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Fury Rising by How do I shot Trip?

Harumda was once the strongest demon in Hell. He had a powerful blade, a noble title, a legion of servants and followers. He had, as it were, it all. But though Harumda was not quite traditionally smart, he knew collapse when he saw it. He knew the tribes of hell bickered and warred among each other for barely-defined land that shifted daily. He knew that leadership was just a good way to brush up on techniques to avoid assassination. And he was right. As soon as he declared his thoughts, that Hell would soon crumble, he had his blade and title taken, and was sent to the Lost Lands, the only thing left to him... his fury.

Characters in the Hells

Harumda the Slayer

Once a warrior demon, now technically a Lost, Harumda was the Lord of Warriors. He is not very intelligent in terms of complicated concepts, but he has a warrior's intuition for sensing other's intent and movements. He is not very charismatic, and is known to be very direct and simple in his questions. His combat preference is in close and strong, using whatever is at hand.

Dreanin the Lovesick

Lord of the Hunters, and Harumda's closest (possibly only) ally. A humanoid demon that wears an almost full body outfit of black leather, he wields a powerful bow with the power to split arrows. He is usually warm to those who have proven they are worth his time. Otherwise, he is cold and ruthless, preferring to shoot and kill rather than ask any questions.


Very little is known about Raeve. It's only known that it seems to be his fault that Harumda is in the situation he is in.


Gibson is an abovelands nixie bound to the guitarcase. Found in the land of the Undead, Gibson is an information spirit, answering questions and giving helpful advice.

Gore/The Stranger/The Merchant

A strange, robed figure who appears with ghostly wings and horns, which are a sign of demonic possession. Sells and buys a wide variety of things and services, for a wide variety of prices.

Characters of the Domains


The kobold Harumda managed to possess. Since he did so at a great turning point of the kobold's life, the two are entwined deeper than a normal possession. Grifl himself is more prone to outbursts than Harumda, and this is only conflated by Harumda's presence.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

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