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The wonderful and heinous mistress in charge of Bubble Bucket Quest.


Chigui's main quest is Bubble Bucket, but she has done several one shots. Most of the one shots are completed with the exception of Last Words.

Chigui's quests are run on top of tabletop game rules and mechanics of her own design called Brackets. Brackets is a mainly 3d6 system.

Her art is ten times fabulous.


Formerly known as:

  • Insomnia
  • Octary


Quests by Chigui

4chan's /tg/: Invade Dorf Quest | Grue Quest

TGchan: Bubble Bucket | Last Words | Pit | Tear | I Can Feel It | Lilac | Lawyer Dog is Right For Once | Lotus Lamps

Other notable creations: Brackets