The Traveller

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The Traveller by Nahkh

The story of Tito and Bram, and their journeys through Time and Space. Authored by Nahkh.



The current head honcho of the Illuminated Order of Bavaria, and it's only surviving member. Bound within her is the Chaos Spirit Bram, who killed all her comrades and threw her out of space and time.

She is well versed in general arcane knowledge, but lacks any other significant skills.

Quest: I wanna go home.


Bob "Right Asshole" Moxton

A former god of chaos, out for blood. Powers so far manifest are channeling chaos essences and assuming various shapes.

Quest: Kill The Usurper (Anansi the Spider King), Reclaim The Throne of Silver and Bone. Fun times.

Subquest: Regain the fragments of the Facade of Sanity.

Jimmy the Ghoul

A former servant of Bram's. Recently tuned up by Bram.

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