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Item Quest by Larro
[Book 1]

[Book 2]


Chapter 1

/Quest/ is introduced to Gram Elric, a golem that is now trying to collect 207 Items that have been scattered across the land. It is said that the man who gains all 207 will gain the power of a god. He burned down a city to get Item 7, a Item that will let him find all other Items. Item 7 however is sentient and can speak to/take control of Gram.
After he gathers a few more items he met up with Su, a girl who's eyes are Item 207. Realizing she could see other items, and pressured by Item 7 to take her along since he burned down her home and killed her family, he takes her along.
They are attacked by other Item Hunters including The Collector, and Mr. Blue. After fighting off each of the hunters the two of them decide to go to Fai's Mountain to find the legendary alchemist L so he may fix Gram's body.
Mu is also introduced. She was another golem created by Gram's master and wants to kill Gram for revenge. On her journey she meets Teri, a dark elf with a serious illness. The two of them travel together looking for Gram and a cure.

Chapter 2

Starts off with our 'hero' climbing up Fai's mountain. He's completely oblivious to the fact that Su is freezing to death until Item 7 points it out to him. They take shelter and are soon found by L. L fixes up Gram's arm and sends them on their way. The group heads to Dart's old castle to see if there are any more Items there. Instead they find a clone of Cecil Von Central III that dart had made.
They decide to take the clone to the real Cecil to see what he'll do. As they go to his house they see that the only person left there is Tikka, Dart's reincarnation. She takes the clone inside and decides to 'examine' Gram. Gram flips out halfway and shows he has some emotional problems.
After striking Su and being knocked unconscious by Item 7 Gram is fully healed by Tikka. He remembers that he had actually killed his master in a jealous rage after he saw her getting close to another man. Item 7 helps him on his quest to redeem himself.
Along the way Su is killed by The Collector and is taken to the Temple to be healed and protected from The Collector. Meanwhile Tikka considers teaching Gram about women.
Once Su is patched up they meet up with a king angel named Maxine who's been complaining of a rise of Soul Stealers in the area. Gram decides to team up with Maxine and go investigate. They arrive in the Dark Elf City right next to Mu and Teri.

Chapter 3

Mu gets her ass kicked by Gram. While Mu is resting the rest of the group go to Central with Cecil to help solve the Soul Stealer problem. This leads Maxine to the Dark Wold where the Soul Stealers are. They see a few people who resemble the Soul Stealers. The people take Maxine to their leader, John, who reveals that he plans on opening the rift between the Soul Stealers world and the normal world to expand his small kingdom. He makes some threats, they talk, and then she leaves. The soul stealers prove very powerful.
Meanwhile Mu decides to try and fight Gram again, this time severely wounding him. Him and Su go to Temple again to heal. After recuperating Gram and Su go to the Merfolk lakes to find another Item and meet Sharaes the Water Dragon, leader of the Merfolk. She's very sleepy. She says they can have any Items they find there and on the way to grab it they meet another Item Hunter, Vandri. He explains that the Items came about when a god was killed and split off into the ten original Items. The power of those Items spread throughout the land and made more of themself.
Meanwhile Mu is being all depressed. She gets over it and decides to go revive her Master. On the way to get a Phoenix Down she sees the I Shop has been destroyed. The owner, Avernis is seen fighting Soulless. John steps in and manages to capture him, it is revealed that John has a daughter somewhere.
Suddenly heaven is under attack by the Soulless.

Chapter 4

Heaven is under attack. God himself hands Maxine the stone used for reincarnation and tells her to just run. Maxine teleports back to the human world and waits it out there.
Meanwhile Mu is fighting The Collector. She wins that fight and gains Items 2 and a third part to Item 7.
Blah blah blah stuff happens they go to the Light Elf forest to get another item. Mr. Blue attacks while Gram is being attacked by a Light Elf girl, Ki. Mr. Blue kills Ki and Gram then defeats Mr. Blue. He revives Ki who then falls in love with him, some light elf culture thing.
On his way to get the Item here he meets a man who can see into the future, Cecil's future son. The man reveals that if he does not team up with Mu none of his goals will be accomplished. Gram gets all pissed off and breaks poor Su's heart. Then he shatters off Item 7. Nice job breaking it heros.

Chapter 5

The king is dead and Item 7 wants Sharaes to be the new king. Seems like John wants his man as king.. Sharaes and The Grand Defender face off! Sharaes wins the fight and is named King.
Meanwhile Su is feeling bad and being mopey when something bites her on the head. It's a Thought Eater named Laisisia. Her teeth were broken and as a result she can not feed anymore. Turns out it was broken because Gram was the last person who's head she tried to bite...
Tikka flips out for a moment then studies the girl. After that she decides to take the Trial for the Earth Item that Gram found before he flipped out again. She passes and gains Item 8, Earth.
Gram apologizes for being a ass and the entire group decides to meet up at Central. Tikka takes the chance to teach Gram more about girls.
Item 7 talks to John again, he informs them that he plans on attacking the Tigerfolk land. The group goes there to prepare but it's all for naught. Rose, another Soulless, manages to steal the blade powering the tigerfolk and gives it to John. She realizes that what she did was wrong and is soon captured.
Gram unlocks the Item of Light and realizes that he truly does need to make up with his sister.

Book 2, Chapter 1

Not much happens.


Gram's Items

7:Seeker Class
10: Fire
21: the healing liquid
25: is able to protect me somewhat from magical blasts.
96, 97, 98: make a staff when put together.
100: Fortune Teller
122: Book of Infinite Spells
141: Shades of Eternal Energy
159: Necklace of Not so Good Seeking.

Tikka's Items


Su's Items

???: Force Staff
6: Force
202: Any Species Mask
207: Eyes

Mu's Items

2: Death
7: Seeker class item
7: Last part
194: the Lucky Dice

L's Items

134: Life Force Stone

Ki's Items

3: Darkness


9: Water. At Temple
These are the known Items


Maxine has made two appearances Inside the Quest.

ITQ: [1] [2]

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