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A race exclusive to Caelum. They were created by Ed Pastry for The End.

Appearance and Racial Features

Male and female Arids.

The Arids are split into two major nations, the Southern Alliance with its capital in Mahbuht, and the Northern Union and its capital in Manham. Both nations have been quarreling over ownership of vast plains of worthless sand for well over a century. The nations are both virtually identical in politics, culture and economy. The only reason they hate each other is because of a dispute in a world tennis tournament decades years ago.

The Arids are a resourceful bunch, as they have an eon of experience of building impressive empires in the middle of a desert. Arids are generally amiable and friendly except when it comes to conversations about sports. Arid stadiums often have more action going on in the bleachers than in the field itself.

Though generally preferring passive diplomacy, the Arids are not unfamiliar with warfare. Influenced by life on the open desert, the Arids have developed many of their tactics on mobility. Various types of cavalry make up the main fighting force of the Arid arimes. They also often utilize various wild animals controlled remotely by an electronic implant. Arids appear float in midair upon a small twister of their body sand. Numerous theories have sprung up on how they manage to do this, ranging from magnetic fields, to manipulation of air currents to "the author just doesn't care".

Notable Examples

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