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Something wrong with my eyes?

"I meant to say something at the start... This quest is weird!" -FlynnMerk

│││ is a quest based in the Fallout universe concerning a journey from Vault 111 to find a replacement water chip. May or may not hold the record for the quickest appearance of tits in any quest so far.


A girl, quite peculiarly named "│││", is the overseer of Vault 111. She's been the overseer for a few years now and quite enjoys her life in the vault. Oh, yeah, and the whole vault is full of sentient bugs and the girl is married to a giant praying mantis named Honey. When the vault's water chip breaks and all of the backups are destroyed by a faulty mechanic robot, she sets out with her mantis husband to find a replacement. What follows is a delightful tale of gore-induced mental trauma and bug sex.


│││ has a set of Fallout statistics posted in the discussion thread. Notably, her possession of the BugBorn perk means that she can chat with insects and animals of all kinds, even those which would normally be instantly hostile. Coupled with her human appearance which lets her speak to humans normally, this gives her much better chances at being able to make friendly contact with any given thing she encounters than most travelers. When that fails, though, her Kaboom! trait combined with a grenade or two can get her out of most trouble.

Her ability to speak with insects seems to take the form of communication that appears silent to normal humans; when she encounters another human with the same abilities they are able to speak either aloud, which other people can hear, or silently, which they cannot. It is uncertain if insects are able to comprehend normal human speech as presented here, but it seems unlikely.


│││ has made one appearance Inside the Quest. [1]

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