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John Quest by Weaver
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There are multiple quests by this name. For other uses, see John Quest (Disambiguation).

A quest authored by Weaver, featuring Tom's brother John.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

Several unknown things in previous Ruby Quest Episodes are explained by John's mischief, and he makes an appearance as the OBSCENE VOICE ON THE INTERCOM near the end of Ruby Quest. He is the cause of the gigantic, reality bending gap in the Brig, was the face in the window to the dummy room, and was the cause of what was assumed to be the Hound Zombie, but which was actually Opal, another bunny girl transformed into a horrible monster by John's digestive juices.

All these incidents are likely because of John's uncontrollable ability to tear the fabric of reality, as the timelines do not match at all. Perhaps 'habit' is the word. Or maybe he just ate it. He eats lost of things.

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