Doolbag's Mission

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Doolbag's Mission by OVERLORD

Adventures of a fat man-child as he endeavours to recover his sweet ass-boombox.


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Chapter 1

Doolbag begins the search for his beloved Sweet Ass-Boombox. Doolbag searches various locations, and incenses a prominent member of the local police force; Officer Murder. He later encounters MacDeath and Bear, who aid him in his quest, after he helps them with their mission of burning down half of the town. Unbeknownst to Doolbag, Officer Murder later discovers the Sweet Ass-Boombox during a covert mission. Officer Murder then uses the Sweet Ass-Boombox to lure Doolbag out by himself, where he can be easily arrested. The chapter ends with Officer Murder capturing Doolbag in a net.

Chapter 2

The chapter begins with Doolbag in the custody of Officer Murder. Bear and MacDeath give chase to Officer Murder, and manage to immobilise his vehicle. Officer Murder escapes with Doolbag (who manages to grab his Sweet Ass-Boombox), and leaves Officer Tolerance's fate in the hands of Bear and MacDeath. Doolbag Escapes from Officer Murder once again, but severely damages the Sweet Ass-Boombox in the process. He is directed to the repair shop of Ducques, who volunteers to fix it. However, the Boombox is missing a crucial component. Ducques and Doolbag begin a separate mission to recover this component.




An innocent but overweight lad, thrown into a cruel and uncaring world by the loss of his most prized possession; his Sweet Ass-Boombox. May or may not have a penchant for all things fiery. An adept player of Magyik: The Garnering.

Officer Murder

Officer Murder

A large and angry police officer, he is on a mission to bring down Doolbag's crime spree with his own brand of justice, which is heavy-handed, to say the least.



An old skeleton, who accompanies Doolbag on his adventures. He is old.



As his name implies, Bear (with a capital 'B') is literally a talking grizzly bear. He likes beer and television. He is a friend of Doolbag, introduced through MacDeath.

Old Paedo

Old Paedophile

This fellow helped Doolbag (or was it stalked?) during his initial search for the sweet ass-boombox. He was abandoned in a children's play-tube in the park, and was likely beaten up subsequently.


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