Earth Defense Force

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Earth Defense Force by Gnome
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A quest by Gnome.

You are James Blacwick. You have recently become a supervillain. What do.


FX Prices for villainous wares.
  • 1 FX costs $300. FX are also obtained by having encounters.
  • Villains get $1000 per encounter, plus $100 per hero in the encounter.
  • Encounters with an arch nemesis garner another $250.
  • Trying to rules lawyer will make Gnome kill you. Don't kill a good quest.



Blackwick can teleport about 100 meters per second of charging. No upgrades yet. A minimum of four upgrades are required to reach our secret base, or five to viably live there. A sixth would make the commute trivial.

Teleport breakdown

# of Upgrades M/S Time to Moon Base FX cost Total FX cost
1 10 1y 79d 21h 51m 40s 3 6
2 100 44d 11h 47m 10s 3 9
3 1'000 4d 10h 46m 43s 3 12
4 10'000 10h 40m 5s 3 15
5 100'000 1h 4m 5s 3 18
6 1'000'000 6m 25s 3 21
7 10'000'000 39s 3 24
8 100'000'000 4s 3 27
9 1'000'000'000 400ms 3 30


  • Carrying Capacity (3 FX): Double the amount to bring with. One upgrade equals one extra person, or something about that size.
  • Distance (3 FX): Increases distance per second tenfold. Five of these and the moon base is within an hour's reach. Eight of these and the charge takes half a minute.
  • Teleport String (3 FX): Teleport an additional time in quick succession, before needing to wait on the power to recharge.

Fire Aura (Invulnerability + Flight)

A thin, fiery aura that cushions blows, and allows flight. Very stylish, and teleporting leaves fiery afterimages white it's active. It should also protect from most environmental hazards, since it is an actual aura instead of just iron skin or something, but water would probably trump it. Currently has the Fire Shield upgrade.


  • Reduced Impact (3 FX): The shield is better able to prevent damage from attacks. Can be specialized against specific kinds of attacks.
  • Faster Flight (3 FX): Fly more quickly. Blackwick is not sure this is absolutely necessary, considering he can teleport.
  • Fire Shield Strength (3 FX): Increase the heat/damaging potential of the aura.
  • Environmental Shield (3 FX): Protects from various environmental hazards, specified when the upgrade is purchsed. Breathing in space seems to be one of the options!
  • Shield Ally (3 FX): Blah blah can protect someone else with fire who cares.

Limited-Time Offers

  • Invulnerability
  • Super Strength
  • Flight
  • Minion Six-Pack


This quest is very awesome.




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