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Dollmaker Quest by How do I shot Trip? and Larro

This is a collaborative quest between Larro and Shot.


There are twelve doll frames in this world. The main character wakes up with but one memory - a smiling face that is half melted, with one green eye and one dull. He finds a note at the foot of a frame, instructing him to name the doll and defeat the others.

The location is revealed to be Washington State, USA. More specifically, the Graham Area. Wherever that is.

Plot Summaries

Chapter 1

Aleph wakes up in a garage. There is a note and a doll frame. He reads the note, then names the doll - Infinity. He explores the house s/he is in, while Infinity reads a math book and then a work of fiction. It seems to be in full working order, with a stocked fridge, power, and running water, as well as a working computer and a closet full of clothing. There appears to be someone on top of a roof across the street. It turns out to be Dregas and his doll, Bandita. Dregas asks Aleph if he/she would like to fight.Infinity takes some minor damage to her leg, but defeats Bandita with relative ease. Dregas and Aleph sit down and talk for a time. Dregas answers any questions Aleph may have, to the best of his ability. It is revealed that dolls have only been around for about a year, and for the most part, the public doesn't seem to know about them. Aleph is given a gun, Infinity collects her books, and they depart for a seemingly abandoned building. Dregas reveals the base by knocking on the wall, which causes the floor to open. Aleph is introduced to Gerald and Fullblade, and Gerald reveals that his goal is to discover the origin of the Dolls. Aleph and Infinity are shown to their room, where Aleph takes a short nap and Infinity reads for a while. Aleph wakes up to find a note taped to Infinity's face, revealing that Gerald has provided Aleph with money, a fake ID, and will be driven into town by an associate, who is revealed to be Dregas. They are dropped off at the park and given a horrible map, and then proceed to go buy more inconspicuous outfits. It turns out that there is an anime con in town, so for the next few days, at least, no one will think anything of Infinity's appearance. Despite this, they still buy semi-classy outfits. Aleph and Infinity then head to the Library, where Infinity picks up some high school knowledge of Physics. While there, they meet Kinesis and Jessica, who challenge the former to a duel. The lot meets up in a parking lot that night, where Kinesis initially gains the upper hand, but Infinity cripples him by duplicating the street and encasing his legs, which causes him to come crashing down onto the street. Infinity begins to kill him by placing a foot on his head and crushing him, at which point Jean begins pleading to Aleph to spare her doll, stating that she'd give up everything for him. Aleph and Infinity have mercy and accept Jessica and Kinesis' surrender. Jessica then offers to drive Aleph anywhere he wants, at which point Aleph chooses the mall. When the crew arrives there, they are greeted by a Z Raiker - I mean Love. Aleph and Jean pull WTF looks while Infinity remains her deadpan expression and Kinesis' face continues to be hidden by his helmet. End Chapter.

Chapter 2

In progress.


They're probably all going to have owned dolls at one point or another.

Aleph Kliener

The Main character. Aleph's gender is unclear. There is nothing to point to his/her identity. The house Aleph woke up in may or may not belong to him/her. Kliener is the name Gerald put on Aleph's fake ID. Also according to the fake ID, Aleph is an organ donor and his/her birthday is on the nineteenth of April. Aleph is twenty.



The first person Aleph met. He appears to be some kind of bandit/cowboy with a mustache. Dregas has some kind of devil insignia on his bandana/scarf/poncho thing. Dregas politely came busting through the window and requested a doll duel. He didn't seem to be distraught over his loss, saying that he knew it would end that way.


Someone who disables people. He's supposedly bad at it, as it was stated in the note that " is our only hope that you are not dead." He has a doll frame, but hasn't activated it, as he is searching for a way to create more.

Mysterious Note Person

The person who left Aleph the note and doll frame. It's likely that he/she is intelligent and/or has a bit of influence. It is likely part that they of an organization.


A really handsome dude with moderately long hair and glasses. He seems quite nice, and his doll is named Fullblade. His goal is to discover the origin of the Dolls and their intended purpose.


Gerald's Assistant. Maggie's doll is called Mage.


Found in library. She has tits and a shirt that doesn't cover them. She surrendered to Aleph when Infinity was about to destroy Kinesis. As such, her loyalty is now to Aleph and Infinity. Supposedly. Has destroyed four [b]masters[/b].

Love's Master

A quadriplegic.

Known Dolls

There exist a total of twelve in the world. Not all dolls are female, and some of them aren't even humanoids.


Status: Active

Aleph's Doll. Her original clothing was covered with patterns and carried an infinity symbol upon her chest. Her clothing was updated in Chapter One so she would blend in better when the anime/comic convention ended.

Infinity's Abilities

Absorb (B)
Gain two abilities from each Named Doll destroyed. Learns quickly. Understands complicated concepts rapidly.
Persistence (SS)
Cannot truly be destroyed so long as Master wishes it. Reforms quickly, but not instantly.
Martial Arts (B)
Gives basic ability in hand to hand combat.
Relate (E)
Simple mental communication between owner and Doll.
Word Power (E)
The Doll gains a 'power' over their Word, designated with the selection of this power. The power is static - when new ranks of this ability are gained, a new power at that rank is selected, and does not replace the previous. At E-rank, only very simple powers can be granted.
Divide (E)
Once a day, Infinity may infinitely divide any item that is not a Doll or a Human. It is considered destroyed.
Duplicate (E)
Once a day, Infinity may duplicate any item that is not a Doll or a Human. It retains any supernatural qualities it had before.
Knowlege, Physics (D)
Roughly equivalent to a high school education with AP classes.


Status: Destroyed

The Doll of Dregas. She has twin pistols and Barbie physiology. As such, she is wearing nothing under her poncho. Bandita was active very briefly in Chapter One.

Bandita's Abilities

She was proficient with a gun and could pass for human. Bandita could pick locks.

Human-like (A)
Can pass for human under close inspection, but pain connection is heightened. Command reception is also heightened. Doll is still incapable of basic bodily functions and lacks orifices.
Ranged Capability (B)
Grants a simple ranged attack that follows the nature of the Doll. The attack is somewhat damaging and is simple to aim.
Speed (B)
The Doll at this rank is somewhat beyond the human peak of speed and reaction time. Instead of relying on the Master to detect and alert the doll to incoming threats, the Doll reacts instantly, though can still be surprised.
Equipment (S)
The Doll gains a piece of equipment along their name. It is indestructible, for the most part, and does not wear or tear. It follows the highest 'attacking' skill the Doll has. It also has supernatural capability following the Word of the Doll, and thus acts as a stand-in for the skill Word Power at rank E.
Hot Blood (C)
At this rank, the user and the doll can ignore some pain. In fact, such blows lead to an increase in other battle-related stats, unless stunned or otherwise incapacitated. The Doll's need to do battle is heightened greatly. This ability carries over into the master, making it dangerous.


Owned by Gerald. A male doll, covered in knight-like armor. Fullblade is very large, and, according to Gerald, that is one of his advantages.


This doll belongs to Maggie, Gerald's assistant. Probably looks like Merlin or something, I dunno. S/he hasn't been introduced yet.


Belongs to Jessica. Is cute and Tiny and supposedly loyal to Aleph and Infinity because he surrendered.

Status: Active

Speed (B)
Grants a great measure of reaction speed, agility, and alacrity. At this level, capable of moving at world-record speeds consistently and reacting to threats not quite instantly.
Martial Arts (B)
Gives greater capability in hand-to-hand combat. At this point, the Doll is beyond the levels of 'belts' and ascends into human perfect.
Armored (D)
Grants a measure of protection to the Doll, but not much.


Love appears to be a body or power armor of sorts for her quadriplegic master.

Status: Active

Pose (Unknown)
Hero Poses

Known Locations


Located on 1813 Marshall Ave., it is presumably Aleph's house, as it is the house Aleph was found in. There is a car in the garage, but it is a lemon. There is a computer, a stocked fridge, electricity, and running water. The house is in a gated community. Dregas was able to gain entry to it because Bandita had the ability to pick locks.

Secret Base Place

Hidden under the floor of an abandoned building, Gerald refers to it as his lab.


Aleph and Infinity purchased outfits there in Chapter One. There are three clothing stores: Cool Story, which specializes in alternate fashion; The Close, which is "Cool Lady Central," and the Goodwill. Which is icky.


Full of books.


Public Transportation is free in-town. Aleph's fake ID has marked him as an Organ Donor. Jessica is now a taxi service for Aleph.



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