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Kobolds are a frequently encountered race of small creatures prone to thievery. The appearance of a kobold varies between quests, and sometimes within the same quest, as in Dive.

Classic D&D kobolds are little tricky draconic cave-dwelling or dungeon-dwelling trapmakers who believe in survival of the fittest---and 'most cunning' counts as fittest.


Most kobolds on tgchan, though, are cutebolds.


Generally they are depicted as small humanoids standing a little above a meter tall with puppy-like faces, floppy ears, large dark eyes and short downy grey fur, large snouts, and small downward pointing fangs. Some quests omit some of these features or change them slightly, but the design generally remains the same. The 'cutebold' design originated in Mayday's Dwarf Fortress tileset and was popularized by Weaver in a series of short comics where the kobods act in an adorable fashion. The kobold graphics were found to be adorable by the /tg/ board on 4chan.org, most artists started drawing them with that design, and they were subsequently given a whole new fluff to fit this. They gained rapid popularity and now, as most things popular to gamers, are both widely loved and widely hated.


Kobolds are generally portrayed as weak, bumbling creatures who are doing their best to survive in a world that is against them. They try their best but just aren't very good with anything. In Dwarf fortress they show up to take things from the dwarves. They live in caves, but some settings have them building crude huts. They are usually portrayed as innocent creatures without much culture. They usually stay in small close knit groups where they spend the day digging in the mud and getting eaten by bears.

The most common sign of affection is nuzzling their noses together.

Quest Appearances

  • Driblis Quest - First appearance of a cutebold protagonist
  • Dorf Quest - Driblis appeared here after Driblis Quest appeared abandoned.
  • Dive Quest- Kobolds are rather tall and varied in appearance, they live in simple societies
  • Mana Ritual - One kobold became a black mage
  • Mudy Quest - Mudy, the protagonist, is a kobold bard
  • Cutebold Slaughter Fest - Kobolds are working hard for genocide of every other species
  • Almost all quests by Gnoll include them in the setting
  • Dungeon Game has kobold-like creatures as dungeon 'janitors'.
  • Glukmil - More Driblis-y cutebold dwarf fort antics
  • Ori Quest - Kobold doctor in an un-cute DF-like setting
  • CheeQuest - A community of tough, survivalist cutebolds
  • Cutegal Quest - Silbird

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