead of a signature superweapon. This moved the quest further towards strategy and tactics.

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