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Sue Quest by Teedash

For Reka's quest, see Sue Quest, Too. This article is about the first Sue Quest.

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... but it's not like it really matters, now.

In the first-ever TGChan quest, Sue from Cave Story wants a sandwich. Much cursing ensues. Authored by Teedash.



Sue is a Mimiga, and the main character of the quest. Her desire to obtain a sandwich, and later to get her car back, are the driving force behind the plot. Also, she curses a lot, and picks up tons of junk she never uses. She is ultimately mortally wounded by Balrog falling on her, and dies after consuming some sort of red liquid that drove her into a frenzy.


Quote is some kinda robot, I guess. Sue bothers him for a sandwich after discovering her house is basically empty, but he is crushed by Balrog before he can give it to her.


Balrog is also some kinda lunchbox toaster robot thing. After crushing Quote, he aids Sue in her secondary quest of getting her car back from Misery. He is ultimately crushed by a disintegrating building, also crushing Sue in the process. See a pattern here?


Misery is a witch of some sort. She took Sue's car, apparently as collateral, and is ultimately dispatched by Balrog falling on her.

Other Appearances

Sue appears in Boatface Adventures.

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