Tales from Meigara

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Tales from Meigara by Starit
  1. Chapter 1–2
  2. Chapter 3–4
  3. Chapter 5
  4. Chapter 6
  5. Chapter 7

A series of currently disjointed tales of three characters, a pirate, a monster, and a wizard, in the land of Meigara, each connected by the discovery of one of three magical spheres, and the foreshadowing of a cataclysm to come.

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Story Parts


The Pirate

(Chapters 1-2)

Kanela, a catfolk, is a pirate captain who starts her story escaping from a jail tower, proceeding to escape then break back in to rescue the rest of her crew and leaving the city on her flying ship. While escaping she finds a magical red ball that sticks to her hand.


The Monster

(Chapters 3-4)

Mechi is a slime who woke up one day to find her lifelong captors missing. She escaped and ate some stuff until she found a magical purple ball that became stuck inside her. It's made her smarter, and she's now taken a humanoid form and learned to talk. She was captured by a freak show until she escaped and hid in the house of a blind man where she was able to pass for a homeless girl. After breaking into the jail she found that a faceless man had some knowledge of the ball, and had the power to turn people to dust, so she ran out of the town with her harpy friend, Mirla.


The Wizard

(Chapter 5)

Stanley Pherguson is a generally unremarkable, though somewhat "compact" human who dreamed of learning magic, and is now taking the perilous test to gain admittance into the mage's guild where he can fulfill his dreams. He has to retrieve an artifact from a system of caves full of traps and monsters, and has so far triggered and narrowly escaped almost every trap in the whole cavern. He met a monstrous hag that gave him a magic green ball that subsequently attached to him, and told him his fortune that if he survives the exam, he will take a key part in stopping, or perhaps heralding a world-changing event that will threaten to doom all life.

Other Appearances

Kanela appears in Boatface Adventures.

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