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Unnamed Quest by whaat
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Quest Summary

A alien soldier is part of a military attack on a facility full of human pirates. She is somewhat hindered by a faulty human-made AI (represented by /quest/) that was installed in her combat suit in order to provide assistance and advice. The suit itself completely covers her body and provides energy shielding, along with mapping functionalities and other boons. Oh, yeah, and she's got a pretty nice butt, too.



A Hathian female that is a soldier in the Confederation Security Forces. Named by /quest/, we first meet her assaulting a pirate outpost. She is fairly abrasive and rude to /quest/, but is somewhat justified as she follows one bad suggestion after another from them. She dislikes Humans and tends to shoot them first and ask questions never if it was not for the intervention of /quest/.

Sgt. Kessner

A Human male that is a soldier in the Confederation Security Forces. We meet him after Voidshadow blasts through a big blast door with a missile launcher. He is the leader of the group assaulting the pirate outpost.


Voidshadow has appeared twice Inside the Quest.

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