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Hope by Dbr and +natural

Hope is a quest about an AI and a lone living crewman on a possibly broken space ship.

This quest is a collaboration. Story by Dbr, early illustrations by +natural.

(Hope is also a character in Kara Quest as well as Apocalyption, and Double Hope is a person. Questden is a hopeful place.)

Hope begins with a few words, disembodied, speaking of beginning warp travel. There is a stated 'problem', but it is largely ignored. There is an AI connection failure at this time. Something occurs that distorts the 'screen'. After a few failed reconnects, Jimithy shows up and fixes the manual input for the AI, allowing camera visual access and shortly thereafter, audio.

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AI 404


/quest/ controls an AI construct aboard the ship. Aside from apparently operating on IPV4, we don't have too much information on ourselves at the moment. We can't connect to which seems to be a problem, though that's an asinine IP to begin with. We have extremely limited capability thus far, though we can watch Jimithy and communicate with him reasonably well.



Jimithy is a crewman aboard the ship. He apparently survived the failed warp transmission but found everyone else dead. He describes his dream that lead to his joining the crew as "getting out of [his] crappy hometown and going on an amazing adventure with friends", as well as starting "a new life, one that doesn’t require living day to day not sure if you’re going to die of starvation or disease." It's reasonable to assume that at least parts of that dream won't come true.

Jimithy has professed to being a janitor on the ship. He does not appear to have a great deal of technical knowhow, and given his reaction to live fire, he seems to not be a soldier either. He has knowledge of using what he describes as a high-tech broom, which appears to do little more than violently electrocute an area that it lands on.

Rodriguez! Do everything!


Rodriguez, proper name GNR00673-01, is some manner of attack robot, apparently on a mission to combat enemies, which may or may not include all biological lifeforms on the ship. He's got a face that can display text. He apparently answers to /quest/ AI as a 'higher ranked entity' which is either good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Though Rodriguez is a bit robotish in diction, he also uses a very casual style on occasion, making his speech somewhat disjointed.

He typically answers to some other lower-ranked entity by means of the Combat Protocol Channel, which is is at least temporarily disconnected from. He's made a few statements that suggest that he's less effective in combat without access to this system.


The setting for this quest is a large ship, with multiple decks of multiple floors. The ship's name has not been resolved as of yet.

The ship is newly launched, and presumably capable of 'warp' travel, though the first initialization of this didn't go too smoothly.

The decks of the ship are connected by a central elevator, and stairs lead between the floors of each deck.

Jimithy has defined a number of decks, as such:

Command Deck

The Command deck is where the Bridge is located, along with all the other necessities for travel and the like. Other than this room, it houses several hallways that have who knows what type of uses, and the Officers Lounge area.

Military Deck

The Military Deck is where everything that relates to weapons and armaments would be located. I hear it's mostly research and development in case we need it out here, but it's also where the Armory is.

Civilian Deck

This is where the quarters are, along with all the other necessities of living, like food, gym, recreation, etc.


Eh, Engine stuff I guess. Also houses whatever supplies the ship is holding along with the resources we pick up. I suppose this would be the most logical place to house whatever system that your suppose to connect to, though I have no idea how to go about it.



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