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Pinkskin Quest by LonelyWorld
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Pinkskin Quest is a short and fairly successful spin-off from the ongoing CrashQuest that takes place in the same continuity.[ref]

Nine solars, prisoners of war, were picked to face off against a local gladiator star, an Astranian space marine Pelendina Zane, on a coliseum-style arena. The whole event was tremendously rigged against solars, which didn't seem to bother anyone but them.

As /quest/ was getting to know both sides better (via the Inside the Quest thread), things took on a less black-and-white shade of moral.

In the second installment Solars are launched on a planet with a very hostile environment and struggle for survival yet again.

Other Appearances

Zane and Dominic were both participants in Fight Quest.


Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest are listed under the LonelyVerse ITQ Guide.

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