Red Sands

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Red Sands by How do I shot Trip?

A story set in the Red Sands setting by Moralfag, essentially Fallout + Furries + Magic. Better than it sounds.

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A young woman (Unknown age, presumed adult) who hails from a Vault. Her skills are predominantly magical - she is most skilled with Black Magic, and the like. She can also summon and bind demons.


A minor legend of the Wastes, a lion-woman known for her savagery when angered. She is practical, yet generally morally good. She and Sera are in a relationship of sorts. She is decent with her oversized pistol, but best at extreme close quarters combat.


SHOOTING: You’re a DAMN fine shot, with automatic weapons or not. [Wristbreaker Lover]

STEALTH: You know how to prowl like the lion you are. [Prowling]

SCIENCE: You’re a bit embarrassed with your lack of repair ability. You’ve learned to compensate for broken firearms. [Carpe Jugulum]

STRENGTH: They might think they win when they disarm you. They’d be wrong. [Wildcat]

MAGIC: Having never bothered with Magic, its effects on you are more pronounced - good or ill. [M. Sensitive]

PSIONICS: Psionics creep you out - as a result, you react differently to psionic abilities. [P. Sensitive]

OTHER PERKS: [Hedonist] [Scything Strikes] [For My Johnny]


A large, stone-skinned demon who loves to fight. While not exceptionally knowledgeable about Hell (or 'downstairs') he has provided insight in the past as to the mechanics of the world. Extremely good at combat, and never hesitates to join a brawl.



A husky woman clad in powered armor. While strong, she seems to be standoffish and quiet.

SHOOTING: The bare minimum training from Blue Shield. [Disciplined Shot]

STEALTH: You seem to attract attention, for better or worse. [Danger Magnet]

STRENGTH: Beyond the strength of even Heaven Or Hell. You’re unstoppable! You cannot be defeated! [Immovable Object] [Unstoppable Force] [Giant’s Strength]

SCIENCE: You understand armor and weapon maintenance well, and perform it regularly. [Tight Straps]

MAGIC: You are adept at magical combat and some healing - it has marred you, but will never break you. [Untouched Soul]

PSIONICS: You were born without specific organs in your brain, making it impossible for psionics to affect you. [Null]

OTHER PERKS: [Shielded Fencer] [Diehard] [Iron Will] [A-cidal]


Chapter 1

Sera emerges from her Vault, gets a friend, gets a job, gets a gun, and gets laid, not necessarily in that order.


Spoilerth tiny.png This quest has (fan) artwork that is not safe for work. See the NSFW gallery.


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