Eadoo's Quest

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Eadoo's Quest by Boy With The Broken Halo

The adventures of a kobold girl and her magic talking knife.

Spoilerth tiny.png This quest contains material that is not safe for work. You were warned.


Level 6 male/female Kobold Rogue

Weapon Skill: 31
Agility: 42
Ballistic Skill: 59 Intelligence: 32
Strength: 20 Charisma: 54
Constitution: 27 Will Power: 38
Dexterity: 44 Fellowship: 56


  • Watery eyes [+10 to factors of cuteness]
  • Adorable Allure [+10 to seduction]
  • Balefully Unlucky [Eadoo's expended his luck, he suffers +10 to all luck checks, however being one with luck he can bend it for others around him.(+/-10 to any luck check, so long as it doesn't affect himself, when he does horns or a halo appear momentarily)]
  • Seductive Nature [+10 to seduction]
  • Magnetic Personality [+10 to attracting followers]
  • Succubus kiss [mystical ability] [can bend subjects to her will during or directly after an act of passion]

Level 8 male/female Sentient Shard

  • Telepathy [Communicate telepathically with allies within short range]
  • Multy-possession [Dominate up to 2 hosts at a time]
  • Recal [instantly recall to an ally's hand within a short distance (same as telepathy)]
  • Soul Eater [Gatling's voracious appetite permits him to eat and meld with his victims. But in this, Gatling can now control his hunger, to an extent (Gatling can roll to avoid devouring their prey entirely and can avoid corroding his host)]
  • Inner contempt [Gatling can make a will save to ignore the effects of self loathing]
  • Spiritually distant [any attempt to locate, spy upon or commune with Gatling via divination (scrying, tarot etcetera) is increased in difficulty by two tiers. Gatling cannot yet prevent or control this]
  • Self loathing [HATE!! Burned into my mind like hot iron! On each inch of my memories written a thousand thousand times Hate hate hate, but for you... HATE!! HATE!!! (plus 15% critical hit chance, when rolling to wound yourself.)]

Level 8 male Gnoll Monk

Weapon Skill: 51
Agility: 55
Ballistic Skill: 36 Intelligence: 45
Strength: 45 Charisma: 43
Constitution: 36 Will Power: 19
Dexterity: 41 Fellowship: 50


  • Well Trained [William learns faster than most. Bonus to exp. (10%)]
  • Beginner's Immortality [William trained to solidify his body. Longer life span, better pain resistance (+10 will)]
  • Intermediate Immortality [William trained for four years to achieve greater solidity. Longer lifespan, stronger body and mind(+20 con./will)]
  • Immortality Achieved [William mastered the art of immunity. Constant deflection bonus(30%) can be focused to 80%) nearly endless life, body of steel (+20 con./will)]
  • Spiritual Stepping Stones [William has opened his mind to the incorporeal. Can detect magic and spirits]
  • Housing for Hosts [William can accept souls and spirits within for some time.]
  • Temple-like Soul [William can house multiple spirits or one of greater size.]
  • Food for the Gods [William can house a god within his body]
  • Broken Beyond Repair [William's arm will never heal, -40 to all checks with the right arm.]
  • Shattered Spirit [William will not trust the likes of women. -20 will]
  • Unfit [William has not trained properly in years. Intermediate Immortality, Immortality Achieved, Temple-like Soul and Food for the Gods temporarily lost.]

Martin Jonson

Level 3 female male Human Handmaiden
Level 2
Level 1
Level 6


Weapon Skill: 53
Agility: 43
Ballistic Skill: 43 Intelligence: 34
Strength: 40 Charisma: 45
Constitution: 46 Will Power: 38
Dexterity: 62 Fellowship: 47


  • Plant Worthy [Martin knows a fair deal about plants and flowers (+10 to Int in regards to plants and flowers)]
  • Folding Pro [Martin has spent time in the pantry (+20 to Dex in regards to folding)]
  • Tolerance [Martin has been given orders and trained to not complain about them (+10 to Will in regards to not complaining)]
  • Weapons Training [Martin has been trained to wield most close combat weapons (+5 to ws and bs)]
  • Horseback Training [Martin has been trained to ride horses (+10 to Dex to horse riding)]
  • Rope Swinger [Martin knows how to swing about a boat (no malus to checks while swinging)]
  • Diplomat [Can persuade others to join his cause (+10 to Fell)]
  • Additional Manliness [Martin has upped his manliness (+10 to seduction of opposed sex)]
  • Adept Rider [Martin has improved as a knight (+10 to riding)]
  • Master Rider [Martin has mastered his horse (+20 to riding)]
  • Fencer [Martin has found a fondness for the rapier (+10 to Ws when using rapiers)]
  • Bravery Unbound [Martin backs away from nothing (+15 to Will in regards to bravery)]
  • Feminine [It's easy to mistake Martins sex]
  • Homophobe [Martin takes great discomfort to gays (as it is not the way of god)]
  • Low Testosterone [Martin simply cannot grow a mustache]

Shenzi-Marie “Predatorra Veldetta” Jackalina, Ferocious leader of the last course, grand Bitter And Violator of the black claw, JinTao and Sir Indrik Solomon the just

Level 1 female Gnoll Princess


Weapon Skill: 45
Agility: 46
Ballistic Skill: 18 Intelligence: 14
Strength: 61 Charisma: 44
Constitution: 55 Will Power: 24
Dexterity: 40 Fellowship: 38


  • Musical nature [+10 to musically handle animals]
  • Song Bird [+10 to singing]
  • Native Dancer [+15 to dance and flexibility]
  • Liquor Addiction [-20 to avoid consuming liquor]
  • Liquor Withdrawl (temp) [-5 to cha, will and fel]
  • Pick up Strings [No malus for using instruments untrained]
  • Make em Squeal [+10 to torture]
  • Spontaneous Basher [No malus for improvised weapons]
  • Raging Might [+15 str for a short time, causes tiring aftermath]
  • Weapon Trained [Can wield clubs, spears, swords, and maces both one handed or two]
  • Man Grappler [+10 to grapples]
  • Ferocious Leader [No malus to harming dear allies]
  • Grand Bitter [+15 ws to biting and teeth are considered two handed lethal weapons]
  • Violator (three ranks) [+5 to submission via violation (+15)]
  • Territorial [-15 cha. and fel. towards females]
  • Thalassophobia [-20 to all actions when in the ocean]
  • Gutted Alive (two ranks) [-10 to all actions when fresh organs are visible (-20)]

Banzai-Tonio “sapien Legatus” Ferron, Novice diplomat of port royal and bridge maker
Level 4 male Gnoll Merchant

Weapon Skill: 31
Agility: 32
Ballistic Skill: 32 Intelligence: 52
Strength: 30 Charisma: 50
Constitution: 38 Will Power: 28
Dexterity: 40 Fellowship: 34


  • Versed in Mercantile [+10 to appraise]
  • Currency Bound [Banzai knows the fairs of most currencies and can convert them easily]
  • Diverse and Cultured [+10 to knowledge: local]
  • Of many Tongues [Banzai knows two additional languages(Elven and Dwarven)] Gnoll,common,elven,dwarven and merraid in all
  • Novice Diplomat [+10 to diplomacy]
  • Bridge Maker [-5 to opposing malus when treating with xenophobes]
  • I Want the Gold! [-5 to resist the temptation of wealth]
  • Scheming merchant [Banzai can't ignore his plotting mind]

Nisse, The blind half troll.
Level 4 female nisse alchemist

Weapon Skill: 46
Agility: 29
Ballistic Skill: 55 Intelligence: 60
Strength: 42 Charisma: 33
Constitution: 41 Will Power: 39
Dexterity: 35 Fellowship: 31


  • Basics and acids [+10 int to alchemy checks]
  • Medicinal science [+10 int to health checks]
  • I'm a doctor not a barbarian [+15 int to health and alchemy checks -5 to ws and bs]
  • Advanced sciences [+10 to health and alchemy checks]
  • Blindsight (Nisse's sense of smell is so acute, she can perceive shape and distance on smell alone[+10 Bs and Ws against blind status])
  • Blind [-30 to bs and ws]

Eanraig Deferran, The fire bat out of hell, raging monster of justice.
Level 7 male ashtouched Pyromancer

Weapon Skill: 58
Agility: 42
Ballistic Skill: 24 Intelligence: 34
Strength: 58 Charisma: 20
Constitution: 73 Will Power: 55
Dexterity: 45 Fellowship: 37


  • Basic pyromancy [ean can cast basic fire spells]
  • fire dancing [ean can manipulate opens flames with a will save]
  • advanced manipulations [+10 will to fire dancing]
  • advanced fire dancing [+10 will to fire dancing]
  • flaming capoeira [Ean can use his will(plus bonuses) instead of Ws and add his Ws modifier to the total]
  • Pheonix fist [Ean can concentrate his love, anger and all of his sorrow into a single punch adding his will to his str.]
  • Pheonix rampage [ean can strike his foe with a volley of blows each with a fraction of his burning heart]
  • Chains of hell [after braving hell's half acer and retunring with his life, ean is still bound to the flames and can summon his chains at will]
  • Of water to wine... er... ale [ean's touch turns regular water into strong, disgusting ale]
  • chauva [ean harnesses the healing flames to his command]
  • Noblephobia [Ean despises nobles like plagues and rot, -20 cha when dealing with nobles]

Alanna Crepe, The armless.
Level 1 female human sorceress

Weapon Skill: 22
Agility: 33
Ballistic Skill: 39 Intelligence: 29
Strength: 26 Charisma: 38
Constitution: 37 Will Power: 40
Dexterity: 35 Fellowship: 26


  • Mana pool [Can gather mana from the elements to a maximum of her will bonus]
  • Ghost blast (Can fire a blast of harmless raw energy[Energy can be charged with elemental mana for additional effects])
  • Armless soul (Alanna's lay lines deformed due to her amputations [Lay nodes reside in her throat as opposed to her palms])

Roland Dechambleau, aspiring champion to be.

Level 2 male Human noble
Level 3
Level 3
holy diver
Weapon Skill: 44
Agility: 37
Ballistic Skill: 43 Intelligence: 38
Strength: 43 Charisma: 47
Constitution: 30 Will Power: 59
Dexterity: 39 Fellowship: 28


  • Rudimentary knowledge [+10 to basic knowledge checks]
  • Basic swordplay [+10 weapon skill when in single combat]
  • Basic weapons training [no penalties with most weapons]
  • advanced swordplay [additional +10 to ws when in single combat]
  • basic cavalry [no mallus to riding]
  • Midnight sea [durendina can commune with Roland to gain a temporary +15 to any given stat]
  • Gone too long [Roland can elect to commune at will]
  • Blade of the divine [Can turn any manufactured weapon into his holy sword]

Angel, The sticky fingered rogue.
Level 5 -?- human Theif

Weapon Skill: 32
Agility: 54
Ballistic Skill: 33 Intelligence: 35
Strength: 32 Charisma: 43
Constitution: 26 Will Power: 26
Dexterity: 59 Fellowship: 29


  • Basic stealth [+10 to sneaking]
  • Basic lockpicking [+10 to lockpicking]
  • Basic stealing [+10 to sleight of hand]
  • Advanced stealth [Additional +15 to sneaking]
  • Advanced stealing [additional +15 to sleight of hand]
  • Kleptomania [-15 will to resist stealing]
  • Sticky fingers [+20 to sleight of hand when unconsciously stealing (Angel at times pockets objects without knowing it)]


Spoilerth tiny.png This quest has (fan) artwork that is not safe for work. See the NSFW gallery.




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