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Bubble Bucket by Chigui
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Numbered in octal
Act 1: Drunk

Act 2: Destruction

Act 3:

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Still in progress, Authored by Chigui

(Inventory Icons sometimes done by Theta and Jake.)

Question: Where are chapters 8 and 9?
Answer: The chapters are numbered in octal where the digits "8" and "9" do not exist. As such 10 in octal is 8 in decimal. 11 octal is 9 decimal, and 12 octal is 10 decimal, and so on.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

Major Characters


Asali Nyonya Zakiya

Race: Sherbert Bubble Touched
Clan: Zakiya
Racial Ability: Teleportation
Psychic Abilities: Pre-cognition, Offensive Aura, Telepathy
Psychic Well: Large Well, Slow Recovery
Trade: Mechanic

Weapon: Vibro Hammer
Defense: Clothes, Aura, Black Cloak

Health: ****
Combat: *
Agility: **
Skill: ***
(On a scale of 1-4, where 3 is the natural high. 4 means beyond normal limitations).

Advantages: Psychic Aura, Spiritual Guidance(Great Spirit, Drunk)
Disadvantages: Aquaphobia, Schizophrenic, Alcoholic

Background: A member of the nomadic gypsy like clan of psychics, the Zakiya, she had just lost her job in Pura Pura Village, a part of Mostro Island. She was a skilled Mechanic, but now unemployed. She was getting drunk at a bar, and that's when the blank starts between then and waking up in the house on Wormwood Island.

Her parents are a Sherbert (Father), and an Orach (Mother).

Since she is from the Zakiya clan, she is considered less than trustworthy by Rainbow Island's society. Members are often known for leaving on a whim. Zakiya clansman are often found roaming in large groups. Asali has not participated with much of the clan in some time.


Epsilon Nu Delta

Race: Undead Shadow
Possible Former Life: "Furry" Shark
Trade: Merchant/Psychic Trainer
Crime: Murderer

About: Before he actually appeared, he was hinted at in the poster in Chilitown as a wanted murderer. He was also the spite of Duke Hoppite the Third for killing him.

Epsilon originally appeared in Asali's pre-cognition visions upon entering the forest. When Asali gained access to his home, she ate food left for her and went to sleep. Epsilon came back and it is taken that they slept together for reasons not entirely understood.

He is capable of training Asali's psychic attributes, and he helped us get past the Bandersnatches at the end of the Forest. He hasn't been seen since.



Race: Monster Atrocity
Trade: Shopkeeper

About: A carnivorous four armed snake like creature. His general intelligence seems to be low what with his poor spelling and improper speech. He seems interested in buying and selling anything he finds rather than holding any real sense of values. Asali has bought all of his goods. She has given him a Fresh Bone acquired from the Naviabull, and took care of his pest problem. Now he has offered to craft a necklace if we acquire a precious gemstone for him.



Race: Monster Abnormal
Trade: Bard

About: A mute satyr like creature that was inside of the temple of Rong found in the mountain, through the mines. He took Asali's stick and bucket, and seems very happy with them. He upgraded Asali's warp ability, and disappeared after leaving us with a weird drawing in the sand.


A busted up old bucket we bought from Skraig, used to solve a puzzle, and traded with Eden.



Race: Furry Complete
Animal: Rat
Trade: HONEST Shopkeeper

A very short, and very loud shopkeeper who is very HONEST, and needs to feed his starving children. He is hiding something in his basement.



Race: Bubble Held
Clan: Orach
Trade: Drug Addict,Former Doctor

A snappy bubble dragon who doesn't seem to care about anything but doing drugs, drinking liquor and drowning the horrors around her away. She's warmed up to Asali but she isn't that interested in company.


Gamma Gobaku

Race: Robot Machina
Trade: Assault Robot

A loud, angry Gobaku who is trying to get to Spare Parts to join the army of the Gobaku in their genocide against the humans. After being bested in an insult battle he revealed he is out of ammunition and currently thinks highly of Asali for reasons not fully explained.


Race: ???
Trade: ???

In the visions since chapter 7 began, we have seen a liquid like feline creature partially in and accordingly attached to the bucket. He was at the bar with Asali which made the viewer assume the worst and run off. He was also near the mountain later kissing Eden.

Minor Characters



Bubble Bucket uses a multiple d6 system for combat, skills, and contests of ability. The system and the world/races in this game are from Brackets, a homebrew setting and game also created by Chigui. This means character death is possible.

Life: The amount of damage someone can manage before injury and death.
Combat: Attack accuracy, chances to hit.
Agility: Chances to dodge, move rolls.
Skills: Skill accuracy, chances to succeed, Attack Skills.

Plot Summaries

Act I: Drunk

In Octals
Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

Chapter One: Hangover

Awoken hungover on a mysterious island our protagonist gets her bearings,obtains a weapon and heads into a mysterious mine.


Chapter Two: Fear

Asali progresses through the mine.She encounters a monster and fixes several mechanical devices along the way in order to proceed.


Chapter Three: Freedom

Asali discovers a temple past the mine and meets a friend. After they discuss things she finds a monsta, flees the mine and then takes a visit to HONEST IKIT'S QUALITY SHOP.


Chapter Four: Tripping

Asali enters a destroyed Chilitown to find clues to what happened to the island and meets up with Mint Milk and our good friend Paul, not Paul.

She later does some favors after meeting the queen of the fire flowers.


Chapter Five: Grave

After a short stay at a party, Asali meets Gamma Gobaku and defeats and befriends Gamma Gobaku and his dear companion. This earns her access to the graveyard and it's mausoleum, which she plunders for clues.

After a big score at the mausoleum Asali decides to go to the forest. She ends up negotiating with a very angry tree to gain deeper access to the forest, whereupon she is set upon by an assailant.


Chapter Six: Left

Injured. Asali flees to a different, mazelike part of the forest.

After some wandering Asali meets up with Nu, who treats her to a cordial night of eating and learning.

The pair leave the forest and along the way find international badass spy and world renowned superstar fashion model Mission J Frog.

But with no leads leading elsewhere Asali and Mission go back towards the forest.

Act 2: Destruction


Chapter Seven: Chasm

Asali does some backtracking through the forest to search for clues she may have missed. She comes into brief conflict with the assailant that injured her earlier. They however spectacularly fail to make a second attempt on her life.

Asali later returns home to check her basement now that she has the key.


Chapter Ten: Darkness

Asali, sporting some serious crazy face, decides to check out her dimly lit basement. Finding spoiled food and a refrigerator sporting a combination lock. Asali decides that the most prudent way to solve this lock problem is to hit it with a hammer. Failing that, she finds the combination under a tablecloth next to the fridge. Upon unlocking her own refrigerator Asali receives her prize, a tentacle monster. Fortunately this is a problem that CAN be solved with a hammer(and copious amounts of crazy eye).

Making her way back to the chasm, Asali encounters a creature with a terrifying visage, so terrifying in fact that she opts to teleport to Ikit's shop rather than try and deal with it. While here, Asali obtains some alcohol for a perfectly HONEST price and opts to tour Ikit's not-quite-a-dungeon basement for where he evidently hosts animal fights. Placing the winning bet wins Asali just enough points to buy out the last of Ikit's stock. Out of the kindness of his heart Ikit decides to pawn off the winning animal on Asali, earning her free teeth to the face.

Next Asali stops by Mint's house to get hammered, drilled and have some questions answered. Learning a bit more about the current state of the island and the disaster that ravaged it Asali decides to put off a visit to the Marina anytime soon and visits the strange landmark instead. Upon using her pendant on it, it is revealed to be a pit trap. Go figure.


Chapter Eleven: Survival

Ahem, In chapter 11 we are introduced to a slew of new characters who shopped out of the bargain bin when buying their plot armor. They seem to have been thrown into a scary dungeon, built by an architect with a heavy handed opinion of what constitutes re-formative imprisonment(its filled with death traps). REALLY YOU SHOULD PROBABLY READ THIS ONE INSTEAD OF A CHAPTER SUMMARY.

This chapter stars:

Jasper: A bubble touched trap nerd in for unknown reasons

Nic: A bubble touched thrown in for conspiring against the king

Epsilon: thrown in for being Epsilon

Celzt: A blind bubble touched in for accidentally electrocuting something.

Jack: A former freedom fighter thrown in for being upsetting the peace.

Shula: A pangolin miner thrown in for rioting.


Chapter Twelve: Reunion

Asali returns. After briefly retracing the steps of the previous chapter's events she finds the disabled robot body of one of the dungeon's previous inhabitants and, in a move that would be totally creepy with any other kind of body, decides to take it along to see if she can fix it. Moving along the rest of the dungeon she finds a secret passage in the dungeon leading to a hall of mirrors and eventually a throne room, which connects to the exit. After leaving the dungeon, Asali quickly hurries to the the queen of the flowers to find her withered and dying. However it is now apparent that the Flower Queen's blight is being caused by a darkened tentacle beast on account of it deciding that now that the flower queen is critically wounded it would be a good time to throw down. After throwing down Asali is quite hurt and stumbles off to epsilon's hideout to recover and upon seeing a bed decides the best course of action is to lay down on it and slip into unconsciousness. While unconscious a spirit shows up and asks her to come on down and visit him and his master. Upon waking up, having decided that the shit she sees while she's asleep is still more freaky than the shit she's seen while awake, Asali discovers that Mint has found and performed first aid on her. After some Q&A and T&A and acquiring a new outfit, Asali decides to see what that spirit was on about and moseys on down to the ice cave. In the entryway she is confronted by a band of animals offering their service as spirit guides(not really) (maybe). Heading into the cave she meets River Styx, the aforementioned Spirit's master. After more Q&A, less T&A, Asali convinces River to craft her a new hammer. Asali then clarifies again,by way of asking River, that she is some sort of undead. Next Asali takes the robot body to Gamma to see if he can fix it. She then takes a look at the Mariana, finding what appears to be a scary haunted-ass house with no immediate way to enter. She then tries the chasm again, where epsilon appears and offers some assistance. And so they head off to candy mountain (actually just up the mountain they're currently in).


Chapter Thirteen: Prisoner

Epsilon, having gotten better after getting dead, is returned to the labyrinth. Whereupon he discovers the labyrinth is now under maintenance and that he is still nude. He chooses to amend this by accosting a maintenance worker and stealing his clothing, providing him with a cover to navigate the dungeon with less hassle. He then quickly puts this cover to the test by murdering an angry guard, molesting two other workers and then killing the Duke in front of an armed cadre of guards. Epsilon is then shot,shot, then shot ,shot once more, shot again and arrested. In jail epsilon opts to meet Shula when offered by the guards. Shula fills him in with the grisly details of what has happened since he departed and offers to carry his words to the rest of the group. After coming to an agreement Shula agrees to create a distraction in another part of town so epsilon can escape. Shenanigans ensue in the form of a candy dispensery,bank robbery and bank bomb threat while epsilon escapes. The dungeon crew, decides it is time to leave the island behind them,certainly now after having possibly committed multiple felonies, but not before Epsilon can feel up Celzt one last time. Tasked with strange goals from a possibly mad entity, Epsilon decides that it is probably time for not only a new disguise but to earn some money and settle in so he can do them uninterrupted. He sets course for the most legitimate purveyor of fine goods on the island, Honest Ikit, to seek work and also bargain for supplies. Predictably accepting a job to acquire 3 different nude photographs of women Epsilon sets out to the forest to camp for the evening, whereupon he runs into an old acquaintance (rather she runs into his security snare trap). Also predictably they have sex, earning his first nude photograph(of that particular month). Epsilon is then accosted by a soldier allegedly dispatched to find him and,upon discovering that Epsilon is not keen on being killed a third time, quickly apologizes by dying. This is followed by a brief dialogue with another party wandering the forest where it is revealed that another soldier sent to find Epsilon was dispatched by Mint Orach. Epsilon later goes on a date that goes particularly well, earning him his second nude picture and realizing that he is in fact a shapeshifter takes the third, earning him enough money to rent an apartment

(and also a dog)

(He's buying the dog, not renting it)



Visited Locations:
House by the Coast, DISKOWNT SHOP, Mining Site, Mine, Temple, Shallow Pools, Honest IKIT's Quality Shop, Chilitown, Gardens, Graveyard, Forest, Labyrinth Entrance, Ice Cave.
Unvisited Locations:
Marina, The Area Behind Honest IKIT's Quality Shop.



Appearances by the cast Inside the Quest.

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