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A race exclusive to Caelum. They were created by Ed Pastry for The End.

Appearance and Racial Features


Sculptor had great difficulty in creating the first Mudmen; they were very weak and short lived. Eventually he covered their soft bodies in grasses and cloth to protect them, turning them into the Strawmen. The Strawmen cannot heal injuries to their skin-cloth naturally; they must sew it back up themselves and use new cloth for damaged parts. Grizzled war veterans often resemble patchwork quilts.

Strawmen history is filled with constant hardship and strife. Plagues, floods, earthquakes and war threatened time and time again to remove their race from existence. Through determination and ingenuity, the Strawmen have overcome these hardships one by one and have finally unified themselves into a single political entity, the Gran Imperio.

The Strawman military is very strict and rigid organization. Each citizen must serve 2 years of service in the Imperial Navy. Strawmen lack the technology and skill of the Cobble or Kiln, and the sheer might and agility of the Clockworks, Arids and Cremates. Their real strength comes from their Navy. The Imperial Navy's dominance of air and sea is unmatched, containing the most advanced airships and aquatic vessels in Caelum.

The notorious Strawmen pirates consist mainly of rebellious ex-Navy soldiers and bands of brigands who have managed to get their hands on an airship. These outlaws have their hideouts scattered throughout the world, away from the prying eyes of civilization. The pirates generally work independently, pillaging and looting undefended merchant ships and towns, but occasionally they will accept a contract offered by the less scrupulous governments of Caelum and work as mercenaries.

Notable Examples

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