Wizard Adventure

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Wizard Adventure by LonelyWorld
  1. (cont.)
  2. The Silver Coin
  3. Toadsphere

This adventure began over at http://wizardadventure.blogspot.com/. It got it's start because LonelyWorld, the author, was under the impression the site (tgchan) was going to have a fairly lengthy downtime and wanted to keep questing,
so, he started Wizard Adventure
- LonelyWorld

Wizard Adventure

My name is Zarasmata Lyffe.

I am an apprentice wizard,
I conjure magic from my mind!
but when my Mana runs out I will begin to die

Wizard Adventure 2: The Silver Coin

My name is Lellonar Barogought.

I am a high court wizard and chief adviser to King Tulose
but I have lied about my talents I am no great mage
were my King to find out the truth he would have me executed on the spot

Wizard Adventure 3: Toadsphere

Excellent pose Edud, but brace for impact.LinkToBoard.gif

you are immune to all magic
you are immune to all damage
you are an instructor and tutor for young wizards
you cast all your spells through these apprentices
your life is linked to your apprentices, if your last apprentice dies you die with it


Name Race/Gender Personality Known Spell
Viggo Human/Male Calculating, miserly Mana Transfer
Goldfist Dwarf/Male Gold fever, greedy Disguise
Edud Human/Male Kind yet ruthless Magokinesis
Sabbitha Human/Female Whiny, bitchy Charm
Mehra Elf/Female Bitter, distant Freezing Ray
David Human/Male Quiet, Unassertive Summon Familiar

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