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A word from the author: If you're in disagreement about the functions of various runes and stuff, here's the proper place to argue about it.

Prospective masters

Ok so I thought we oughta list possible teachers and argue pros and cons here. Any others?


A librarian, so he'd probably be able to get us some good books to read, plus he could teach us that language maybe.

+ Probably a good ritualist

+ access to library

+ good knowledge of history and languages

- probably not the best fighter

- maybe not so good at impromptu magic?


A Hunter.

+ Fighting skills

+ Experience dealing with bad critters

+ Friendly

- Bad at lore

- Not a good ritualist


A summoner, so far unknown.

+ Probably knows a great deal about all manner of spirits

+ We'd get servants or stuff?

+ Seems like the profession that developed good skill with rituals

- Totally unknown so far.


The artificier

+ Seems crazy powerful, arc-welding with his bare hands and all.

+ Might get us access to artefacts?

+ Might figure out how to make our own?

- Unfriendly

- Probably hard to get him to take us

So, does anyone ever look at this page?

On the off chance that people do, what's up with Gareth and Malcolm?

Of course we do. My current beliefs on the matter are outlined here. Basically, I think Malcolm is mentally altering Gareth in some abusive fashion, and for whatever retarded cultural reason that they have in Clan Kinsley no one else is willing to stop him. I also think that attempting to interfere would likely not end well for us at this juncture; we can, but it would be a gross violation of "look out for number one". We'd need a more indirect approach to the problem, like convincing actual full-rank wizards to step in and put an end to it. A big part of the reason that I wanted to talk to Joyce again was the hope that we'd be able to ditch Gareth and speak with her on the topic, since she seems both nice and rather fond of him, but the chapter ended before I was able to try and make that happen. Annoying. --Ironybot 02:07, 17 June 2010 (UTC)

I dunno. I think it's more likely that we're hearing what Malcolm said with postcog. Assuming Malcolm is actively torturing his son seems a little... I dunno. Can't imagine why no-one would step in.