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Guardian Quest by Larro
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There are multiple quests by this name. For other uses, see Guardian Quest (Disambiguation).

Something something need a short blurb here. Also known as Tale of the Guardians.

There's now a sequel / reboot / alternate continuity.

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Artemis is the son of Sable, one of the greatest Knights of the Kingdom, who felled the Shadow Dragon in a mighty battle. He is originally male, but has the innate ability to change Genders. In his childhood, he spent a lot of time inside, researching spells, spending only a few days on hanging out with people. He enlists to be a Knight, and manages to pass after fighting Shadow-wielding Gene and Tigerfolk Saisai (He becomes a close friend of the latter with time, and also forms a vague friendship with Gene). After the exam, both become Knights. Despite his ineptitude at socializing, Artemis seems to have inherited Sable's sex appeal, as he seems to attract members of the female sex like a magnet. And of various races, too. From Morgan, the lovely, shy, potion-making girl, to the aggressive, tsundere Saisai, the misunderstood thief Apple, and the upbeat, cheerful (and *cough*nymphomaniac*cough*) Mimic Mimi. Guardian Quest features a colorful cast of characters, and possesses light-hearted scenes as well as dramatic, action-packed scenes. A very good experience.

As the story goes on, the focus shifts somewhat from the relationships that Artemis is developing and towards the world-shaking events that he finds himself involved in. The sword inherited from his father is the Dragon Slayer, which gives him a decisive advantage when fighting against the world's handful of otherwise nearly undefeatable dragons. Sable's use of this sword to kill Ombra, the Shadow Dragon, left her spirit trapped in Artemis' body and it is that which gives him the ability to turn into a woman. While Ombra seeks resurrection and Artemis strives to prevent the death of any other dragons for the good of the world, it quickly becomes apparent that the King and his agent Regulus are interested in killing the world's remaining dragons, wiping them all out for reasons of their own. Their actions plunge the world into chaos and war, with both dragons and people dying in massive numbers.

Determined to do the right thing at any cost and convinced of the sinister agenda of Regulus and the King, Artemis flees the capital and abandons his hard-won knighthood in hopes of protecting the remaining dragons, restoring the deceased ones to life, and stopping the war. Along the way he encounters several new companions and grows in power and confidence, but the world grows ever bleaker.


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