The Sword

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The Sword by Jukashi


The Summer Elves have been slaughtered almost to a man by the enslaved armies of the Scavenger Lord, last of the Fae who were defeated long ago. Victorious, only surviving member of the royal house of summer elves, calls upon the powers of his crown for advice in trying to recover the Mortal Blade, the god-slaying weapon which was secretly entrusted to his house and is even now being transported back to the Scavenger Lord's possession along with many of their other greatest treasures.

As the forces escorting the treasures are mostly wild races enslaved by the Scavenger Lord through Fae magic, Victorious decides to attempt to use his Crown to overcome the spell and free some of them so that he can get allies who might aid him within the enemy camp. When he does, the Crown makes an ominous discovery about its history- it too is a Fae, long ago slain and enslaved by the elves and their allies. Because of its nature, it has power over the bonds which hold the wild races in thrall to the Scavenger Lord, and it begins to free the goblins from their thrall while working towards its own objectives- the recovery of other shards of the Orb of Wisdom, in the faint and desperate hope that it might be able to recover some memory and power, and perhaps break the spell chains that hold it in thrall and wipe its memory each time the mission for which it was awakened is complete.



The initially apparent protagonist, a Sun Elf prince now in possession of the Crown of the Summer Princes (through which he hears what people post) trying to recover the Mortal Blade, which can sever gods from their godhood.

The Orb of Wisdom

The actual protagonist, a long-dead Fae who was slain by the elves in their rebellion, then its heart torn out, mind wiped, and form forged into a bunch of little advice-giving trinkets. Pretty much stuck helping out whoever wants it, but in possession of a few useful powers as remnants of its once-powerful nature.

Other Appearances

Victorious appears in the Dream Thread.


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Rynh, Maolla, Saulanna,
Missy and Ashedel

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