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The Orb of Infinite Psyche is a narrative device used in quests to explain why the characters are doing what /quest/ tells them to do.


The Orb of Infinite Psyche is a glass ball of varying size (blue, if the quest includes color), usually approximately as large as a billiard ball. Sometimes, it appears on a string, allowing it to be worn as a necklace. It has appeared in a number of quests, and is used to justify the simultaneous connection and disconnection between /quest/ and the main character. It is generally agreed that the protagonist can actually hear the suggestions of /quest/ as voices from the Orb, just as /quest/ can read the thoughts of the protagonist. This gives a narratively consistent explanation as to why the protagonist can reply to, and even have entire discussions with the voices of /quest/.

The exact relationship between the Orb and the protagonist varies depending on the quest's author, but another quality of the Orb that is generally agreed upon is that the Orb can be physically passed on from one person to another, effectively changing the current protagonist and point of view in the quest. Originally, it was an artifact used to strengthen the thoughts and ideas in its wielder's head, used by Muschio Malto to overcome his indecisiveness. As it was passed on, the notion developed that it contained the psyches of the posting fatguys. An idea has been suggested that it accumulates the mental influences of its wielders, so that the voices within the orb could be said to be separate personalities.


John Quest

The Orb of Infinite Psyche first appeared in John Quest, where it was used as a generic mysterious item of power. Given the random nature of the quest, this was likely meant entirely as a throwaway gag, and it had no fourth-wall-breaking powers.


The second appearance of the Orb was, appropriately, in Weaver's next quest. It was here that the rules, such as they are, for the Orb were first set forth. There was a brief time where the voices in the Orb decided to name themselves as specific fragments of Muschio's mind (Pragmatism, Lust, Common Sense, etc), but after Weaver pointed out how counterproductive this was for the quest, it quickly stopped, and the Orb began working much as it does today.

Near the possible end of Dive, Muschio dropped the Orb, letting a piece break off and fall into the hands of Finesse. This was the first evidence that the Orb could be broken.


Romanticar, by Reaver, was the first non-Weaver quest to use the Orb. Romanticar was also the first quest to show the Orb as a necklace, and made frequent use of the Orb's ability to be passed from person to person to carry on the story.


Apocalyption begins with Coralina finding the Orb in a house which looks very much like the one shown in Romanticar, some time in the future. Coralina says that the necklace cord seems to have been put in the Orb over a place where it seems to have been cracked, and then sealed over gain. Apocalyption also shows someone being able to hear the voices of the Orb without first touching it.

Kara Quest

Although Kara Quest does not technically have the Orb of Infinite Psyche, it does have a temporarily-summoned "Orb of Limited Psych" during the interlude chapter. It functions the same as the normal Orb, except that it lasts for only the one chapter, and is broken at the end.

Moonleaf Quest

Moonleaf does not hold the same reverence for the orb that many other characters do.

Trash Quest / Squirrel Quest

Trash Quest shows a fairly realistic depiction of what would happen if an actual person found the Orb.

Later, the orb manages to get into the mind of a squirrel. Hijinks ensue.

Before Quest

Found by Achilles. How such a useful item was in the box with him, we may never know.

Derp Quest

Found and promptly eaten by Dumy the Doobie.


The character begins with the orb. We're promptly given a robot body and put into awkward situations.

The Game

From the start Wan has it around her neck. It allows the amnesiac catgirl to safely... To get through The Game.


Given to May as a birthday present from her father, the original orb that was used by Wan the previous year.

Sevi Quest

With Sevi from the start, she uses it to try to woo a certain bunny girl. Changes hands somewhat frequently.

Dai's Journey

Used by Dai to help her on her quest. Not entirely helpful.


Right at the beginning, the protagonist finds a ring which sports a small version of the orb instead of a regular gem.

Sanya Quest

Equipped by Sanya as a necklace with a blue gem of some sort. It is called "Wisdom Stone" in this quest.

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